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By: Jessica Ehlinger Intern: Spring 2009 12 th Man Foundation Future Intern Recruiting Presentation.

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1 By: Jessica Ehlinger Intern: Spring 2009 12 th Man Foundation Future Intern Recruiting Presentation

2 Site contact information 12th Man Foundation Website: Phone: 979-845-2311 Noel Devin (Site Supervisor) Associate V.P. of Resource Management Phone: 979-260-7984 E-mail: The Office

3 ranking I gave this site a 3 ½ star ranking. This was a really good internship and I gained a lot of experience. They gave me responsibilities that showed they had confidence in me. However, if I had not been a student worker previously to becoming an intern, I feel like I would have been lost. They didnt issue a lot of direction. I wouldnt change this experience for anything, but I would ask for a little more direction and specifics of what they expected from me.

4 Internship objectives Overall Objective: To fully understand how a Division I university athletic ticket office operates and know how to perform day to day ticket operations as well as football ticket and seat license renewals, managing entertainment events, and ticketing for various other university sports. Specific Objectives: Be able to run the ticketing side of an intercollegiate tennis match from start to finish. Learn how ticketing relates to other departments of athletics including: compliance, marketing, and facilities. Supervise students in answering customer inquiries for ticket transactions, donor relations, and event details. Directly supervising the processing of renewal applications for public football season ticket holders. Give a fresh perspective from a students view for ticketing decisions and attendance. Send ticket sales update to Lipizzaner Stallion, Boom A Ring Circus, WWE Wrestling, and Rodney Carrington. Fill promoter comp and building hold tickets for non-athletic events at Reed Arena.

5 Daily activities Each day I did my assigned daily tasks and was then given different daily projects to complete. Open up Reed Arena, issue money, update student on new ticket information. Close Reed at the end of the day. Continue over to Kyle Field and answer e-mails, supervise the students, have a student go get the mail and open it, advise them on any questions they may have, and send sales reports to promoters. There are many supervisors in the office who would give me different daily projects. Filling ticket orders or promoter comps Changing price codes Making sales notes for all events Preparing for tennis matches

6 I was the ticket event manager for the mens and womens tennis matches this spring. I was responsible for requesting money, managing complimentary tickets, on site sales, supervising students and part time staff, and handling close out at the end of the event. I worked the event as the sole supervisor, forcing me to handle issues and make decisions in a fast paced environment. Project Description

7 On the job Despite what the sign says, we used tunnel access. Supervising the students in the call center.

8 The Office The front office secretary. The box office at Reed Arena. This is where I would start and end my day. The Zone at Kyle Field. Where I did most of my work.

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