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Unit One Disneyland 泉州一中 林明谦.

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1 Unit One Disneyland 泉州一中 林明谦

2 Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck


4 The Seven Dwarfs and Snow White

5 Lesson Three Disneyland

6 The Sleeping Beauty Castle

7 Cleanest Streets

8 The Tomorrow Land Building

9 Wearing 19th-century clothes

10 Say “True”or “False”: ( ) 1. The company of Walt Disney only makes films. ( ) 2. The workers of all the Disney parks are always friendly. ( ) 3. You can find all the characters from Disney’s films in Disneyland. ( ) 4. Many of the streets in Disneyland are built like streets in the USA in the 18th century. F T T F

11 Note making: 1953: the first Disney Park was opened in Los Angeles.
1971:________________________________________ 1983:________________________________________ 1992:________________________________________ Rules:________________________________________ ________________________________________ The Sleeping Beauty Castle: The Tomorrow Land Building:___________________ Disney World was opened in Florida . Tokyo Disney was opened. Euro-Disney was opened. Wear clean shoes and trousers ; allowed to have beards ; tie back the long hair; always smile and be friendly. A favorite place for visitors. Go inside the spaceship.


13 Questions for you to refer to :
Practice : A --- a reporter B --- Walt Disney Questions for you to refer to : 1.Could you tell me what was your greatest wish when you were young ? 2.Will you please tell us something about your first Disneyland ? 3. What are the rules for your workers in Disney park ? 4. May I ask you what people can in the park ?

14 Write five sentences about Disneyland :
Key words for you to refer to : Walt Disney , the first Disney parks , Los Angeles ; Several Disney parks , in the word ; Workers there , strict orders ; All the characters from ; People , around , 19th century clothes .

15 Welcome to Disneyland!

16 Homework: Finish off the exercises. Revise the test .
Thank you very much!

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