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MAN AND MODERN DAY STRESS By G.L.Deepthi Final yr part 1.

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1 MAN AND MODERN DAY STRESS By G.L.Deepthi Final yr part 1


3 What is stress? S=P>R

4 2000yrs ago--celsus 1628william harvey Century laterJohn Hunter 150yrs agoVon Dusch Sir William Osler 1930sMenningers Decade laterFlanders Dunbar


6 GENERAL ADAPTATION SYNDROME : 1.Alarm stage 2.Resistance stage 3.Exhaustion stage


8 Note: stress hormones dilates healthy arteries while constricts diseased arteries. Chemical necrosis

9 Cognitive Physical Emotional behavioral

10 Heart Attack Risk Factors: Age Family History Male > Female (Pre- Menopause) High Blood Pressure Diabetes High LDL Cholesterol Low HDL Cholesterol Cigarette Smoking Sedentary Lifestyle Being Overweight (?) High Triglycerides (?) Excessive Stress (?) Type-A Behavior (?)

11 Western Collaborative Group Study: Rosenman and Friedmans concept of Type A personality Other studies:: Framingham heart study Trial using techniques to alter damaging Type A behavior NHLBI study of almost 4,000 patients --two years the administration of propranolol had reduced mortality by 26%

12 People mean different things by stress; Some types of stress appear to be worse for the heart than others; and How you respond to stress may be more important than the stress itself



15 Bad Lifestyle choices Negative self - talk Mind traps Personality traits

16 MANAGEMENT: Phase 1- Individuals are taught to discriminate between what is a positive display of anger and what is not Phase 2 - they learn to use coping strategiesrelaxation procedures,meditation,and humor,for exampleto help replace angry thoughts with thoughts that are more adaptive Phase 3- involves role-playing; the person is presented with provocative situations that he or she is likely to encounter in real life. Under supervision of the therapist, the patient learns to manage them with the newly acquired coping skills


18 * Careful workup and evaluation by a doctor * Regular exercise program * Reassurance * Biofeedback * Counseling by qualified mental health professionals, as needed * Medical intervention for any physical problems discovered

19 Humor, a great stress reliever! Laugh, be happy and have less stress! ~Catherine Pulsifer

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