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DHEP Seminar February 2, 2012 Gagan Mohanty DHEP, TIFR Personal Recollections from DHEP Seminar July 29, 2013 TexPoint fonts used in EMF. Read the TexPoint.

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1 DHEP Seminar February 2, 2012 Gagan Mohanty DHEP, TIFR Personal Recollections from DHEP Seminar July 29, 2013 TexPoint fonts used in EMF. Read the TexPoint manual before you delete this box.: AAA A A A A

2 Shall roughly follow the sequence given here } Man-made machines 2 o Focus on what I found interesting, detailed at

3 } Man-made machines 3 Lets start with QCD

4 Inclusive jet and dijet measurements } Man-made machines 4 Complimentary to inclusive jet measurement m 12 is the dijet invariant mass and y is half the absolute rapidity difference between the two leading jets Data and theory are in agreement to ~10% with various PDFs H.D. Yoo

5 s keeps on running... } Man-made machines 5 Ratio of the inclusive 3-jet to inclusive 2-jet cross section (R 32 ) with the average p T of the two leading jets ( ) ranging between 0.42 and 1.39 TeV First determination of s from measurements at a Q value above 0.6 TeV Good agreement with the world average value of s (m Z ) = Similar results from ATLAS H.D. Yoo

6 A text-book plot from CMS } Man-made machines 6 ATLAS has got a similar story to tell ( NLO and NNLO)

7 } Man-made machines 7 A bit on hadron spectroscopy

8 Mass ( MeV): Close to D 0 D *0 threshold Width (< 1.2 MeV, CL=90%): Narrow Production In pp/pp collisions – rate similar to charmonia In B decays – KX similar to cc, K * X smaller than cc Decay BF: open charm ~ 50%, charmonia ~ few % Nature (very likely exotic) Loosely D 0 D *0 bound state (like deuteron)? Mixture of excited c1 and D 0 D *0 bound state? Many other possibilities: tetraquark etc.? Find out J PC assignment out of the remaining two possibilities: 1 ++ and 2 + to pin down its nature M( J/ ) –M(J/ ) [GeV] Discovered in 2003 What is the X(3872)? X(3872) (2S) 8 C.Z. Yuan

9 J PC =2 + rejected at 8.2 ! PRL 110, (2013) J PC of the X(3872) is 1 ++ C.Z. Yuan 9

10 Discovery of a new particle – Z c (3900) M = MeV = MeV events Significance >8 C.Z. Yuan 10 What is Z c (3900)? Charged and couples to cc at least four-quark configuration Clearly exotic – tetraquark, DD molecule, cusp… PRL 110, (2013) PRL 110, (2013) e + e + J/ at E cm = 4.26 GeV e + e + J/ from ISR events M = MeV = MeV events Significance >5.2

11 } Man-made machines 11 Charm, beauty and strange-beauty mesons

12 } Man-made machines 12 R. Oldeman Probing CP violation in charm decays

13 Is it SM or NP? – a theorist prescription } Man-made machines 13 R SM is not expected to be greater than 1 for m c >> QCD, but not impossible if we treat the charm-quark to be light J.F. Kamenik Check:

14 Another enigma: semileptonic asymmetry } Man-made machines 14 R. Oldeman Bottom-line:

15 Current status of the Unitarity triangle } Man-made machines 15 M. Roney

16 A tantalizing result on B D ( ) } Man-made machines 16 If the discrepancy with SM holds up, the result cannot be explained by type-II 2HDM; excluded over the full parameter space at 99.8% CL But can be accommodated in more general extensions of type-III 2HDM M. Roney PRL 109, (2012) BaBar Type-II 2HDM

17 B s + : almost like a litmus test } Man-made machines 17 Highly sensitive to extended Higgs model and MSSM at large tan region G. Mancinelli

18 First evidence for B s + } Man-made machines 18 Consistent with the SM expectation ( ) Set an upper limit on BF(B 0 + ) < at 95% confidence level G. Mancinelli

19 Recently CMS also came with a bang! } Man-made machines 19 U. Langenegger at EPS2013 arXiv: [hep-ex]

20 } Man-made machines 20 Lets now go behind the truth!

21 Why to worry about measuring the top mass? } Man-made machines 21 The top quark decays well before hadronizing, so one can directly measure its mass by reconstructing various decay products Indeed, top is the most accurately measured quark (better than 0.5%) Participates in the quantum loop radiative corrections to the W mass, constraining the Higgs mass (was important till July 2012 discovery) Now one can use this measurement to assess the self-consistency of SM The huge mass (almost same as the tungsten atom) puts it close to the scale of EWSB, so the top quark might have a special role in it

22 So far the most sensitive method at LHC } Man-made machines 22 A. Castro

23 LHC average for the top mass } Man-made machines 23 What about Tevatron? A. Castro

24 An unsettled question from Tevatron } Man-made machines 24 Thanks to pp environment, one can measure the forward- backward asymmetry A FB J. Varela

25 } Man-made machines 25 Story so far from the LHC Being a pp machine, LHC does not allow to measure A FB ; we can however measure the charge asymmetry A c J. Varela

26 Another SM candle: W mass } Man-made machines 26 Current WA is dominated by Tevatron and has a precision of 10 4 B. Quinn

27 A picture perfect for ILC enthusiasts } Man-made machines 27 B. Quinn

28 Probing BSM with charged leptons } Man-made machines Great prospect ahead to further pin down cLFV with the MEG upgrade, Mu2e, COMET, Project X and Belle II 28 Now Prohibitively small in SM+ mass, so constitutes a clean BSM probe S. Mihara

29 Neutrino mixing phenomenology } Man-made machines 29 S. Pascoli

30 One of the highlighted results on s: sin 2 ( 13 ) } Man-made machines 30 Y.F. Wang

31 } Man-made machines 31 Now to the discovery of the decade!

32 The decay H γγ: two approaches Cut-based Each event category is weighted by its S/(S+B) only for visualization purposes 32 MVA method is the nominal one while the cut-based approach is there for the cross-check purpose MVA mass-factorized A. De Roeck

33 M(4l)>160 GeV Data 380 evts MC evts (pp ZZ, 8TeV) = (stat.) 0.7 (syst.) 0.4(lum.) pb Clean signal peak at ~126 GeV Good control of the dominant ZZ background SM (th) = pb The decay H ZZ 4l 33 A. De Roeck

34 The decay H WW 2l+2ν Events with 0 jets and different flavour leptons (7+8 TeV Data) 34 Exclusion at 95% in the mass range GeV Large excess (4 observed, 5.1 expected at m H 125 GeV) in the low mass region A. De Roeck

35 Summary of the five main channels bb: includes VH and VBF WW: includes ggF, VH, VBF For a mass of m H = GeV CMS-PAS-HIG Current result Discovery paper Expected Observed PLB 716, (2012) A. De Roeck

36 Mass of the new boson m H = ± 0.3 (stat) ± 0.3 (syst) GeV = ± 0.4 GeV H ZZ 4l: m H = ± 0.5 (stat.) ±0.2 (syst.) GeV H γγ : m H = ± 0.5 (stat.) ±0.6 (syst.) GeV Signal strength versus mass 36 A. De Roeck

37 Couplings to fermions and gauge bosons Overall result Contributions from all decay channels Results within 1 σ of the SM prediction For m H = GeV (H ~ | V + f | 2 0.2, BSM 37 A. De Roeck

38 Discriminant built to describe the kinematics of production and decay of different J P state of a "Higgs" 0 + vs 0 - CL s =0.16% More J P hypotheses have been tested in a similar way What about its spin and parity? Spin/parity hypothesis tests: H ZZ 4l channel 38 A. De Roeck

39 Latest news on the Higgs from ATLAS } Man-made machines K. Jakobs ATLAS-CONF ATLAS-CONF Significances reported in the Discovery paper: 4.5, 3.6 and 2.8 for, ZZ and WW PLB 716, 1-29 (2012)

40 How does the Higgs couple to SM particles? } Man-made machines 40 K. Jakobs

41 Is it a scalar or pseudo-scalar? } Man-made machines 41 K. Jakobs

42 How likely it is a tensor (2 + ) particle? } Man-made machines 42 K. Jakobs

43 } Man-made machines 43 Anything else I found interesting?

44 } Man-made machines 44 C. Galbiati M. Nicola P. Zuccon P. Privetera 44

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