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NOVEMBER 8, 2009. Down Turning Economy Nuclear War.

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1 NOVEMBER 8, 2009


3 Down Turning Economy

4 Nuclear War

5 Alien Attack

6 Terrorism

7 Natural Disaster

8 What about Sin?

9 The Cause of Sin Jas 1:13-15, Pinpoints the cause of sin – 13, God does not tempt anyone – 14, Tempted when desires are enticed – 15, Desire is conceived, produced death Gen 2:17; 3:5-6, Consider Adam and Eve – 2:17, God forbids eating of the tree – 3:5-6, Desire enticed – 3:6, Desire conceived, produces sin Sin Caused when desire enticed and will yields

10 The Consequences of Sin Consequences of sin fall into three categories 1.Physical…Proverbs 13:14 2.Spiritual…1 Tim 5:6; Rom 3:23; Eph 5:6 3.Eternal…Rom 6:23; Matt 25:46; Rev 21:8

11 The Cure for Sin The blood of Christ is the only cure for sin – Mk 10:45, Jesus came to offer himself as ransom – 1Pt 1-18-19, Christs blood was the payment – Eph 1:7, Forgiveness of sins through blood We must be, in Christ, to be cured – Gal 3:26-27, Baptism places one into Christ – Rom 6:3-4, Baptism provides benefits of death – Mk 16:16, Once baptized, have hope of eternal life

12 Conclusion Sin has been, is, and will always be the greatest problem facing man!!! If we want to help stop the problem of sin, then we must teach our family and friends about sins cause, consequences, and cure. This morning, I challenge everyone to help someone overcome the greatest problem facing man by prescribing the blood of Jesus Christ as the cure.

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