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Conflict and The Outsiders

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1 Conflict and The Outsiders
Chapter 3

2 CONFLICT Can YOU think of more examples? Definition: Examples:
The struggle between opposing forces--e.g., CHARACTERS, nations or ideas--that provides the central ACTION and interest in any literary PLOT. Examples: The fighting between Buzz and Woody in Toy Story Can YOU think of more examples?

3 External Conflict Definition:
A struggle going on outside the mind of a character There are 5 main types of external conflicts: Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. Society Man vs. Technology Man vs. Animal Can you think of movies or stories that might include these external conflicts? Cat vs. Cat?

4 Internal Conflict Definition: Why is this important?
The complication that happens within a character; it may be a moral dilemma the character is facing, or it may take the shape of a choice or a desire. Why is this important? Internal conflict creates individuality for a character; it sets her apart from the rest of the story and gives a motivation for choosing certain actions. It can also be directly related to external conflict. Think of some examples from your favorite movies/ books! Definition of External Vs. Internal Conflict | eHow _definition-external-vs_-internal-conflict.html#ixzz2UiQETgWa

5 REMEMBER External conflict is ANY conflict that takes place outside of a character’s mind! Internal conflict is a conflict that ONLY takes place inside of a character’s mind! Pretty simple stuff, right?

6 Let’s Practice! Bob knows he shouldn’t stay out past 11 pm, but wants to stay out and hang with his friends. Internal conflict Sally forgot to study for her English test and is thinking about cheating, though she knows she shouldn’t. Bill notices dangerous weather coming on his way home from baseball practice, so he seeks shelter. External conflict: Man vs. Nature Amy is tempted to try smoking, but she knows it is illegal and isn’t good for her. Alyssa’s friend, Sally, copies her answers to an English test and Alyssa fails the test for cheating. External conflict: Man vs. Man In Arkansas in 1957, the Little Rock Nine were ridiculed for trying to go to an all-white school. External conflict: Man vs. Society

7 Conflict and The Outsiders
The Socs versus the Greasers Darry versus Ponyboy Ponyboy versus himself Type of Conflict External Internal Details that describe the problem: A quotation from Ponyboy about the conflict (include the page number) Reasons the Conflict exists

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