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DAN THE PIANO MAN Express yourself through music…

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2 DAN THE PIANO MAN Express yourself through music…

3 About the owner… Daniel ODonoghue began teaching at the age of 20 while studying at Southern Methodist University. He graduated with a B.A. in music with a focus in piano in 2010. His desire is to help everyone pursue their interest and passion for music on a personal and unique level. Music is for everyone and is not something to be deprived of. The purpose of his teaching rests upon the natural beauty of sharing and collaborating history, theory, and music with everyone. 2 10/31/08

4 Purpose Cultivate Experience Enjoy Share Grow 3 10/31/08

5 Receive training in these areas! Classical theory Jazz theory Improvisation Technique Performance Ensemble playing Accompanying And much more! 4 10/31/08

6 A vast library of musical scores! Haydn Bach Mozart Beethoven Verdi Rachmaninoff 5 10/31/08 A student in our library!A few composers:

7 Recording Equipment Steinway Grand Pianos Sound-proof practice rooms Performance hall for recitals Electronic Lockers Theory programs 6 10/31/08 Rated #10 on Top Studios Magazine!

8 Studio ratings from Magazine Reviews 10/31/08 7

9 Other events and attractions… 10/31/08 8 Master Classes Guest Artists Seasonal Recitals

10 4-Year Growth for the Studio 10/31/08 9

11 Tuition Rates Lesson Length30 Minutes45 Minutes Price120$ per Week200$ per Week Days AvailableMonday - FridaySaturday and Sunday Summer Lesson Fee100$ per Week175$ per Week 10 10/31/08

12 Contact Information: Daniel ODonoghue Cell: (214)456-7890 Email: Contact information 11 10/31/08

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