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“Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket”

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1 “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket”
By Jack Finney

2 Literary Analysis Conflict and Resoultion
Internal Conflict External Conflict In an internal conflict, a character struggles with his or her own opposing desires, beliefs, or needs. In an external conflict, a character struggles against an outside force, such as an element of nature, or another character.

3 Literary Analysis Main Internal Conflict Main External Conflict
The main internal conflict is between Tom’s ambition and his love for his wife. Tom’s internal conflict is resolved when he lets the yellow sheet float back out the window. The main external conflict is Tom’s struggle to get back into his apartment. Tom’s external conflict is resolved when he breaks the window

4 Reading Skill – Cause and Effect
A cause is an event, an action, or a situation that produces a result. An effect is the result produced. To better follow a story, analyze causes and effects as you read, determining which earlier events lead to which later events. Many stories are chains of cause and effect, in which one event leads to the next.

5 Cause and Effect Tom’s decision to stay home and work sets the cause/effect chain in motion. Short term: The paper flies out the window as he shuts the door behind his wife. Long term: Tom realizes that his life is more important than his work. Key detail: Clare goes to the movies; Effect: She will not return home in time to help Tom.

6 Vocabulary Convoluted: adj. twisted in a complicated way. The convoluted maze confused us. Verified: v. - proved to be true. He verified the results of the test by double-checking the scores. Deftness: n. – skillfulness. She climbed with the deftness of a mountain goat.

7 Vocabulary Imperceptibly: adv. – so slowly or slightly as to be barely noticeable. I did not notice when the fish nibbled imperceptibly at my bait. Reveling: v. – taking great pleasure or delight. When she got her first job, she could not stop reveling in her newfound independence. Interminable: adj. – endless or seeming endless. The wait seemed interminable to the impatient shopper.

8 Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket
In the selection, Tom Benecke stays home to work on a business proposal while his wife goes to the movies alone. When Tom has a harrowing experience on the ledge of his apartment building, he is forced to reexamine his life and reshape his outlook. At first, Tom feels safe and secure in his environment and place in life. When he Is out on the ledge, he realizes how dangerous reality can be and how small he is in the world.

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