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By Nick Isenhower, Kyle Hall, Alex Mentzer, and Jordan Brown.

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1 By Nick Isenhower, Kyle Hall, Alex Mentzer, and Jordan Brown

2 The Call Tony Stark, a weapon designer, is going to Afghanistan to present a new weapon, The Jericho, to U.S. military forces. When the presentation is over, they are bombarded by enemy fire and Stark is captured by terrorists that are using Stark Ind.s weapons.

3 The Threshold Stark is being held hostage by terrorist and they are forcing him to make The Jericho, but secretly creates the first Iron Man concept suit using the electromagnet that a scientist, who is also a hostage, helped him create which also kept him alive. He then uses it to escape from the terrorists and is found by his good friend who is an air-force instructor.

4 The Descent Because the terrorists were using his weapons, Stark thinks there is a chance that his company is double-dealing and shuts down the Weapons Manufacturing part of Stark Ind.s so he will have time to investigate. When he realizes that Obadiah has been trading with terrorist forces, he creates the new and improved Iron Man suit.

5 Tests And Ordeals Stark has many conflicts that he has to overcome at this time in his life: 1.Has to escape from the terrorists. 2.Admitting his company is double-dealing. 3.Perfecting Iron Man suit. 4.Defeating Obadiah. Obadiah Stane Tony Stark

6 Into the Abyss The biggest challenge is defeating Obadiah who has got a hold of the Iron Man prototype and has created his own. Once he has defeated Obadiah, all of his worries are gone.

7 The Transformation Tony Stark now realizes that his assistant, Pepper Potts, has always been by his side and begins to realize his true feelings for her.

8 The Atonement Stark has finally stopped his company from double-dealing. Now he can live in peace with himself and know that his company will not double-deal anymore. He has completed his mission.

9 The Return He never returns to normal life. Many people wanted him to keep it a secret that he was Iron Man. He admits to being Iron Man despite what others want. To their surprise, the people accept him as their hero.

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