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SVC(Scalable Video Coding) & JSVM(Joint Scalable Video Model)

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1 SVC(Scalable Video Coding) & JSVM(Joint Scalable Video Model)
Kyumin Jeong Computer Communications Lab. October 1, 2007

2 What is SVC? Scalable Video Coding (SVC)
Project of the Joint Video Team (JVT) ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) As an amendment of the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard One coding for multiple usage Universal Multimedia Access paradigm 하나의 비디오 스트림으로 다양한 전송 네트워크와 다양한 수신 단말에 적응적 서비스가 가능한 비디오 부호화 방법 One source, use Anytime, Anywhere, Anydevice

3 What is SVC? Scalable Video Coding (SVC)

4 Scalability

5 JSVM JSVM (Joint Scalable Video Model) software
Reference software for the Scalable Video Coding (SVC) project Written in C++ Provided as source code Can be obtained via a CVS server Preparations for using JSVM (윈도우 환경) Python WinCVS를 사용하기 위해서 필요함, tcl/tk는 Python에 포함 WinCVS WinCVS 실행시 발생하는 문제 해결 (아래 링크) WinCvs could not find Python 2.1 installed

6 Accessing the latest JSVM Software
CVS (Concurrent Versions System) 최신 JSVM 소프트웨어를 사용하기 위해 필요 SVC 프로젝트 진행중 => JSVM 업데이트 CVS 서버 접속을 위한 세팅 authentication pserver host address path /cvs/jvt user name jvtuser password jvt.Amd.2 module name jsvm or jsvm_red

7 Accessing the latest JSVM Software
Using a command line CVS client Admin - Command Line 선택 후, 아래 명령어를 차례대로 입력 1. cvs –d login 2. cvs –d checkout jsvm 실행 후 결과 : C:\JSVM 생성

8 Structure of the CVS repository for the JSVM Software
Folder Content bin location of binaries after building the software lib location of libraries after building the software JSVM source code and project files for the JSVM software JSVM/H264Extension/build workspaces and makesfiles JSVM/H264Extension/data basic examples of encoder configuration files JSVM/H264Extension/include includes files that are required by other libraries inside the JSVM project JSVM/H264Extension/src include and source files for all libraries and test projects JSVM0-config-samples usage examples MVC-Configs configuration examples for Multiple View Coding Validation validation scripts for checking the JSVM software C:\jsvm\ Software Manual.doc <사용법 등 참고>

9 Building the JSVM software
Windows32 platform with Microsoft Visual Studio C:\jsvm\JSVM\H264Extension\build\windows Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VC7) workspace H264AVCVideoEncDec.sln Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 and 2006 (VC8) H264AVCVideoEncDec_vc8.sln Microsoft Visual Studio 6 workspace H264AVCVideoEncDec.dsw Build all project files by selecting Build→Batch Build

10 Building the JSVM software
Result The versions with a “d” before the dot Debug mode Without a “d” before the dot Release mode

11 Information on binaries and libraries

12 Information on binaries and libraries

13 Information on binaries and libraries

14 Usage and Configuration of the JSVM Software

15 테스트 파일 URL Contents 내용 Contents 종류 Contents 내용 City, Crew, Football, Foreman, Bus, Ice, Harbour, Mobile, Soccer Contents 종류 4CIF, CIF, QCIF에 대해 60, 30, 15, 7.5 Frame/Sec

16 테스트 인코딩 및 디코딩 테스트 과정 JSVM SW 및 Test Contents 구하기 Build a JSVM S/W
Manual 참조하여 Configure file을 수정 이 때 가급적 test directory를 만들어 이 곳에 executables, test contents, cfg 파일들을 모아놓고 처리하는 것이 편함 (단, versioning에 주의) DownConvertStatic.exe 수행 필요한 경우 Test Contents의 변형을 위해 down convert 시킴 H264AVCEncoderLibTestStatic.exe 수행 Multi-Layer encoding인 경우 (e.g) test.264 파일생성 됨 BitStreamExtractorStatic.exe 수행 원하는 layer의 bitstream을 추출 H264AVCDecoderLibTestStatic.exe 수행 각 layer별 인코딩 된 미디어 데이터를 decoding하여 YUV 포맷 화 PSNRStatic.exe PSNR 측정

17 Resampler – DownConvertStatic.exe
Spatial/temporal resampling Usage DownConvertStatic <win> <hin> <in> <wout> <hout> <out> [<method> [<t> [<skip> [<frms> ]]]] [[-crop <args>] [-phase <args>]] Examples #Down-sampling a 4CIF 60Hz sequence to a QCIF 15Hz sequence using the dyadic method DownConvertStatic CIF60.yuv QCIF15.yuv 1 2 #Resampling of a CIF 30Hz sequence to a 528x432 15Hz sequence using the normative upsampler. DownConvertStatic CIF30.yuv 528  432  528x432_15.yuv 0 1 method : rescaling methods (default: 0) 0: normative upsampling non-normative downsampling (JVT-R006) 1: dyadic upsampling (AVC 6-tap (1/2 pel) on odd luma samples dyadic downsampling (MPEG-4 downsampling filter) Different resampling modes, methods Parameters that are specific to Extended Spatial Scalability (ESS), Cropping Window, Chroma Phase Shift features -Method : resampling mode, t : the number of temporal down-sampling stages, skip : how many frames skipped -Frms : maximum number of output frames 2: crop only 3: upsampling (Three-lobed Lanczos-windowed sinc) 4: upsampling (JVT-O041: AVC 6-tap (1/2 pel) + bilinear 1/4 pel)

18 Resampler – DownConvertStatic.exe
Cropping window Generating the output sequence as a cropped area of the input Cropping parameters crop_type 0 : for the entire sequence 1 : for each picture of the sequence crop_file Filename of the file containing the cropping parameters -crop crop_type crop_file <x_orig> <y_orig> <crop_width> <crop_height> // parameters for frame 0 <x_orig> <y_orig> <crop_width> <crop_height> // parameters for frame 1 <x_orig> <y_orig> <crop_width> <crop_height> // parameters for frame 2 <x_orig> <y_orig> <crop_width> <crop_height> // parameters for frame 3 ... Different resampling modes, methods Parameters that are specific to Extended Spatial Scalability (ESS), Cropping Window, Chroma Phase Shift features -Method : resampling mode, t : the number of temporal down-sampling stages, skip : how many frames skipped -Frms : maximum number of output frames DownConvertStatic.exe p50.yuv SD25.yuv 0 –crop 0 crop.txt 1 content of crop.txt:

19 Resampler – DownConvertStatic.exe
Chroma phase shift management -phase option in_uv_ph_x, in_uv_ph_y, out_uv_ph_x and out_uv_ph_y The horizontal and vertical phase shift, the chroma components in comparison to the luma component Input : Luma samples for the input sequence Output : Chroma phase shift of the output sequence Value range of -1 to 1 Resampling mode -resample_mode option Allow the resampling of both progressive or interlace material Value range of 0 to 5

20 Encoder - H264AVCEncoderLibTestStatic
Generating AVC or SVC bit-streams Using the encoder No guarantee rate-distortion efficient coding For obtaining optimized encoding results, the encoder configuration has to be carefully specified Not provide a rate-control The bit-rate needs to be controlled by selecting appropriate quantization parameters Single-layer coding mode and Scalable coding mode Single-layer bit-stream can also be generated in the scalable coding mode Encoding mode is specified by the parameter AVCMode Usage H264AVCEncoderLibTestStatic.exe –pf <mcfg> [command line options]

21 Encoder - H264AVCEncoderLibTestStatic
Single-layer coding mode AVCMode = 1 AVC compatible bit-stream is generated Encoder configuration file in single-layer coding mode

22 Encoder - H264AVCEncoderLibTestStatic
Command line options Scalable coding mode AVCMode = 1 One or more layer configuration files have to be specified inside the main configuration files -bf (bitstream) The parameter bitstream specifies the filename for the bit-stream to be generated. -frms (frames) The parameter frames specifies the number of frames of the input sequence to be encoded. -pf (config) The parameter config specifies the name of the config file to be used. -h Prints out a brief help on using the encoder. C:\jsvm\JSVM0-config-samples\Contrib-examples\JVT-O018\Munich-Test-Points\cfg_ags

23 Other JSVM Softwares Decoder - H264AVCDecoderLibTestStatic.exe
SVC to AVC Bit-stream Rewriter - AvcRewriterStatic.exe Converts an SVC bitstream to an AVC bitsream Usage H264AVCDecoderLibTestStatic <str> <rec> [-ec <ec>] [<maxPOCDiff>] str: bit-stream file (input) rec: reconstructed video sequence (output) ec: error concealment method (1-3), 0 means no error concealment maxPocDiff: maximum difference of POC values of successive output frames Usage AvcRewriterStatic <svcstr> <avcstr> svcstr: bit-stream file (input) avcstr: rewritten avc bit-stream file (output)

24 Other JSVM Softwares Bit-stream extractor - BitStreamExtractorStatic.exe Extract sub-streams of an AVC or SVC stream Streams with a reduced spatial and/or temporal resolution and/or a reduced bit-rate Usage BitStreamExtractorStatic [-pt trace] <in> [<out> [[-e] [-ql | -qlord]] | [-sl] | [[-l] [-t] [-f]] | [-b] | [-et] ] Extraction of a scalable layer BitStreamExtractorStatic input.svc output.svc –sl 7 Extraction of a scalable sub-stream using the general option –e BitStreamExtractorStatic input.svc output.svc –e

25 Quality level assigner – QualityLevelAssignerStatic.exe
Other JSVM Softwares Quality level assigner – QualityLevelAssignerStatic.exe Embed information about quality layers inside a bit-stream Quality layer information can be employed by the extraction process To optimize the rate-distortion efficiency of the extracted sub-stream Usage QualityLevelAssignerStatic -in Input -org L Original [-org L Original] [-out Output [-sei] | -wp DatFile] [-dep | -ind] [-mlql] or QualityLevelAssignerStatic -in Input -out Output -rp DatFile [-sei] -in Input input bit-stream -out Output output bit-stream with determined quality layer id's -org L Original - original image sequence for layer L -wp DatFile - data file for storing rate and distortion values -rp DatFile - data file with previously computed rate and distortion values -sei provide quality layer info using SEI mesages -dep determine only dependent distortions (speed-up by factor of 2, slight coding eff. losses) -ind determine only independent distortions -mlql determine Multi Layer Quality Layer Ids

26 MCTF pre-processing tool – MCTFPreProcessorStatic.exe
Other JSVM Softwares MCTF pre-processing tool – MCTFPreProcessorStatic.exe Pre-filtering image sequences PSNR tool – PSNRStatic.exe Measuring the Peak-Signal-To-Noise-Ratio (PSNR) between two sequences Calculating the bit-rate Usage MCTFPreProcessor -w Width -h Height -f frms -i Input -o Output [-gop GOPSize] [-qp QP] -w Width - frame width in luma samples (multiple of 16) -h Height - frame height in luma samples (multiple of 16) -gop GOPSize - GOP size for MCTF (2,4,8,16,32,64, default: 16) -qp QP QP for motion estimation and mode decision (>0, default: 26) PSNRStatic org.yuv rec.yuv 0 0 str.svc 15 2>PSNR.txt type PSNR.txt 128,00 32,23 38, Usage PSNRStatic <w> <h> <org> <rec> [<t> [<skip> [<strm> <fps>]]] - rec: reconstructed file - t: number of temporal downsampling stages (default: 0) - strm: coded stream - frms: frames per second (1) bit-rate in kbit/s, (2) Y-PSNR in dB – luminance component, (3) U-PSNR in dB – chrominance component U or Cb, (4) V-PSNR in dB – chrominance component V or Cr

27 Other JSVM Softwares Fixed QP encoder - FixedQPEncoderStatic.exe
Find the basis quantization parameter to meet A rate or a quality constraint for single layer coding The rate or quality constraints for the layers of a scalable stream SIP Analyser tool – SIPAnalyser.exe Make the selective inter-layer prediction decision Usage FixedQPEncoderStatic <rc_cfg> rc_cfg : the rate control parameter file configuring the fixed QP encoder Usage SIPAnalyser.exe <sip_cfg> [FileLabel] sip_cfg : the SIP parameter file FileLabel : A suffix to the output filename

28 Use Examples as a Brief Tutorial - Single Layer Coding

29 Original Sequences Generation
Goal YUV 시퀀스를 시공간적으로 다운샘플된 4CIF, CIF로 생성 The original CIF resolution sequences BUS_352x288_30_orig_01.yuv, FOREMAN_352x288_30_orig_01.yuv FOOTBALL_352x288_30_orig_01.yuv MOBILE_352x288_30.yuv URL :

30 Original Sequences Generation
How to generate dowsampled versions Test file : SOCCER_352x288_30_orig_02.yuv Change : SOCCER_352x288_30.yuv Down-sampling original CIF 30Hz sequence to QCIF 15Hz sequence for the CIF scenario

31 Single Layer Coding Single layer coding
Encoded bit-stream does not provide several spatial resolutions or several bit-rates for a specific spatio-temporal resoultion Generated bit-stream contains spatial or CGS/MGS enhancement layer Preparation for encoding “SOCCER_176x144_15.yuv” 아래 폴더에서 encoder.cfg와 layer0.cfg를 C:\jsvm\bin에 복사 C:\jsvm\JSVM\H264Extension\data encoder.cfg와 layer0.cfg를 수정

32 Single Layer Coding encoder.cfg 수정 layer0.cfg 수정 아래 나와 있는 옵션들을 각각 수정
# JSVM Main Configuration File OutputFile test # Bitstream file FrameRate # Maximum frame rate [Hz] FramesToBeEncoded # Number of frames (at input frame rate) GOPSize # GOP Size (at maximum frame rate) BaseLayerMode # Base layer mode (0: AVC w larger DPB, # 1:AVC compatible, 2:AVC w subseq SEI) SearchMode # Search mode (0:BlockSearch, 4:FastSearch) SearchRange # Search range (Full Pel) NumLayers # Number of layers LayerCfg layer0.cfg # Layer configuration file # JSVM Layer Configuration File InputFile SOCCER_176x144_15.yuv # Input file SourceWidth # Input frame width SourceHeight # Input frame height FrameRateIn # Input frame rate [Hz] FrameRateOut # Output frame rate [Hz]

33 Single Layer Coding Encoder call for single-layer coding
Result : test.264 and rec_layer0.yuv

34 Single Layer Coding Extracting a temporal sub-sequence

35 Single Layer Coding Decoding a temporal sub-sequence

36 Single Layer Coding Use of PSNR tool

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