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1<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Handling projects and requirements towards delivery.

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1 1<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Handling projects and requirements towards delivery

2 2<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Agenda General Company Presentation Environment Project Governance Model Requriements Gathering Process Development

3 3<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Volkswagen Group

4 4<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 MAN Diesel & Turbo Areas of Activity 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines for marine and stationary applications Complete propulsion packages Compressors and turbines for all industrial applications Chemical reactors and apparatuses Turnkey power plants Operation and maintenance of power plants After Sales Services like repair, spare part supply, retrofitting, recycling and monitoring of all MAN large-bore engines and turbomachinery in use across the world (MANPrimeServ)

5 5<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 50% of World Trade is Powered by MAN Diesel Engines! Areas of Activity MAN Diesel & Turbo in World Trade

6 6<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Sole Provider of a Diesel Engine Programme from 450 kW to 87,000 kW 4-stroke engines 450 - 22.000 kW 2-stroke engines 3.000 - 87.000 kW 421429845Comparison (number VW Golf TDI)

7 7<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Areas of Activity Applications and Market Segments 7 1 4 8 4 5 3 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 21 19 20 22 2 21 1Deep Sea / Subsea 2FPSO-Ship 3Offshore Platform 4Marine Propulsion 5Diesel / Gas-Electric Propulsion 6Marine Gen-Set 7Waste-Heat-Recovery (WHR) System 8Floating Power Station 9XTL Plant (Very Large ASU) 10LNG Liquefaction 11Onshore Production 12Gas Storage 13Gas Transport 14Refinery 15Reactors 16LNG ReGasification 17Chemical / Petrochemical 18Gasification (Small and Medium ASU) 19Power Generation 20Enhanced Oil Recovery 21CCS 22Iron, Steel & Mining 6 21 5 5 The product range covers almost all applications in the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Industrial Gases, Power Generation as well as Marine Business.

8 8<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Sites Production Network Augsburg Saint Nazaire Frederikshavn Copenhagen Velká Bíteš Aurangabad Berlin Oberhausen Hamburg Deggendorf Zürich Changzhou Turbo Plants Diesel Plants Diesel & Turbo Plant

9 9<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 >100 global service centers/hubs in >50 countries Sites Worldwide Locations (Service Centers/Hubs)

10 10<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 MDT Standard Technologies SQL Server or Oracle Database.NET ver. X.X SharePoint 2007-2013 Various 3rd party frameworks within.NET Windows XP/7 OS Office 2007/2010 IE8/IE9

11 11<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 MAN Diesel & Turbo Key Figures 2012 in Mill. 20122011Change in % Order intake3,5103,692-5 of which: Engines & Marine Systems1,2961,605-19 of which: Power Plants6686404 of which: Turbomachinery1,54671,4477 Revenue 1 3,7803,6105 of which: Engines & Marine Systems1,5521,670-7 of which: Power Plants77364719 of which: Turbomachinery1,4551,29312 Employees 2 14,86314,0396 Mio Operating profit437460-23 Of which: Engines & Marine Systems 319359-40 of which: Power Plants-47-22-25 of which: Turbomachinery16512342 ROS (%)11.612.7- 1) Including consolidation adjustments between the Engines & Marine Systems, Power Plants and Turbomachinery strategic business units. 2) Headcount (including subcontracted employees) as of December 31, 2012

12 12<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 SharePoint Environments Intranet – SharePoint 2010 Using almost all Services Application e.g. Project Server, Reporting, Access, Manage Metadata, Performance Point Nintex Workflow Many customization ~120 solutions – no SharePoint Designer Customizations Enterprise Search – SharePoint 2013 (under development) Extranet – SharePoint 2007 Out of the box Few customizations Custom admin module

13 13<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Deliverable Brief Business Idea Project Agreement Updated Project Agreement Project Evaluation 12 Project Closure 3 Overall criteria Gate keeper Objective Strategic alignment Business anchoring Decision foundation Solution integration Benefit realisation Benefits defined Cost/benefit approved Project planned Integration is evaluated Benefits proven Project lifecycle Executing the plan Building the plan w. frontloading Follow-up and plan for the future Application committees Steering committees Application committees IT committee Steering committees Plan Execute Finish Define Gate 0 Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3 Gate 4 Phases & gates Key highlights of IT PMM 2.0 13 Application committees IT committee

14 14<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Why should we go through with this project? (e.g. business case) What are we implementing? (e.g. deliverables ) How will we achieve this? (e.g. project plan) What risks are associated with the project? (e.g. risk management) How? What? Why? Risk? Document creation Document approval Four questions need to be answered for all gate deliverables

15 15<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 1. Project Governance Governance structure and committee scope Project Team Project Steering Committee Decides the overall strategic direction of MAN Diesel & Turbo and allocates IT Budget Overall Governance of IT Project Portfolio Definition of frame for Application Committees Responsible for IT projects above 500 K Approval at Gate 1 (Initial Project Agreement) Follow-up on Benefit Realisation at Gate 4 Prioritise project portfolio and recommend BBIs (at Gate 0) Responsible for IT projects between 50 K and 500 K Approval at Gate 1 and 4 Group to support realisation of project content Acts as Ambassador for the project Approval for Gates 2 and 3 Owns and anchors a specific project in the organisation and is thereby responsible for the overall success of the project Leads the project organisation and carries out the project according to the objectives and terms in Project Agreement Deliver defined tasks to achieve objective, scope and milestones Project Owner (chairman) Project Manager GI Team Members Strategy Governance Committees Project Management BU Team Members Executive Board IT Committee (ITC) Application Committees (AppC) Supply ChainEngineeringWeb & Content GI Team MembersBU Team Members

16 16<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 2. Portfolio Management Project categories (ABCD) 16 Project category Activity type & governance group Cost limit Gate 0 decision & document Gate 1 decision & document Gate 2 decision & document Gate 3 decision Gate 4 decision & document A Major strategic or large change projects IT committee Above 500K Application committee review BBI ITC decision Initial Project Agreement StC decision Project Agreement StC decision ITC decision Project Closure B Medium, tactical projects Application committee 50K - 500K AppC decision Initial Project Agreement AppC decision Project Closure C Small projects GI management 20K - 50K GI management decision BBI n/a StC decision Project charter & TPC n/a StC Decision Project Closure D Tickets* & maintenance** CC managers Below 20K Ticket system processes n/a *If tickets exceed 20K, the CC manager has to decide if they need to be redefined as projects. The nature of the work is more important for this determination than the cost. Tickets above 50K must be designated as projects with the according governance.

17 17<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 AnalysisDesign Execute – Build Information Architecture What is our process? User Research Know your users - Who are the user profiles internal or external or both? How do they use the application (own PC, mobile device, kiosk?), what drives the use etc. Paper or sketch prototype Give a visual overview of the future solution. To assure a consistent look-and-feel and optimal visual use of the application e.g. App or Web Kick off workshop Interviews Visual Identity User Profiles Information Architecture Graphical Design Scenarios Survey Usability Test

18 18<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Tools to help initial workshops

19 19<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Business Analysis What is our process? Title Information architecture Process: Interview & Workshops Business analysis – as is Process: Interviews and input from Information architecture Business analysis – to be Process: Interviews & Workshops Iterations April 2010July 2010

20 20<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Business Requirements Breakdown Process: Interview & Workshops Functional & Non Functional Requirements Breakdown Process: Workshops based on prototypes, workflow scenarios or user stories Technical System Requirements Breakdown Process: Developers Analysis, Workshops What happens after Business Analysis Iterations and Change control July 2010October 2010

21 21<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Hands on Experiences Going from Photoshop design to real functionality req. description can be very time consuming Make Evaluation about how much of the box SharePoint can be utilized: Should it developed as standard.NET or inside SharePoint foundation (why and why not) 1.E.g. system with a lot of non document data - outside SharePoint 2.Use of workflow - inside 3.Document centric - inside Focus on using the given technologies optimal instead of adding 3rd solutions e.g. know differences between foundation and enterprise Make generic and reusable components E.g. download zip applications make one Layout changes is a killer and time consuming

22 22<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Development Approach Requirements and packages All business and functional requirements should be grouped and prioritized by the LoB and Architects Technical Requirements should be grouped in a packages and overall estimated Iterative Development Approach Often done as a combination of classic waterfall and agile development One approach could be start with Two iterations with demo for the customer and defect handling Process Delivery Package handed to developer -> Developer estimate (incl. unit test) package and update on a project site -> Progress on development (remaining hours) If an estimate exceeds expected hours then it is important to flag it up front Development Iteration 2 Development Iteration 1 Defects Demo

23 23<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Development Environment how is our? Developer Machine Deployment /Test Server Pre Prod Server Production Server How do we ensure all are in sync? Where do we stored code and which standard are we using?

24 24<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Defects, Change and Test Management Defects/Change Request TestTrackPro or SharePoint lists Test cases Simple test cases developed

25 25<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Development Environment optimal

26 26<>MAN Diesel & TurboAuthorCurrent topic00.00.2012 Peter Stern [Contact details] Niels Garde [Contact details] Do you have any more questions?

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