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Joel Harding Director, IO Institute Association of Old Crows …and then Man created Cyber.

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1 Joel Harding Director, IO Institute Association of Old Crows …and then Man created Cyber

2 Agenda …and then Man created Cyber New Social Media Cyberw… no, I cant say it What to do? – Cooperation/Treaties in Cyberspace

3 …and then Man created Cyber A new way of looking at our developing world 3

4 In the beginning there was… 4 S

5 Earth 5 S

6 The Heavens 6 S

7 …and the Sea 7 S

8 …and then Man got busy 8 S

9 Man found Information 9 S

10 He gathered Intelligence 10 S

11 He learned to fly in the Air 11 S

12 Radio used the Electromagnetic Spectrum which begat Electronic Warfare 12 S

13 …and then Man created Cyber 13 S

14 A full spectrum… Waiting for us to put it all together Cyber Information EMS Intel Air Space Land Sea 14 S

15 …and Man struggled to put it all together 15

16 Look at all those pretty colors… Frequency units – Hertz 1 Hz = 1 c 1 16

17 …in the meantime Cyber Information EMS Intel Air Space Land Sea …and somehow it all worked. Together. 17

18 Lets talk about Cyberw.. No, I cant say it. 18

19 19 Sample Nuclear Launch While Under Cyber Attack [yes, this is a doctored photo, used here just to lighten a serious moment] Source:

20 Original Photo and Doctored 20

21 New Social Media 21 Twitter TweetDeck S

22 22 Cyber War In Estonia, 2007 Remember this one? It sure got a lot of press coverage!

23 23 Another Recent Cyberwar Example: Georgia

24 24 Google vs. China Round 1 12 Jan 2010- Google announces detected a sophisticated cyber attack on its computers, aimed at email accounts of Chinese human rights activists 19 Feb 2010 - Probable source of the attacks on Google: Shanghai Jiaotong University Lanxiang Vocational School

25 New Players 25 Botnets for hire Hackers for hire Patriotic hackers Cyber jihadists Other hacktivists AKA Proxies

26 Attacks by Proxy Iranian Cyber Army Russian Business Network (RBN) Turkish Hacker Group Pro-Serbian Hacker Group Shkupi Hacker Group Kosava Hacker Group

27 Kneber Botnet/ZeuS Feb 18 th, 2010 – Netwitness, of Herndon, VA – 75,000+ Computers infected w/Zeus/Zbot Toolkit – 2,500 Corporations, 200 Countries – Uses ZeuS Trojan – old exploit, Targets MS Windows – Kneber was able to grab 68,000 login credentials over a 4-week period 27

28 Flash/Thumb Drives Nov 2008 - Thumb Drives banned Feb 2010 - Ban lifted Agent.btz virus - phone home …and dont forget Stuxnet 28

29 Corporate vs. Government Microsoft, Researchers Team Up And Tear Down Major Spamming Botnet Feb 2010 Operation b49 vs. Waledac botnet Is this vigilantism? Is the Govt unwilling or unable? Is this tacit approval? 29

30 Botnets Bots use cell phones, too. A botnet on a mobile phone may look different from one on a PC Renting out a network of "owned" phones may be viable in the near future. 30

31 Stuxnet USB install plus worm 4 zero-day exploits Payload upsets sensitive centrifuges? Future? – Beyond proof of concept – Patches close vulnerability 31

32 Anonymous 32 Anti-anti Wikileaks HBGary Federal Westboro Baptist Church Bank of America

33 US AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY Extradition and International Cooperation US National Policy Response US Criminal Prosecution and US National Policy Response US Criminal Prosecution Cyber-Attack from Inside US Cyber-Attack from Outside US Law Enforcement Response Law Enforcement Response with DOD DOD with Law Enforcement Response Law Enforcement Response Cyber-crime Hacktivism Cyber-Espionage Cyber-Terrorism Cyber-crime Hacktivism Cyber-Espionage Cyber-Terrorism Cyberwar 33 Generalized Spectrum of Cyber Conflict What to do?

34 34

35 We should avoid new increase in race of cyber arms and limit usage of these technologies for hostile matters. Usage of cyber warfare for political matters and by state actors against other countries is the primary topic of the current agenda. Cyber crimes and cyber terrorism are already well discussed within various international forums. But currently information warfare used more and more in struggles between state actors on tactical and strategic levels. The ability of cyber warfare to make impact will significantly increase. The first progress on the field of cyber warfare regulation was made by Shanghai Cooperation Organization. According to international norms of humanitarian law, you cant injure and kill disgracefully. We have to behave according to spirit of knights, including information warfare. You can not embed malicious technologies in hardware that you create. 29 October 2009 speech at Moscow State University

36 Follow on efforts US – Submission to Group of Governmental Experts – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) State and Non-State Actors – Incl: criminals, terrorists, proxies – Target citizens, commerce, critical infrastructure & governments – Compromise, steal, change or destroy info Calls for cooperative efforts NATO – Considering environmental law India MoD – Considering modeling space treaties 36

37 My question to you Is a treaty in cyberspace possible or practical? Is it necessary? 37

38 Questions? 38 Joel Harding ( ) Director, IO Institute

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