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A traveling salesman, Harold Hill, tries his luck in a small Iowa town in 1912 selling marching band instruments and promising to start a kids band in.

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2 A traveling salesman, Harold Hill, tries his luck in a small Iowa town in 1912 selling marching band instruments and promising to start a kids band in the town, then tries to leave town with the collected money before anyone finds out he knows nothing about music or starting a band. The librarian and piano teacher, Marian Paroo, sees through him, but when Hill helps her younger brother overcome his fear of social interactions due to his lisp, Marian begins to fall in love with Harold. Harold, in turn falling for Marian, risks being caught to win her. A more detailed version of the story can be found at: 3 3


4 There are A LOT of characters The chorus is broken up into adults, teenagers and kids which have a lot of stage time and MANY solos This is a very well known musical with a fun storyline, songs and dances Once everyone is well acquainted with the musical, I think everyone involved will love it!

5 Harold Hill- The leading male role who is charismatic and charming salesman. (High G) Marian Paroo- The role of Marian is a different twist on the traditional leading lady. The character progresses greatly during the show, starting as an uptight librarian and transforming into a beautiful and trusting young woman. Marian must have a good voice, be an excellent actor, and be able to move well. She must also have an air of confidence that draws Harold and your audience to her. (High G)

6 Mrs. Paroo- Marians mother, the conscience of River City. She is a great mother, stands up for what she believes in, and gently pushes Marian to think of her future. The role requires an actress who can sing and act. (High E-flat) Winthrop Paroo- should appear to be young and he should be a good actor. Winthrop also needs to be able to affect a believable lisp. Winthrop has to transform from a shy child to an outspoken child who not only sings but dances!


8 Marcellus Washburn- This classic sidekick to Harold has been immortalized by comedic greats like Buddy Hacket. Marcellus' big number is Shipoopi so the character has to act well, sing reasonably well and be able to dance. (High D-flat) Charlie Cowell- Tries to expose Hill as being a con artist. Charlie Cowell is one of the premium acting- only roles in The Music Man Junior. A strong actor with a good loud voice who is a bit of a ham and likes being on the stage will make a great Charlie. (Non Singing)

9 Mayor Shinn- The actor playing Mayor Shinn certainly needs a good sense of comic timing, but should be able to perform the role very seriously. This is elemental in creating the humor of The Music Man, which is based in reality. Mayor Shinn does not have to sing or dance, but he is responsible for a great deal of the pacing and line pick up in the show. (Non Singing) Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn- Mayor Shinns wife. It's a role for a great comic actress. If Eulalie takes herself seriously your audience will find her hysterical. Eulalie does have some singing, and some dancing or at least posing. (High D)

10 Zaneeta Shinn- Mayor Shinns oldest daughter. Zaneeta should be a good dancer. The role is often given dance features in both 76 trombones and Shipoopi. She gets to deliver the classic "Ye gads" line! (Non Singing) Gracie Shinn- Gracie is Zaneeta's little sister, another daughter of the Mayor. The role has dialogue. Tommy Djilas- Tommy is the teen heartthrob in the show and should be able to act and dance. Tommy's love interest is Zaneeta. (Non Singing)

11 The Quartet- These are four guys who can hold their own vocal parts strongly and worry about the acting later. Olin is the lowest voice or the bass, Oliver the next lowest or baritone, Ewart is the second highest voice or the Tenor, and Jacey the highest voice or tenor. Alama Hix, Maude Dunlop, Mrs. Squires- These three characters are the core of the Pickalittle ladies, requiring girls with strong voices and a good sense of comedy. Alma is married to Oliver, Mrs. Squires is married to Jacey and Maud is married to Ewart. (High D) Ethel Toffelmier- Ethel is Marcellus's girlfriend. She's described by Marcellus as "a nice comfortable girl and the bosses' niece." Ethel has some acting, some singing, and some dancing. Ethel is also one of the solo Pickalittle ladies. (High D)



14 Amaryllis- Amaryllis is the slightly bratty girl who studies piano with Marian. Amaryllis should be a good actor, and roughly the same size as Winthrop and Gracie. Just who are Amaryllis' parents is one of the great mysteries of The Music Man and something for you to decide. (Non Singing) Constable Locke- The Constable is a quietly wise man who sees through Harold, but doesn't seem to mind. (Non Singing) Train Conductor- The conductor has the first line in the show, so make sure you are loud and energetic! (Non Singing)

15 Townspeople- The concerned adults of the town, most falling for Hills tricks. Salesmen- Opening scene on the train Kids and Teenagers- The kids of the townspeople that are expecting instruments and joining a marching band These are the choruses with a lot of lines/solos scattered throughout the whole musical



18 Auditions will be held at the end of January I will have audition packets available when we get back from Christmas break If you would like to start preparing over break, please go to: st.asp?ID=000223 st.asp?ID=000223 You must prepare a Script- (speaking lines) You must prepare a Score- (singing)

19 I would like everyone to choose ONE character to audition with (singing character or Non singing character) from the list above Choose the character you feel you would be best at and prepare the Script which can be found on the website under the script for your chosen character If you are interested only in a chorus part (townspeople, salesmen, teenagers and kids), you will still need to choose a character script to audition with but will only be placed in the choruses All girls will prepare the songs Til There Was You and Pick-a-Little (these can be found on the website under the Score for Marian Paroo and Eulalie Shinn-please sing all voice parts) All boys will prepare the songs 76 Trombones and Shipoopi (these can be found on the website under the Score for Harold Hill and Marcellus Washburn-please sing all voice parts)

20 To better prepare yourself for the musical, there are two movie versions you can watch: The Music Man released in 1962 starring Robert Preston and Shirley Jones The Music Man released in 2003 starring Matthew Broderick, Kristen Chenoweth and Molly Shannon I am planning to show the movie one day after school as soon as we get back from break (for anyone who is planning on auditioning for the musical only) as a way to learn about the musical

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