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Archetypes in Chapters 3–5 of Invisible Man

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1 Archetypes in Chapters 3–5 of Invisible Man

2 Mr. Norton General Pershing (72) Thomas Jefferson (77)
John D. Rockefeller; the Messiah (78) The Creator (79) A formless white death (86) Great white father; lyncher of souls (93) White-suited St. Nicholas (107)

3 The Vet (The Wise Man) Of the narrator: “ ‘Behold! a walking zombie! Already he’s learned to repress not only his emotions but his humanity. He’s invisible, a walking personification of the Negative, the most perfect achievement of your dreams, sir! The mechanical man!’ ” (94). To Norton: “ ‘To you he is a mark on the scorecard of your achievement, a thing and not a man; a child, or even less— a black amorphous thing. And you, for all your power, are not a man to him, but a God, a force—’ ”(95).

4 Dr. Bledsoe (The Shape Shifter)
“Just inside the building I got another shock. As we approached a mirror Dr. Bledsoe stopped and composed his angry face like a sculptor, making it a bland mask...” (102). To Norton: “ ‘Don’t be kind, sir,’ Dr. Bledsoe said. ‘You can’t be soft with these people’ ” (104). Of Bledsoe’s suit: “[Y]et for all its elegance, he managed to make himself look humble” (114). “He was our coal-black daddy of whom we were afraid” (116).

5 Architectonic Elements
VEILS of the mind: pg. 103 & pg. 135 MOCKERY mockingbird on pg. 134 Bledsoe on pg. 138

6 Architectonic Elements
A SPOT OF BLACK IN WHITE Dr. Bledsoe on pp : “ ‘This is a power set-up, son, and I’m at the controls.’ ”

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