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The Wealth Man Sudatta Buddhahood Made Easy.

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1 The Wealth Man Sudatta Buddhahood Made Easy

2 Caring For Others, Sharing With Others
Life is elastic It can shrink to a tiny prison of selfishness It can expand to embrace the entire universe

3 Becoming A Buddha Easily
Be sensitive to the causes of other’s fundamental suffering Sensitivity to other’s suffering is a hallmark of compassion. Selfless dedication to others welfare The process of challenging our selfish ego. Does not mean sacrificing our own happiness for the sake of others.

4 Teaching The Art Of Happiness
The Four Sufferings Birth, Aging, Sickness and Death. The Four Additional Sufferings Parting from those who one loves Meeting with those whom one hates Not able to obtain what one desires One’s various physical & mental elements that change constantly.

5 Art Of Happiness (continued)
Helping other bear the weight of their life Teaching others Buddhism for lasting happiness Respecting other’s karmic responsibility Guiding others to strengthening their life

6 Making Offerings With Sincerity
Three kinds of offerings Offering of goods The necessary materials for the functions of the Buddhist community Offering of the Law Teaching others about Buddhism Offering of fearlessness Helping other overcome their fears and inspire them with courage.

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