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Tasha Hackworth Betsy Thoburn

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1 Tasha Hackworth Betsy Thoburn
Community Helpers **Kindergarten** Tasha Hackworth Betsy Thoburn

2 Objective Students will be able to identify ten authority figures in the community.

3 Materials needed Power Point Presentation

4 Websites/Student Activities
Our Community Helpers Songs/Poems Literature Connections Balanced Literacy Math Activities Center Ideas Art Activities

5 Websites/Student Activities Con’t.
Community Club Click on workers to learn more about their jobs Preschool Activities and Crafts Printable activities

6 Websites/Activities Con’t.
Preschool Education Lesson plans, ideas, parents, teachers Ben’s Guide (K-2): Your Neighborhood Interactive activity

7 Community Helpers

8 Drives children to school and home
Bus Driver Drives children to school and home

9 Helps us take care of our teeth
Dentist Helps us take care of our teeth

10 Doctor Helps us stay healthy

11 Fire Fighter Puts out fires

12 Garbage Worker Collects trash

13 Librarian Helps us find books

14 Mail Worker Brings us mail

15 Teacher Helps us learn

16 Military Keeps our country safe

17 Keeps our community safe
Police Keeps our community safe

18 Picture Links Mail man Mail woman Bus driver man Bus driver woman Dentist woman Dentist man Doctor man Doctor woman Fire fighters Garbage man (truck) Librarian woman Librarian man Teacher woman Teacher man Military woman Police

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