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Juan Verdades The Man Who Couldnt Tell a Lie Lesson 19 Day 2.

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1 Juan Verdades The Man Who Couldnt Tell a Lie Lesson 19 Day 2

2 Question of the Day: Describe the problem that Juan Verdades faces in this story.

3 Read Aloud: Listening Comprehension Today I will read a piece of a folktale from Mexico called The Emperor and the Peasant Boy. Remember: Folktales are * stories that were originally passed down orally, not written down * often teach a lesson or a moral * reflect the customs and beliefs of a culture. One Purpose for listening is to find out what lesson the folktale teaches.

4 Focus Skill: THEME

5 Practice Theme: Open your reading workbooks and turn to page 110. Lets chorally read this passage together. Now, work with your partner answer the questions about the passage.

6 Monitoring Comprehension: Self- Correct ** Readers sometimes misread words, which causes the reader to not understand what they are reading. Sometimes readers may mispronounce a word. Other times a reader may think of the wrong word for a multiple-meaning word. **GOOD READERS pause to SELF-CORRECT and clear up their confusion or misunderstanding.



9 Narrative Forms Practice: What narrative form has a happy ending? Which kind of story do events often happen in threes? Which kind of story contains humor and a larger-than-life main character? Which narrative form explains events in nature?

10 Robust Vocabulary Words

11 If you waited anxiously for something, you worried about how it would turn out. Why was don Ignacio anxious as he waited for Juan?

12 Something magnificent is very beautiful and impressive. Why was don Ignacios apple tree so magnificent?

13 If you insisted on something, you said it very firmly and you refused to change your mind. What did don Ignacio insist about Juan Verdades?

14 Something that has been declared has been announced in a clear way. What character declared, Dont worry, Mama!?

15 When you do something confidently, you are sure about what you are doing. Did don Arturo feel confident that he could win the bet?

16 Someone who is distressed feels very sad and helpless. Why was Juan Verdades distressed after he picked the apples?

17 If someone gloated, he or she bragged about something in a mean way. What made don Arturo gloat?

18 Decoding/Word Attack Spelling Words The endings –s and –es from plural nouns and change verb tenses The ending –es is added to words that end in sh, ch, ss, s, x or z. The ending –es forms its own syllable when it follows a consonant. In words that end in consonant-plus-y, the y changes to i when adding –es. Although, the spelling changes, the vowel sound stays the same.

19 Spelling Words- Irregular Plural and Possessive Forms babies babys childs children classes classs sheep feet elk fish fishes gooses geese jeans mouses mice teeth women womans moose Challenge Words: crossroads familys headquarters persons peoples

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