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Dignitary Protection 101.

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1 Dignitary Protection 101

2 Class Overview Day 1 Day 2 Review of FTX Classroom Practical FTX
Overview/Terms/Formations/Route Planning/Surveys Practical FTX Formations Motorcades Picketlines Prep for Day 2 FTX Day 2 FTX Review of FTX Briefing Critique Comments Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

3 Purpose You must take a proactive approach to protection details.
The successful protection detail favors the use of proactive measures to avoid the confrontation, while maintaining a reactive capability in the form of good plans, procedures and training to aid in escaping the confrontation. You must take a proactive approach to protection details. The vast majority of organized attacks are successful The bodyguards usually die The bodyguards rarely fire their guns effectively, if at all The bodyguards gunfire almost never affects the outcome of the attack Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

4 Identifying the threat level
The perceived threat on the principal will determine the type of protective detail and countermeasures used. Political Candidate/Dignitary/Celebrity What does he or she represent Issues and stands Prior actions against the individual Current threat data Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

5 Operations Route Selection Site Security Communications Intelligence
Traffic Hospital Surveys Luggage Security Close Proximity Personnel Fixed Posts Motorcades Command Post Aerial Support Counter snipers Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

6 Terminology and Definitions
Advance Survey General terms applied to all security activities, plans and arrangements made prior to and in connection with the visit of the principal to a given area Route Survey The selection of primary and alternate routes of travel for the principal, and the measures taken to make the route secure for travel Site Survey The investigation and resultant plans of security for a given location. Generally involves all the security measures taken at a place to be visited by the principal. Examples would be a hotel, mall, speech sites, etc. Secure Area Any area/location that has been surveyed, cleared of unauthorized persons, is technically secure and is continuously secure by establishing post assignments prior to use

7 Terminology and Definitions
Security Room The immediate control center for a specific detail or location, such as in a hotel room, principal’s residence, etc. To be used by Officers not on post but involved in the protection detail. Security Post An area of responsibility established to form a part of the security network. This may be fixed or mobile and there are generally three types; Surveillance, Check point and Special Assignment. Holding Room Secure room at the visit site, usually a private room set aside for the principal’s privacy and convenience. Also used to hold the principal in the event of a problem and exiting is not an immediate option. Motorcade A formally organized group of vehicles traveling along a specific route in a controlled formation

8 Terminology and Definitions
Pilot Car A marked cruiser which precedes the motorcade by approximately ¼ mile scanning the route for dangers, obstructions and problem areas Lead Car The vehicle immediately preceding the motorcade occupied by the team leader, advance man and local officers. Principals Car The vehicle designated to carry the principal Follow Up car Protective services vehicle always immediately following the principal. PI Car Vehicle carrying protective intelligence teams. The teams are responsible for responding to and resolving any issues or activities along the route which may involve possible threats or disruptions.

9 Terminology and Definitions
Detail Leader Senior protective detail person in overall charge of the protective services function. Shift Leader Protective Detail Officer in charge of personnel on a given shift Site Leader Detail Officer in charge of a particular location. Is responsible for setting up all security posts, conducting roll call and maintaining overall control of the site prior to the principals arrival Intel Detail officers in area watching area reporting any suspicious persons or activity

10 A 2 1 SL P 4 3

11 Close Proximity Recommended Minimum 5 to 6 person team
Protect left side of the principal Point man should have the principal in his peripheral view 50% of the time Attempt to block the path of the attacker Do not let the principal enter a doorway first In hallways keep the principal in the center Keep the principal away from doorways, alcoves, etc Move towards the attacker not away

12 Close Proximity During an assault Push the principal to the ground
Cover the principal Push the principal into the crowd Evacuate the principal to the limo or safe room within the building or leave the building Id the problem and take action if within arms reach Use handshake release Apply pressure to wrist joint and pull up on the thumb Block items being thrown Protect the principal

13 Close Proximity Assault Situations
There are four primary considerations during an assault Arms Reach situations Take action Sound off Situations First man who sees problem sounds off Id problem and use simple terms, ex. Gun, knife Cover considerations Have principal squat DL and SL close and cover principal Evacuation considerations Move to limo Move to holding room Move to safe location away from problem

14 Working the Principal Overall Mission
Prevent injury, embarrassment, kidnapping, assignation and safe guard the principals schedule Brief the principal Make sure the principal knows how the protective detail works The primary function of the detail is security and is not a matter or convenience to the principal He/She will follow all orders given by Shift leader in the event of an emergency

15 Working the Principal Dress Conservative dress Dark colors
Bright colors are distracting and draw attention Well tailored jacket Tailored to allow concealment of weapon and easy access Comfortable shoes with rubber soles

16 Working the Principal Demeanor General Do not smoke Do not chew gum
Do not engage the principal in conversation unless initiated by the principal (does not apply to the Shift Leader) Maintain a uniform attitude of professionalism

17 Working the Principal Demeanor General
Keep handcuffs and weapons discreetly secured Refer any problems to the Detail Leader Stay alert and ready for any problems Remember your primary objective is to protect the principal. Do nothing to comprise the security of the principal, yet utilize tact, discretion and common sense

18 Formations Double Ring Concept The Outer ring:
Intelligence, Crowd Attitude Alert for Threat, Reaction The Inner Ring: P Arms Reach Concept, Close Proximity

19 Formations 5 Man Wedge Formation 1 SL P 4 3 2

20 Formations 5 Man Diamond Formation 1 2 SL P 3 4

21 Formations 5 Man Hallway Formation 1 2 SL P 3 4

22 Formations 4 Man Wedge Formation 1 SL P 2 3

23 Three Man Diagonal Formation
Formations Three Man Diagonal Formation 1 SL P 2 Generally used for mid level Dignitaries, etc

24 Formations Two Man Formation 1 SL P
Generally used for low level Dignitaries, etc

25 Dignitary Protection 02/08/04
Arrivals and Departures DL SL P 1 3 D 2 D D 4 Lead car Principal’s car Follow up car Each position has a specific task: The Detail Leader “DL” calls the check points while the motorcade is moving # 1 is usually the only shooter if needed The Drivers “D” always stay with the vehicles Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

26 Dignitary Protection 02/08/04
Arrivals and Departures Each position has a specific task upon arrival to the location: 1 3 DL SL P D D D 2 4 Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

27 Dignitary Protection 02/08/04
Arrivals and Departures Site D 1 A P SL D 2 3 4 Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

28 Dignitary Protection 02/08/04
Arrivals and Departures Site 2 D 1 A 2 1 A SL SL P P 4 3 3 4 D Dignitary Protection 02/08/04

29 The Picket Line 1 2 SL P 3 4

30 The Picket Line 1 2 SL P 3 4

31 The Picket Line 1 2 SL P 3 4

32 The Picket Line 1 2 SL P 3 4

33 The Picket Line 4 2 P 1 3 SL

34 The Picket Line 4 2 P 1 3 SL

35 The Picket Line 4 2 P 1 3 SL

36 The Picket Line 4 2 P 1 3 SL

37 The Picket Line 4 2 P 1 3 SL

38 Stage and Banquet Deployment
1 5 SL P 4 2 3 seated

39 Speaking Engagement 1 2 3 P SL 4 Intel Intel Crowd

40 Elevator Entry 1 2 3 P SL 5 4

41 Elevator Entry 2 1 3 P SL 5 4

42 Elevator Entry P SL 2 1 3 4 5

43 Elevator Entry 4 3 P SL 2 5 1

44 Elevator Exit 4 3 P SL 2 5 1

45 Elevator Exit P 3 4 SL 1 2 5

46 Elevator Exit 3 4 P SL 1 2 5

47 Route Surveys Have a primary and secondary route of travel
Each route should be mapped out with check points Check points should be no farther than 1/8 of a mile apart Each turn should be designated as a checkpoint and preceded with left or right Detail leader should call off check points to Command post and Advance personnel as they approach site Survey should note any possible problem areas Overpass Construction areas Possible choke points with motorcade Use maps if possible and make sure the directions are clear and easy to follow

48 Site Surveys Purpose is to identify undesirable elements and physical
hazards Contact person in charge of site Evaluate where the event is to occur Consider time principal will be exposed Examine factors difficult to control Crowd Press Items outside secure areas Other buildings onlookers

49 Site Surveys Check all travel times and verify
Drive primary and alternate routes Check and evaluate all emergency data Phone numbers Communication equipment Does it work inside the area Emergency Escape Route Determine location of Holding room Establish security posts Determine personnel logistics for site

50 Site Surveys If possible get copies of floor plans and master key
Maybe needed in the event of an emergency and escape Establish buffer areas –best if not less than 30 ft Press area General Public Invitees Prepare Preliminary survey report

51 Site Surveys Types if Security Site Surveys Airports Hotels Ballrooms
Private (residence, office, etc.) Open air areas Parks, construction sites, etc

52 Comments/Questions ?

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