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Birdville, Texas. A Long Time Ago Before there was a city, buildings, cars, and schools where we live, there were Native American Indians who lived right.

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1 Birdville, Texas

2 A Long Time Ago Before there was a city, buildings, cars, and schools where we live, there were Native American Indians who lived right where you are sitting!

3 Indians Who Lived In Our Area Indians who lived in the Birdville area were the Tonkawas, the Caddo the Comanche, the Kiowas, and the Wichitas. Tonkawas Texas IndiansCaddo Texas Indians

4 Comanche Texas Indians Kicking Bird – Kiowa Texas Indian Wichita Mother and Baby

5 Settlement begins… Settlers came to NE Tarrant County during the 1830s The area had good sources of water, good land for growing crops, and large trees Texas was known as the Republic of Texas The Native Americans were pushed off their land to make way for the settlers

6 Birds Fort was built in 1841 by Major Jonathon Bird Birds Fort offered settlers protection

7 Peters Colony The Republic of Texas hired the Peters Colony in 1840 to attract settles to Texas Settlers were suppose to receive land, housing and supplies from the Colony The deals between the settlers and the Colony did not work out Peters Colony failed, but did bring people to the area

8 A Tarrant County Monument honoring Peters Colony can be found in Grapevine, Texas It reads: In 1841, W.S. Peters of Kentucky and Associates contracted with the Republic of Texas to bring immigrants to this area. By 1848, Peters Colony land covered nearly two million acres in north central Texas, including all of Tarrant County. Speculation in unlocated land certificates was rampant. About 150 colonists and their families, most of who were American-born farmers of meager means, settled in Tarrant County. As the most extensive impresario enterprise undertaken by the Republic, The Peters Colony helped open this area of Texas to settlement.

9 Statehood The United States Congress passed a resolution in February 1845 to annex the Republic of Texas President Tyler signed the resolution March 1845 Texas would sell some of its land to pay debts, but get keep much of its public land Republic of Texas congress approved resolution Texas became a state on December 29, 1845

10 Tarrant County Tarrant County became a county in 1849 The county seat would be located within five miles of the center of the county, the the location would be chosen by the electorate, and that the said location would bear the name of Birdville, in honor of Major Jonathan Bird, who had established Birds Fort in 1841. By 1841, Birds Fort had a few families living inside and outside its walls

11 By 1849, a second settlement became known as Birdville, the county seat of Tarrant County.

12 A New Courthouse… A new courthouse was required for Birdville Money collected from the sale of lot (land) around the town square paid for the courthouses construction The square was located near Carson Street close to the courthouse A blacksmiths shop, café, and barbershop surrounded the courthouse

13 Fort Worth In 1853, the military post of Fort Worth was disbanded People living in the settlement of Fort Worth didnt like Birdville being the county seat An election was held in 1856 to move the county seat to Fort Worth Fort Worth won and became the county seat

14 Citizens in Birdville were angry with the elections results. Four people were killed during arguments about the results The elections results were thrown out and a new election held in 1860 Fort Worth won the second election and officially became the county seat

15 Pony Express The Pony Express was a group of people who delivered the mail from place to place on horseback Riders carried up to 10 pounds of mail George Mulkey of Waxahachie was an Express rider

16 Large amounts of mail came to Birdville, then riders would deliver it out to people Rain, Indian raids, and bad roads made delivering the mail a difficult job Stagecoaches carried mail as well as people from place to place

17 Postmasters The Postal Service had a station in Birdville from 1851-1906 All mail to the Fort Worth area was sent to the Birdville station Birdvilles station had the first Postmistress. Her name was Alice Barkley

18 Newspaper and Telephones Western Express and The Union were Birdvilles two newspapers in 1855 The editors of both papers got into a shootout over the results of the county election and slaves rights. The Unions editor was killed

19 Birdville had the only phone east of the Trinity River People had to come to town to make a phone call To receive a call from someone, you had to arrange a date and time to be in town to take or make the call. Arrangements were made by writing a letter to the other person

20 Settlers found land cheap and rich in resources Water and timber resources were abundant which allowed communities to grow quickly Schools, churches, and cemeteries were included in the communities Communities

21 Over time, the small communities began to merge together to form these present day cities: –Haltom City- Richland Hills –North Richland Hills- Euless –Bedford- Hurst –Keller- Grapevine –Colleyville- Southlake - Watauga

22 In 1855, Professor William Hudson taught in the first tuition based public school in Birdville The school began with one room, but later expanded to three rooms The first public school in Birdville started in 1822 The Birdville school system officially started in 1896 Schools

23 Early Settlers George Akers Judge Benjamin Barkley Sanders Larkin Barnes Jonathan Bird Elizabeth Chancellor David Odum Henry Clay Daggett Alfred Madison Hightower Archibald Franklin Leonard Cynthia Ann Parker


25 Lets Learn About our Community Haltom City

26 The Name of Our City Haltom City was named in Honor of G.W. Haltom, a Fort Worth Jeweler whos ranch made up most the new area.

27 In the beginning… Before there was a Haltom City, our city was mostly just farms and dairies. Thats how people made money here.

28 In the beginning… Haltom City was called Haltom Village. A Town

29 Growing Haltom Village started to grow early due to the Haltoms Meadow Oak Corporation and new major highways cutting through the city. These highways brought in more and more new business to the city.

30 Becoming a City On July 5 1949, Haltom Village became a city. A short time later Haltom City created a city government with a city manager, mayor, and a city council form of government.

31 Today Today, Haltom City industry consists of warehouses, gravel mining, open storage, small manufacturing, and small machine shops. Most businesses are either retail shops or small service shops

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