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Natural and Man-Made Disasters

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1 Natural and Man-Made Disasters
Nies & McEwen: Chapter 26

2 Objective 1: Define terms, compare and contrast methods and concepts of natural and man-made disasters related to community health

3 Objective 2: Define and discuss the following characteristics of disasters Frequency Predictability Preventability Scope and number of casualties Intensity

4 Objective 3: Outline and discuss the following factors as they relate to disaster management. A. List local, state, and federal governmental responsibilities related to disaster management local--first responders & office of emergency management (OEM) federal--US Department of Homeland Security B. National Response Plan C. Federal Emergency Management Agency D. Department of Health & Human Services E. Center for Disease Control & Prevention F. The American Red Cross

5 Objective 4: List, define, and discuss the following Disaster Management Stages: Prevention Stage Preparedness & Planning Stage Response Stage

6 Objective 5: Discuss the principles and practice of Disaster Triage

7 Objective 6: List, describe, and discuss the phases of Community Responses to Disaster heroic phase honeymoon phase disillusionment phase reconstruction phase

8 Objective 7: Discuss the phenomenon of post traumatic stress disorder as it relates to survivors of natural and man-made disasters

9 Objective 8: Discuss the following bioterrorism-agents Anthrax

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