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2 External Conflict Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Society You must ask yourself, “Who or what is the opposing force”?

3 Internal Man vs. Himself (his morals, his conscience, etc…) A character might have to decide whether or not to tell on a friend who is doing something that will get him/her into serious trouble.

4 Man Vs Man Elizabeth and John Proctor are in conflict after his affair. Elizabeth blames herself for being cold to John, prompting his lecherous behaviour “It were a cold house I kept” but does not admit this until Act 4. John has for 7 months tried to make amends for his behaviour but Elizabeth is still appears to be suspicious of him and is accused of judging him harshly. Abigail hates Elizabeth for firing her and taking her away from close proximity to John. She thinks John is being submissive to Elizabeth when she wants him to be with her. Abigail hates Goody Proctor “a cold snivelling woman” and drinks a charm to kill her and accuses her of witchcraft.

5 John Proctor does not like Parris because of his worldly greed (“gold candlesticks”) and his style of preaching. (Perhaps it touches a raw nerve with him because of his guilt). Parris does not like being criticised by Proctor in the Parish. The Putnams are in conflict with almost everyone since he wants everyone else's land and has attempted on several occasions to get it, and all of their children except one has died.  Goody Putnam is jealous of others whose children and grandchildren are healthy when hers have not survived - Goody Nurse is especially the target of Goody Putnam's ire.

6 Tituba is in conflict with almost the entire town when they accuse her of dancing with the devil.  She finally admits it and names names of others in the community whom she has supposedly seen with the devil.  She does this to protect her own life - they target her since she is a foreigner and because she was caught with the girls dancing and casting spells in the forest. Mary Warren is in conflict with the other girls when she wants to tell the truth about the accusation against Elizabeth Proctor and they all continue to play along with Abigail's farce.

7 Man vs. Society The Church vs individual freedom
The trials - Goody Nurse, John Proctor, and others are in conflict with the town when they face the charges of being witches and dealing with the devil. Parris “there is a factions sworn to drive me out of my pulpit”

8 Man vs. Himself John is in conflict with himself - to lie and save himself or stand for his honour. John Proctor changes from a man concerned with the individual to a man concerned with his community Hale realises the error of his thinking and denounces the court preceedings.


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