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An Old Man Guy de Maupassant Contemporary College English

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1 An Old Man Guy de Maupassant Contemporary College English
Companion Reader 现代大学英语 阅读3 外语教学与研究出版社 杨立民 主编 创思英语: 英语阅读课件 英语专业泛读课件

2 An Old Man The author The story Keywords The hero The theme His age
“My” Solicitude Last para. Vocabulary Five general questions and five specific questions. Five to ten minutes are to be set aside for students to raise questions. Your questions?

3 1. The author Maupassant was a popular 19th-century French writer and considered one of the fathers of the modern short story. Maupassant's stories are characterized by their economy of style and efficient, effortless dénouement. Guy de Maupassant (5 Aug 1850 – 6 July 1893) 莫泊桑( ):法国作家。他擅长从平凡琐屑的事物中截取富有典型意义的片断,以小见大地概括出生活的真实。他的短篇小说侧重摹写人情世态,构思布局别具匠心,细节描写、人物语言和故事结尾均有独到之处。 Boule de suif (Ball of Tallow), La Parure (The Necklace) In his later years he developed a constant desire for solitude, an obsession for self-preservation, and a fear of death and crazed paranoia of persecution.

4 2. The story The story goes: …… Text type & text pattern Main ideas
Structural diagram 复述课文 复述故事 retell 文体 文章结构图示 段落大意

5 Four Major Text Types Narration Description Exposition Argumentation
记叙文 a movie 描述文 a picture 说明文 a lecture 议论文 a debate Narrative 记叙类 descriptive 描写类 expository 说明类 argumentative 议论类 persuasive writing

6 Major Text Patterns Sequence / time Space Compare-contrast
Advantage-dis. Cause-effect Problem-solution Sub-topics 顺序、时间 空间 比较-对比 利弊 因果 问题-解决 话题 文章结构模式

7 Main ideas of paragraphs
Paragraphs are related to each in different degrees with a part and a whole text. P 1-2 The ad P 16-21 Second death P 3-7 His request P 22-3 The left P 8-10 His characters P 24-6 Two deaths 段落大意 P 11 The list P 27-42 Last death P 12-5 First death Details of the five deaths

8 Details of five deaths No Name Cause Reaction Explanation 1 Rosalie
chill start relief weight 2 Henri pleurisy upset joy silly 3 N/A dysentery highly amused diet 死亡统计对比 姓名 死因 反应 解释 理解 4 N/A choke highly amused heart 5 Paul none perplex reassure none

9 Structural Diagram An Old Man Setting The ad Beginning The list
characters Characters An Old Man First death Development complication 2nd death 文章整体结构示意图 The left Two deaths Climax, coda Last death

10 3. Keywords Life Disease Treatment Obsession Aging Health Death
关键词 中心词 困扰 生死 疾病 生老病死 健康 治疗 老龄 老年 Aging Health Death

11 4. The hero P3: A little old man of 86, still quite …
P4: …if I am in good health, it is … P7: …wrinkled little hand. P8: …an obsessive fear of death P9: …a very special use of stressing the … P10: …other men as anything but puppets of a sort… …… 主人公 persona personae 主角 protagonist 中心人物 heroine 女主角 hero 男主角 人物特征 人物描写

12 The theme Fear of death A pithy account of our unwillingness to accept that illness and death are largely beyond our control. A telling antidote to our present obsession with the power of the individual healthy lifestyle. 主题大意 中心思想 对死亡的畏惧 害怕死亡 健康的生活方式

13 His age He went to infinite pains to conceal his age.
Provide some evidence of his doing so. Why do you think he did so? 隐藏年龄

14 My What do you think underlie his special use of “my”?
M. Daron is determined to believe that he owns and can completely determine his body and his health, and, therefore, his death. This is emphasized by his speech, with its emphatic use of the word "my," as in "my life," "my arms," and even "my doctor." 强调“我的” 物主性代词的使用

15 Solicitude However, beginning with the day when …, he felt a new interest awaken in his heart, an unfamiliar solicitude for these old people whom he was going to see fall by the wayside one by one. 少见的关心 How do you interpret the two words?

16 Last paragraph “Eighty-nine! So whatever it was, it wasn’t old age.”
How did the old man feel when he said so? What did he feel this way? 表示不可理解 无法解释 但多少有些慰藉

17 Vocabulary Guess or explain the meaning.
Spa, ferruginous, drove, indisposition, malaise, inhabitant, graciously, wrinkled, purveyor, rejoinder, solicitude, contain himself, pleurisy, dysentery, choking fit, centenarian, lesion, perplexed… 词汇 单词 生词

18 References 参考文献 bibliography cited works 期刊 书籍 网络 电子 创思英语

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