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The Tollund Man - A History mystery!

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1 The Tollund Man - A History mystery!
by cwright, ism Photos taken from:

2 In a small village near Tollund in 1950…
The Højgård brothers were going about their normal business cutting peat out from the bog to use for burning in their oven. About two metres down they made a terrifying discovery…












14 Questions? Who is he? When did he die? How did he die? Why did he die?
What was he like? How did he live?

15 Explanation and supporting evidence
Be specific: use the sources! e.g. As Source B says, the Tollund man was discovered with a rope noose round his neck. This is also clear from the pictures of the body. Therefore I believe that….

16 Be critical! E.g. Source E is a statue of a Goddess of Spring that was found in a bog, however it does not make it clear whether it was found with the Tollund man, or in some other bog! Therefore it does not prove that…

17 Include quotes where appropriate:
e.g. As source F says “The German tribes worship the Goddess of Spring.” BUT REMEMBER YOUR QUOTE MARKS!!

18 So remember…. Be specific: use the sources! Be critical! Include quotes where appropriate

19 Homework Due next week Explore
Go to the blog ( Add a comment with one interesting piece of information you found from the site – must be original!

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