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Gluskabe and Old Man Winter

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1 Gluskabe and Old Man Winter
by Joseph Bruchac Review

2 1. Drama A story written to be performed by actors for an audience

3 2. Characters People who take part in the action

4 3. Conflict A problem between two characters or forces

5 4. Theme A message or insight about life

6 5. Acts Units of the action in a drama

7 6. Scenes A section of uninterrupted action in the act of a drama

8 7. Dialogue The words characters say
The words of each character appear next to the character’s name

9 8. Script A printed form of the play

10 9. Stage Directions Sets of bracketed information that tell what the stage looks like and how the characters should move and speak.

11 10. Set The construction on stage that suggests the time and place of the action

12 11. Props The movable items such as a book, a suitcase, or a flashlight that the actors use to make their actions look realistic

13 12. Comedy A form of drama that has a happy ending

14 13. Tragedy A form of drama in which events lead to the downfall of the main character

15 14. Screenplays Scripts from which movies are produced

16 15. Teleplays Types of screenplays written for television

17 16. Radio Plays The written format of radio broadcasts

18 17. Who is the main character?

19 18. How many scenes are in this drama?

20 19. What is Gluskabe’s job? To help the people

21 20. Why does the Human Being visit Gluskabe and Grandmother Woodchuck?
To ask Gluskabe to help bring the long winter to an end.

22 21. What does Gluskabe ask Old Man Winter to do?
Go home to the Winter Land

23 22. What is strange about Old Man Winter’s fire?
It is made of ice.

24 23. Where does Grandmother Woodchuck say that warm weather comes from?
The Summer Land

25 24. What does Gluskabe do to look like the people of the Summer Land?
He covers one of his eyes with a patch.

26 25. What does Gluskabe take with him to the Summer Land?
Four large balls

27 26. Why are the Summer Land people angry with Gluskabe?
They are angry because he stole a summerstick, and they are greedy people who want to keep all of the warm weather for themselves.

28 27. What do the crows think they are taking from Gluskabe?
The crows think they are taking Gluskabe’s head.

29 28. What happens when Gluskabe takes the summerstick into Old Man Winter’s wigwam?
The summerstick melts the wigwam and forces Old Man Winter to leave.

30 29. What happens after Old Man Winter leaves?
The sun comes out and flowers and plants appear.

31 30. Why does winter return each year?
Winter returns because Gluskabe took only one of the four summersticks and used it to melt winter.

32 31. What is the purpose of this drama?
The drama explains why the seasons change.

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