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1 Conflict

2 Conflict Conflict: A struggle between opposing forces
Characters in conflict form the basis for novels, short stories, and plays. Two kinds of conflict: Internal External

3 Conflict External Conflicts:
The main character struggles against an outside force. Person vs. Person Person vs. Nature Person vs. Unknown Person vs. Society

4 Man vs. Man An example of an External Conflict
Two characters fighting against each other

5 Man vs. Man Dodge Ball: In this film, Peter Le Flure owns a gym, and his arch enemy, White Goodman, threatens to take over Peter’s failing business. The entire plot is centered around the Peter vs. White conflict.

6 Man vs. Man Other popular examples include:
Wyle Coyote vs. Road Runner “A Visit to Grandmother’s” Batman vs. Joker Austin Powers vs. Dr. Evil

7 Man vs. Nature Another example of an External Conflict
Individuals fighting against nature… The elements of nature Weather Wilderness Etc Illness Aging

8 Man vs. Nature Survivor On this popular television show, individuals are forced to survive in the wilderness. Contestants are given the bare essentials for survival, and they must survive the weather, harsh conditions, and occasionally animals. What other types of conflict do contestants on Survivor face?

9 Man vs. Nature Other popular examples include: Bruce Almighty Hatchet
Lost “With All Flags Flying”

10 Man vs. Unknown Is considered an External Conflict but usually prompts an Internal Conflict by raising questions This conflict encompasses: Man vs. Supernatural Man vs. God Usually prompts Man vs. Self conflict of either fear or indecisiveness. In multiple cases it can produce joy Can have devastating effects

11 Man vs. The Unknown Scooby Doo:
In this cartoon, Scooby and the gang are always in conflict with a supernatural being of some sort (or so they think). After catching the “ghost”, the gang always finds out that the “ghost” is really a human. At the end of each episode, this Man vs. The Unkown conflict turns into what other type of conflict?

12 Man vs. Society A type of External Conflict that centers around a main character’s struggle with social traditions or society as a whole. Society: a group of individuals living together as a community.

13 Man vs. Society Shrek: In this film the protagonist, a very sweet but physically unattractive ogre, fights to change the kingdom’s mind about ogres…he wants humans to see that ogres aren’t all bad!

14 Man vs. Society Other examples include: The Wave Borat “Two Friends”
Schindler’s List

15 Conflict Internal Conflict
Involves a character in conflict with himself or herself.

16 Man vs. Self The Water Boy:
Bobby Bouche, a sheltered “mama’s boy”, battles with himself over whether to disobey his mother and play football or obey his mother and remain the water boy for the team.

17 Man vs. Self Other Examples: “Through the Tunnel” Tommy Boy
George in Of Mice and Men. Rocky in Rocky Balboa (all six movies center around Rocky’s internal struggle)

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