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Delaware County Chapter PIAA Baseball Umpires Communication & 2-Man Mechanics.

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1 Delaware County Chapter PIAA Baseball Umpires Communication & 2-Man Mechanics

2 Keys To 2-Man Success 2-Man Is A System Of Compromises – Cant Be Everywhere To Cover Everything – Angle Over Distance – Prepare For The Next Most Reasonable Play Communicate With Your Partner – Before Game Day (Confirm) – Before The Game (Changes & Pre-Game Conf.) – During The Game (Verbally & Physically) – After The Game (Debrief)

3 Keys To 2-Man Success Know Your Responsibilities – Prepare In Advance – Cant Learn 2-Man System In The Parking Lot Do Your Job – 1 st Responsibility Is Your Responsibilities – Everythings Covered If Both Guys Do Their Job Stick With Your Priorities – Fair / Foul – Catch / No-Catch

4 Pre-Game Conference Fair/Foul Responsibilities No Runners OnRunners On CB PU BU CB PU BU

5 Pre-Game Conference: Outfield Coverage No Runners OnRunners On CB PU BU 79 8 CB PU BU

6 Pre-Game Conference Other Subjects – Field Issues / Known Problems – Dead Ball Responsibility (Normally the PU) – Force Play / Slide Rule Responsibility – Signals

7 Silent Signals Rotation – Point Where You Are Going – Partner Should Know Where Hes Going Staying Home (PU) / Staying Here (BU) Time Play Lets Meet / Talk – No Standard; Decide During Pre-Game

8 Silent Signals Infield Fly Double Tag-Up (R1 & R2, less than 2 outs) Catch / No-Catch by Catcher My Call – Commonly Used Before An Upcoming Appeal

9 Signals With Sound Done When Ball Is Put In Play – Infield Fly Point Up / Infield Fly, Batters Out (If Fair) – Im Going Out BU On A Trouble Ball Point Up – My Call / I Got The Ball Any Borderline Fly Ball – Time Not Dead Ball

10 Positioning: No Runners CB A PU

11 With Runners R1 = B R1 & R2 = C R2 = C R1 & R3 = B R2 & R3 = C R3 = C Bases Loaded = C CB B PU C

12 Plate Umpire – All Plays At Home Except: No Runners, BU Goes Out – 3 Rotations to 3 rd Base Umpire – All Plays At All Bases Except: No One On, BU Goes Out Except: 3 PU Rotations to 3rd Basic Responsibilities

13 Plate Umpire Has Touches: – At Home Exception: When BU Goes Out – At 3rd Exception: When Base Umpire Has BR Touch – R1 & R3 See R3s Touch Of Home As You Rotate To Take R1 Into 3rd Rotating Does Not Relieve You Of Your Plate Responsibility PU Touch Responsibilities

14 Base Umpire Has Touches: – At 1st & 2nd – At 3rd On Batter-Runner – At 3rd When He Has A Play At 3rd (2 nd play in the infield) – On BR At Home After Going Out And Coming Back In Touch Responsibilities

15 PU Has All Re-touches At 3rd BU Has All Re-touches At 1st And 2nd Re-Touch Responsibilities

16 PU Rotates Only When Batted Ball Leaves The Infield BU Takes 2 nd Play In Infield R1 R1 & R2 < 2 Outs R1 & R3 Only Go In If Theres A Play (Ball & Runner) CB BU PU

17 Potential Problem Plays: Rotations PU moves to Library to read the play – Im at 3 rd if he comes… Move to 3 rd only when you have the runner & the ball coming – Im at 3 rd !

18 Potential Problem Plays: Tag Near 1 st Base Line Before 45 Line, PU After 45 Line, BU If in doubt, make eye contact first CB BU PU

19 Potential Problem Plays: Runners Lane Violation PU Has Primary Responsibility Work To Get To 45 Line Move Along Line, Not Toward Mound CB BU PU

20 Potential Problem Plays: Run Downs PU Helps With No Runners In Scoring Position Hustle To Get To Cut- Out Area Im Here When You Get There, Not Before Generally, Call Belongs To Ump The Runner Is Moving Toward CB BU PU

21 Potential Problem Plays: R3, Trouble Ball to Right Priorities: Fair / Foul, Catch / No Catch Deeper the Ball, Farther up the line Never go 1 st base line extended first

22 Pause, read, react Pop-up = Pivot – PU has all routine fly balls – Communication is key Go out in four situations: – Fair / Foul – Players converging – Catch below the waist – Possible HR Potential Problem Plays: Going Out


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