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November 1, 2012 – 6:00 PM City Council Chambers COMMUNITY, HOUSING, and HUMAN SERVICES BOARD PUBLIC HEARING.

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1 November 1, 2012 – 6:00 PM City Council Chambers COMMUNITY, HOUSING, and HUMAN SERVICES BOARD PUBLIC HEARING

2 Agenda COMMUNITY, HOUSING AND HUMAN SERVICES BOARD PUBLIC HEARING ON TENTATIVE CDBG, BASIC NEIGHBORHOOD, HOME & ESG ALLOCATIONS FOR THE ACTION PLAN COMPONENT OF THE CONSOLIDATED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING PLAN THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2012 - 6:00 P.M. CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS Call to Order Introduction of Board and Staff Purpose of Public Hearing Review of Tentative Allocations Overview of 2013 CDBG Programs Public Service Applicants Unique Neighborhood Projects Close Public Comment Adjourn Hearing

3 Intro/Purpose of Hearing Share the vision of the Community, Housing and Human Services Board and Department Overview of HUD objectives Identify funding sources, processes and tentative allocations Public Comment –Feedback on process changes and funding –What works well –What can be changed to maximize positive benefit to the community

4 Vision Vision of Community, Housing and Human Services Greater alignment of various grant dollars allocated to human services, housing, community development and economic development activities Federal, state and local grant funds invested into serving Spokanes extremely-low to moderate income citizens are spent as effectively as possible and that most of these dollars are spent buying services rather than paying for administrative costs.

5 HUD CDBG Objectives Benefiting low- and moderate-income persons Preventing or eliminating blight Meeting other community development needs having a particular urgency because existing conditions pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community, and other financial resources are not available to meet such need

6 2013 Tentative CDBG Allocations Total CDBG Allocation:$2,844,749 Basic Neighborhood Allocations East Central85,536 West Central52,432 Hillyard113,139 Chief Garry Park 36,687 Peaceful Valley21,250 Emerson Garfield 57,250 Logan49,346 Downtown37,918 Nevada Lidgerwood109,681 Browne's Addition26,737 Latah Creek21,250 Historic Cannon's Addition24,335 North Hill21,250 Total Basic Neighborhood Allocations: $652,800


8 Tentative 2013 HOME & ESG Allocations HOME - $963,593 HOME funds can only be used for housing activities: single family rehabilitation, homeownership assistance, family rental projects, rental assistance, etc. Emergency Solutions Grant - $297,774 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) allocations are used to assist with the maintenance and operation expenses of facilities operated by non-profit agencies to serve the homeless, and to assist homeless prevention and permanent housing activities.

9 Overview of CHHS Community Development Block Grant Programs Public Services Grant This program provides up to 15% of the total CDBG allocation for operations and administration expenses for non-profit service providers. Applications were available on September 10, 2012 and were due October 11, 2012. Capital, Housing, and Economic Development Grant This program allocates funds for capital and housing projects as well as economic development activities as defined by HUD. This grant has been used primarily by non-profit, for profit, and governmental agencies possessing implementation capacity. Applications were available on October 15, 2012 and are due on December 6, 2012.

10 Overview of CHHS Community Development Block Grants Basic Neighborhood Allocation This program sets aside 27% of the overall CDBG allocation for distribution to 13 CDBG-eligible neighborhoods. The steering committees within those neighborhoods meet in the fall and agree on capital project recommendations for the following year. Those recommendations are recorded in the Neighborhood Report due on December 7, 2012. Neighborhood Supplemental Grant This pilot project provides a total of $100,000 above the neighborhood allocation for one or more capital projects recommended by neighborhood steering committees and selected through a competitive process. Housing projects and economic development activities are not eligible. The applications were available on October 15, 2012 and are due on December 6, 2012.

11 Overview of CHHS Community Development Block Grants NOTE: With the exception of public service funds, all grants are available to non-profit, for-profit and governmental agencies. Only non-profit and governmental entities are eligible for public services funding. For applications, contact the Community, Housing and Human Services office at 625-6325.

12 2013 Public Service Applications Order RecdAgencyReceivedAmountNote 1MID CITY CONCERNS INC09/21/12 $16,000 Senior Program 2OUR PLACE10/04/12 $9,855 Neighborhood Center 3CARITAS OUTREACH MINISTRIES10/09/12 $5,000 Emergency Assistance 4ECCO10/11/12 $5,000 Senior Program 5ECCO10/11/12 $5,000 Computer Lab 6ECCO10/11/12 $5,000 Food Bank 7ECCO10/11/12 $10,000 Youth/Teen Program 8ECCO10/11/12 $88,000 Center Support 9BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF SPOKANE10/10/12 $5,000 Youth/Teen Program 10BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF SPOKANE10/10/12 $7,500 Youth/Teen Program 11SPOKANE COPS10/11/12 $18,000 Crime Awareness 12WITHDRAWN APPLICATION 13TRANSITIONS10/10/12 $21,500 Job Skills Training 14NEYC10/10/12 $9,628 Youth Program 15YFA CONNECTIONS10/10/12 $5,000 Mental Health Services 16CORBIN SENIOR CENTER10/11/12 $9,462 Senior Program

13 2013 Public Service Applications Order Recd AgencyReceivedAmountNote 17DAYBREAK YOUTH SERVICES10/11/12 $7,500 Substance Abuse Prevention 18DAYBREAK YOUTH SERVICES10/11/12 $7,500 Substance Abuse Treatment 19PROJECT JOY10/11/12 $5,000 Senior Program 20INELIGIBLE APPLICATION 21WEST CENTRAL COMM CTR10/11/12 $10,000 Youth Program 22WEST CENTRAL COMM CTR10/11/12 $100,000 Center Support 23WITHDRAWN APPLICATION 24HILLYARD SENIOR CENTER10/11/12 $15,000 Senior Program 25VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA10/11/12 $5,000 Homeless Services 26VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA10/11/12 $6,000 Emergency Services 27VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA10/11/12 $6,000 Homeless Services 28SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK10/11/12 $18,000 Food Bank 29NORTHEAST COMM. CENTER10/11/12 $90,810 Center Operations 30MARTIN LUTHER KING JR CNTR10/11/12 $5,000 Emergency Assistance 31OPEN GATE10/11/12 $15,000 Homeless Services 32CHAS10/11/12 $55,643 Medical Services 33SALVATION ARMY10/11/12 $10,000 Homeless Services 34RADHA CENTER10/11/12 $15,000 Youth Program

14 2013 Public Service Applications Order Recd AgencyReceivedAmountNote 35BLESSINGS UNDER THE BRIDGE10/11/12 $70,000 Homeless Services 36ST MARGARET'S – CC10/11/12 $15,000 Community Garden 37ST MARGARET'S – CC10/11/12 $12,000 Furniture Bank 38TRANSITIONS10/11/12 $20,000 Homeless Services 39PEACEFUL VALLEY COMM CTR10/11/12 $33,644 Center Support 40PEACEFUL VALLEY COMM CTR10/11/12 $14,985 Youth Program 41NEVADA LIDGERWOOD NGHD10/11/12 $11,000 Clean-Up 42PEACEFUL VALLEY NGHD10/11/12 $5,000 Clean-Up Total$773,027

15 Survey of CDBG-Funded Neighborhood Projects A quick look at some CDBG-funded neighborhood projects that are unique for one reason or another. Not intended as an exhaustive list or an in- depth description of the projects but rather to show whats possible within HUD parameters and spark ideas.

16 Outdoor Classroom West Central project secured a $6,800 Park Foundation Grant that was combined with CDBG funding.

17 Themed Bus Shelters Brownes Addition historic design. At Cannon and Pacific and CDA Park.

18 Garland Bike Racks and Benches North Hill project in cooperation with Garland Business Association.

19 Disc Golf Course Latah Creek High Bridge Park. Very popular project.

20 Right-of-Way Improvement West Central Nettleton Triangle. Neighborhood raised $20,000 in SPA, AGC and resident donations for sculptures. Paving done through CDBG sidewalk program.

21 Traffic Calming North Hill Glass Avenue traffic circles.

22 Traffic Calming Logan Sharp Avenue traffic circle.

23 Traffic Calming Logan Sharp Avenue pedestrian islands. Gonzaga partnered for maintenance.

24 Traffic Calming Brownes Addition Cannon and Pacific. Functions as traffic circle and streetscape.

25 Traffic Calming North Hill Courtland Avenue.Combined Photo Red and CDBG funds to provide a safe pedestrian route.

26 Traffic Calming Latah Creek has done extensive new sidewalk installation.

27 Traffic Calming Hillyard Market Street driver feedback signs.

28 Non-Profit Support Brownes Addition Luhn House. Being purchased by VOA to provide transitional housing for pregnant and parenting teens. Brownes Addition has committed to covering some capital expenses.

29 Non-Profit Support Downtown New Leaf Café. Provides job training in conjunction with Transitions programs for women. Downtown neighborhood helped with construction costs.

30 Non-Profit Support Logan centralized Salvation Army campus. Neighborhood helped with construction costs.

31 Polly Judd Park Canopy Cannons Addition neighborhood raised $6,000 through pancake fundraisers in the park. Remainder covered through CDBG funds.

32 Cannon Park Canopy West Central project. Notable for its scale.

33 Overlook Park Brownes Addition. Project formalized trails in conservation area.

34 Coeur dAlene Park Details Brownes Addition. Further neighborhood effort to enhance historic character.

35 ADA Playground Equipment Logan Mission Park. Neighborhood CDBG funds in partnership with Rotary Club. Logan is currently working with The Academy and Maplewood Gardens retirement communities to install adult and senior- appropriate equipment.

36 Ben Burr Trail East Central Liberty Park. Used Citys General Fund planning money for design and CDBG funds for construction.

37 Skate Park Hillyard Harmon Park. $25,000 in neighborhood funds. Also installed major electrical system to support neighborhood events.

38 Stone Street Park Garry Park project transformed undeveloped Park Department property into a neighborhood amenity.

39 Street Trees Cannons Addition shows old trees and new canopy developing. Emerson-Garfield removed diseased and dangerous trees and replanted this block.

40 Bridges East Central Ben Burr Trail at Altamont Street. On large projects, neighborhood CDBG funds are often the first money in to secure a mix of other funds from other federal and state sources.

41 Bridges Logan Don Kardong Centennial Trail. Gonzaga partnered for maintenance.

42 Bridges West Central Sandifur Bridge. Links neighborhood to Peaceful Valley. $50,000 CDBG invested.

43 Bridges Logan/Garry Park Iron Bridge. $90,000 CDBG combined investment.

44 Streetscapes East Central South Perry

45 Streetscapes East Central Sprague Avenue. Installation of hydrants allowed more complete use of adjacent properties. Sprague Union Terrace. Mixed income/mixed use.

46 Streetscapes West Central West Broadway Streetscape improvements involve public right-of-way.

47 Streetscapes Hillyard Market Street


49 Public Comment

50 Thank You

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