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Meet Musafir Band and check out their music, videos, live concerts and more. For internal use only, All rights reserved ©

“We are nothing unusual, we do not sing about Death, graves or blood. We are experimental only up to the mark of positivity. We believe in beauty, happiness and talent. Our songs are beautiful with amazing lyrics, great motif lines and an element of Rock, adoptable by every one. We have kept balance among innovation, saleability and originality of our thoughts.” - Musafir to NDTV HOME MEMBERS India is full of diversities, and we know that. Our music is versatile, basically Rock, but with flavors of Punk, Lounge, and Bollywood. All a band need to have is a good approach and a talented crew, to fit in any genre, and an appetite to play good music. - Musafir to CNEB Live MUSIC VIDEOS CONTACT

Hailing from New-Delhi India, Musafir-the-band streamlines the contemporary Hindi pop and folk sound, adding an arena-rock sincerity that’s well consented by it’s fans as ‘Indian-Pop-Rock’. The band’s youthful attitude and emotive style, personified by front man Ashutosh’s dulcet vocals, and steady strings of radio-friendly rocks and manly ballads give Musafir’s music a presence, relished by the listeners of diverse genres. The group came together in the Lead singer Ashutosh Jain returning from Fame Gurkul - 2, set up a Music studio, joined by Rakesh Mandal and Kundan Messey, the experts who also had immense industry experience, just like Ashutosh. Amazed by the output, they decided to take music-business forward and created a live band line-up. The band completed when joined Arjun Desai on Guitars and Ravi Singh on Drums. Playing live since 3 years and performed nearly 200 shows, Musafir is also known for on-stage skills and Sensational Live acts. Their brand of fresh rock sound blends to create an experience, which is being hailed by many as the Next BIG THING in the Indian music scene. Musafir is led by Fame gurukul part 2 (Fame X) fame Ashutosh, who has learned the tricks of the trade from the industrial big shots like Palash Sen, Daler Mehndi, Soumya Rao and Ganesh Hegde.

4 HOME MEMBERS LIVE MUSIC VIDEOS CONTACT An engineer and Musician, Rakesh Mandal aka Rocky aims to reach out to as many people as possible through his lethal piano handling and steadily flowing ambiances, and expresses himself musically with his holistic approach towards symphony through Musafir. The oldest member of the band, Rocky is lynchpin to the Band, he has been an in frangible part of Musafir right from the beginning. “He is one man standing along with Musafir in all the crests and troughs, says Ashutosh. Rakesh has been playing extremely diverse genres since his childhood, but the fragrance of his home Haridwar, is ubiquitous in his musicology. Ravi to Musafir is strength, a power house. Strictly Vegan, Ravi is a huge believer in God. He is a full time professional drummer and spends the work shifts only playing Drums and Octapad. Influenced by bands like Pink Floyd and Dream Theater, he also cites Jimi Hendrix as his inspiration. Ravi immensely contributes in creating the desired sound texture using his proprietary High-Hat techniques. He is shy, he is handsome, he is scared of girls, he is youngest, but Arjun is "the Guitarist". He is astoundingly perfect while hitting notes and solos. A mechanical engineer, staggeringly fascinated to cars, Arjun has some really distinct inhalations, ranging from DreamTheater to System of a Down. He gives the signature texture to Musafir's audio. Extremely hard working and delivery oriented, Arjun loves to play Jazz and blues. He had been playing with other bands in Delhi, before joining Musafir. Moni owns a Music school and loves being a pedagogue, no prizes in guessing, he is a session musician and a full time music professional. Having played with Bollywood's finest talents including Kailash Kher, Chitra ji, Krishna etc, he is no less than a celebrity when it comes to endowment. Called as Music-Technocrat by other Members, he is the technical authority to the band. All the songs have his approval stamp before release. To meet ASHUTOSH Click here

Top-5 finalist of Fame Gurukul Season 2 (Fame X), Ashutosh entered the show-bizz at the age of 3. Along with being a playback, live, jingles, and professional singer, he is a Musician proficient in playing 22 instruments and a software engineer.  Having learned the tricks of the trade from the likes of Dr. Palash Sen, Daler Mehndi, Soumya Rao, Shafkat Amanat Ali and Ganesh Hegde, Ashutosh has a strong music background, which consists Gwalior gharana Vocal styles and singing patterns learned from Shri Sandeep Vishwakarma and Shree Dinesh Jadon, and an effective vulnerability towards Western Rock. He also composes, arranges and mixes music on different music softwares and has given Music scores for documentaries and short films. His influences include Vadali Brothers, Palash Sen and Sukhvinder Singh along with Chad Kroeger and John Bon Jovi. Ashutosh grew up to be a software engineer but somewhere deep down in his heart he knew he was made only for music. Then Fame X found him. For him Fame X was his gateway to musical success.

6 Some selective appearances
HOME MEMBERS LIVE MUSIC VIDEOS CONTACT 2011 2010 April : CNEB News Channel full episode on Musafir 16th August: Gurgaon 25th Sep: MBA college, Hotel Marina, Agra 16th Oct: Holiday club, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi 29th Oct: Bawana Estate Launch, Sikandara, Agra 17th Dec: Chattarpur Farms, 19th of Dec: JP Palace: IndiaFirst Insurance and Bank of Baroda 31st December: Agra Club 2009 8th Dec, 2008 – Amnesty International, Indian Islamic Center, Lodhi road, New Delhi 1st Nov, 2008 – DR.RPGMC medical college, Tanda-Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh 18th Oct, 2008 – Royal Bank of Scotland, IDC Glitters, Tanya Farms, Tivoli Gardens, New Delhi 20th Sept, 2008 – RBS-ADTS, Country Golf Resorts, Gurgaon 6th Sept, 2008 – BHEL Haridwar 30th March, 2008 – IIT Roorkee, Roorkee 8th March, 2008 – IET, Lucknow 23rd Feb 2008 – Taj Mahotsav, Agra 22nd Feb 2008 – RC Live – Lal Chowk Amphitheatre, Pragati Maidan 22nd February 2008 – Interview at Radio City 91.1 FM, Delhi with RJ Simran and Varun. 14th Jan2008 – Wingston’s Mathura 2nd Jan: Sector 44, Gurgaon 14th Jan 2009: GoldPalace resorts Jaipur 28th Jan 2009: Interview on City Joy Ride, Radio City 4th March 2009: Musafir Green Campaign, RoadShow, Gurgaon 7th March 2009: Musafir Green Campaign, RoadShow, Noida 25th April 2009: Hotel Shelter, Gwalior 7th June 2009: Hyatt Regency, Delhi 5th Oct 2009: Dandiya night, Gurgaon 20th Oct 2009: Product launch, Chattarpur farms, Delhi 23rd Dec 2009: Keane India, Gurgaon 6th Jan: Dehradun 15th Feb: Tivoli Gardens, NewDelhi 3rd March: March on Stage: Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi March: CSC Noida 28 May : Agra 16th June: Hard Rock Café, Delhi 2007 22nd Dec 2007 – ISB, Hyderabad 2nd Dec 2007 – Raj Palace Gardens, Jaipur 1st Nov 2007 – Hundai i10 Launch, JP Nagar 26th Oct 2007 – GRMC, Gwalior – Rescheduled 6th Oct 2007 – Pragati Maidan, New Delhi 16th Sept 2007 – Hindustan Times, Noida Sector 71 16th Sept 2007 – Hindustan Times, Noida Sector 41 2008 Some selective appearances Ashutosh, on his energy level while performing:  ”I’d do anything. I’d damn run across the audience in the stadium, to fix the microphone on the last man in the last row, to make him sing along with me. I’ve climbed lighting gears, I’ve jumped from the 8-10 ft elevated stages, I’ve laid down my guitar and picked a Dhol; singing for continuous 4 hrs nearly kills you, that’s crazy, but that’s what I like, bringing smile on their faces.” Corporate Clients: Royal Bank of Scotland, Globallogic ltd, CSC, Bank of Baroda, Amnesty International, Hundai, BHEL, Bhawna Estate, India First Life insurance Institutional Clients: ISB Hyderabad, IIT Rorkee, RPGMC Tanda - H.P., IET Lucknow, and many more Festivals: RC Live , Taj Festival, Green Campaign, HRC

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HOME MEMBERS LIVE MUSIC VIDEOS CONTACT .WAV .WAV Click on these images to play the audio/demo .WAV .WAV To listen and download other songs, logon to

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HOME MEMBERS LIVE MUSIC VIDEOS CONTACT Click to play/pause Click to play/pause Watch Musafir’s media coverage on NDTV, CNEB, Rock On episodes, Studio Recordings, Live concerts and many more latest videos on YOUTUBE. Click here to access. Click to play/pause

9 Official Website:

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