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North Carolina School Library Media Coordinator Standards Standards March 2013.

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1 North Carolina School Library Media Coordinator Standards Standards March 2013

2 School Library Media Coordinators Research shows that strong library media programs directly impact student achievement

3 Group Norms –Participate –Collaborate –Expect to be supported –Ask for what we need

4 Learning Targets Identify key components of the NC Professional Standards for school library media coordinators and design strategies for implementation in my school library media program. Review the evaluation rubric and understand how it is scored. Reflect on ways these standards and rubric can inform my practice as a school library media coordinator.

5 Support Staff Evaluation ProcessProcess

6 School Library Media Coordinator Standards Demonstrate Leadership 1 Build a learning environment that meets the instructional needs of a diverse population 2 Implement a comprehensive 21 st Century library media program 3 Dem onstr ate know ledge of learn ers and learni ng and prom ote effect ive instru ction al practi ces 4 Reflect on practice 5

7 Standard 1: School Library Media Coordinators demonstrate leadership Leadership LeaderAdvocateCollaboratorInstructor Ethical Educator

8 School Library Media Coordinators : a.Lead in the school library media center and media program to support student success b.Lead in their schools c.Advocate for effective media programs d.Demonstrate high ethical standards

9 Standard in Action

10 Carousel Assessment In what ways can school library media coordinators lead in the media center, the classroom, and the school? Count off by threes Go to the numbered poster Identify a recorder Record your answer to the question above Move to the next poster when you hear the signal

11 Standard 2: School Library Media Coordinators build a learning environment that meets the instructional needs of a diverse population of students School Library Media Coordinators: a.Establish a learning environment that facilitates access to resources and addresses the learning needs of all members of the school community b.Provide appropriate resources, services, and instruction for learners at all stages of development

12 Universal Design for Learning at a Glance

13 Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces

14 Standard in Action

15 Six-Step Partner Share Walk 6 steps, find a colleague: Share one strategy you have seen or done that models an environment that facilitates active learning, promotes participation, collaboration and teamwork. When time is called, go to a second person: Share one strategy that shows flexibility to accommodate multiple learning styles, 21 st century skills and reading enjoyment.

16 Standard 3: School Library Media Coordinators implement a comprehensive 21 st century library media program a.Develop a library collection that supports 21 st century teaching and learning b.Serve, promote and facilitate inquiry- based instruction and the effective use of information and technology School Library Media Coordinators:

17 Standard 4: School Library Media Coordinators demonstrate knowledge of learners and learning and promote effective instructional practices a.Use effective pedagogy to infuse content- area curricula with 21 st century skills b.Know the content appropriate to their teaching specialty c.Promote reading as a foundational skill for learning School Library Media Coordinators:

18 Standard 5: School Library Media Coordinators reflect on their practice. a.Analyze student learning b.Link professional growth to their professional goals c.Function effectively in a complex, dynamic environment School Library Media Coordinators:

19 Achievement Educators use this data at the beginning of the school year to determine the entry level of performance and instructional effectiveness. Demographic Educators use this data to determine the subset of students and their grades or determine outside factors that affect student performance. Program Educators collect this data to identify what instructional effectiveness of the strategies that were implemented. Perception Educators may collect this data from students to determine how the students feel about their school.

20 Standard in Action

21 Think-Pair-Share How can school library media coordinators access data? As a school library media coordinator, what data can you access via your library automation system? Once you have the data, what can you do with it to inform your practice?

22 Questions/Break

23 Everything is Connected: Review of the Pilot Rubric Rubric

24 Consistently and significantly exceeded basic competence Distinguished Exceeded basic competence most of the time Accomplished Demonstrated basic competence Proficient Demonstrated adequate growth toward achieving standards, but did not demonstrate basic competence Developing


26 For this element, the SLMC would be rated as developing because it is the highest rating with all of the descriptors marked.

27 For this element, the SLMC would be rated as accomplished because it is the highest rating with all of the descriptors marked.

28 Rubric in Action

29 What does it look like? Divide into 5 groups. One group for each standard. Review groups designated rubric element(s) –STANDARD 1STANDARD 1 –STANDARD 2STANDARD 2 –STANDARD 3STANDARD 3 –STANDARD 4STANDARD 4 –STANDARD 5STANDARD 5 Brainstorm strategies to meet that elements descriptors and key those into the linked Google docs Share Out Add strategies

30 Questions

31 NCDPI Resources

32 Contact Information Dianne Meiggs, PD Consultant, Region 1 (252) 340-0113 Dr. Jody Cleven, PD Consultant, Region 4 (919) 699-9870 Kathryn Parker, SLM Consultant (919) 807-3267


34 Quick Connection to Common Core

35 Best Practices From the NC SLMCs and ITFs Group Code: qdu2q0Group

36 Additional Resources to Consult Books and Articles –Gewertz, Catherine. "Common Core Thrusts Librarians Into Leadership Role." Education Week. 32.3 (September 11, 2012): 1, 18-19. Web. 25 Sep. 2012. FB. FB –Harvey II, Carl. No School Left Behind: Leadership, School Improvement, and the Media Specialist. Columbus, Ohio: Linworth Publishing, Inc., 2008. –Hill, Rebecca. "All Aboard!:Implementing Common Core Offers School Librarians an Opportunity to Take the Lead." School Library Journal. (April 1. 2012): n. page. Web. 25 Sep. 2012. 427/all_aboard_implementing_common_core.html.csp. 427/all_aboard_implementing_common_core.html.csp. –Linton, Jayme N. "TPACK as a framework for collaborative inquiry in the learning commons." Teacher Librarian 39.6 (2012): 25+. Student Edition. Web. 6 Mar. 2013. M&sw=w M&sw=w –Morris, Rebecca. "Find Where You Fit in the Common Core or the Time I Forgot About Librarians and Reading." Teacher Librarian. 39.5 (June 2012): 8-12. M&sw=w M&sw=w Webcasts and Video –Cox, Tamara, Kristen Hearne, and Monique German. "Your Common Core Secret Weapon With the Librarians in the Middle." TL Virtual Cafe. Blackboard Collaborate, 01 Oct. 2012. webinar. –Arsonson, Marc, and Sue Bartle, perf. "Part I On Common Core-Getting Real." School Library Journal, 18 Oct. 2012. web. common-core-getting-real-marc-aronson-and-sue-bartle/. (Part 1 of a 3 part series) common-core-getting-real-marc-aronson-and-sue-bartle/. Remember that NCWiseowl provides free access to many journals!

37 Research to Know and Promote NC Study NC Study : School library programs in North Carolina elementary, middle school, and high schools have a significant impact on student achievement – as measured by scores on standardized reading and English tests. Scores on standardized reading and English tests in the schools included in this study tended to increase when libraries in the schools: Were staffed more hours during the school week Were open more hours during the school week Had newer books Spent more money per 100 students on books and other print materials like magazines and newspapers Spent more money per 100 students on electronic access to information (e.g., online database searching, Internet access) Were more likely to subscribe to online periodical services Were more likely to subscribe to CD ROM services These findings are consistent with those of earlier studies in Alaska, Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas, all of which found similar links between student achievement and the quality of school library programs (Burgin).

38 Research to Know and Promote Change in School Librarian Staffing Linked with Change in CSAP Reading Performance, 2005 to 2011 Schools that either maintained or gained an endorsed librarian between 2005 and 2011 tended to have more students scoring advanced in reading in 2011 and to have increased their performance more than schools that either lost their librarians or never had one (Lance). Notably, schools with the largest percentage of higher advanced reading scores in 2011 and higher increases in advanced reading scores between 2005 and 2011 (49%) were those that gained an endorsed librarian during that interval (Lance). These findings were also discussed in a recent Teacher Librarian article.Teacher Librarian

39 Additional Research Resources Lance, Keith, and Linda Hofschire. "Something to Shout About: New research shows that more librarians means higher reading scores." School Library Journal. 01 Sept. 2011: n. page. Web. 31 Oct. 2012.. < 91612- 312/something_to_shout_about_new.html.csp> Chute, Eleanor. "Study: Pennsylvania Students With Access to Full-Time Librarians Do Better." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [Pittsburgh, PA] 26 Nov. 2012: n. pag. Web. 21 Dec. 2012..< students-with-access-to-full-time-librarians-do- better-663699/>

40 Credits Lance, Keith, perf. Chapter 4: School Library Characteristics that Affect Student Achievement. 2010. Web. 18 Nov 2012. UDL at a Glance. 2011. Web. 18 Nov 2012. er/udl er/udl The Learning Commons: Transforming School Libraries and Empowering Our Students. Dir. Jessica Hansen. Web. 6 Mar. 2013. %20Learning%20Commons/media/298e7b2a-d613- 4de7-a9b8-a7b5c58fde65 %20Learning%20Commons/media/298e7b2a-d613- 4de7-a9b8-a7b5c58fde65

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