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Marijuana: Should it be legal in every country? BEGIN Barbara Arce Torres Cambridge College Lima


3 INDEX Introduction History of the use of marijuana Medical Use
How is it in the world? The situation of marijuana in Peru How is it in my school and family? Will it be legal in the future? Personal Perspective Quotes Bibliography Self Evaluation END OF PRESENTAION

4 INTRODUCTION Why did I choose this topic? I have chosen this topic because I know there is a lot of controversy between people supporting the use of it and people against it. There are many people who think and many recently analysis says that Marijuana is healthier than other things such cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs. Marijuana is frowned because it is considered as a drug and because it is illegal but as I said before it causes less health problems, in a year people dies because of smoking cigarettes but not even one because of marijuana. Back to index

The real name of Marijuana is Cannabis The origin of the Cannabis is in Central and South Asia. The marijuana has many uses such as a psychoactive drug, textile use, and used as medicines. Smoking marijuana has been practice since years before Christ. The Aryans discovered the psychoactive properties of the plant which they used in some religious ceremonies. They called the drug “qunubu” which means way to produce smoke. NEXT

6 In Europe they used cannabis to produce manuscripts.
The Aryans introduced the Cannabis to Scythians and Thracians, two ancient cultures, who burned the cannabis flowers to be in a state of trance. “Those who walk in smoke/clouds”. Also members of the cult of Dionysus, originated in Thrace which in that moment had the territory of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, smoked marijuana. The marijuana was also used by the ancient citizens as pharmacological use. In Europe they used cannabis to produce manuscripts. Cannabis was also used by the ancient Jews and early Christians as religious sacrament. It was also used by Muslims. MAP

7 Here we can see many of the countries in which the marijuana was used for medical care since a long time ago until the middle-end of the 18th century. Back to index Map took from

8 MEDICAL USE The marijuana has been used as a medicine since B.C. and it has been proved that it has good results. For example: - Amelioration of nausea and vomiting. - Stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients. - Lowered intraocular eye pressure. - Analgesic effects. - Helps depression (decreases it) - Relieves symptoms of multiple sclerosis Picture

9 Is this slide in the right place?

10 HOW IS IT IN THE WORLD? Now in many countries the marijuana is illegal but there are others in which it is legal for medical use and others. There are many laws against marijuana. But many people support it. Recently investigations had shown that marijuana is healthier than alcohol or cigarettes. A marijuana café opened in Portland (click here for more information) Click here to see the maps showing the countries in which is legal o illegal NEXT

11 HOW IS IT IN THE WORLD? To see the situation of the marijuana in the United States click here. To see the situation of the marijuana in Europe click here. To se the situation of marijuana in Jamaica click here. Pictures showing people and advertisement asking for marijuana to be legal. Back to index

12 rumpspankers This marijuana café is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.
It’s inauguration was last year. The users are allowed to smoke certified medical marijuana. “This club represents personal freedom, finally, for our members,” Madeline Martinez, an Oregon’s executive director of a group pushing for marijuana legalization, said. NEXT

13 rumpspankers Our plans go beyond serving food and marijuana,” Madeline said. Capacity: 100 people It doesn’t have license to serve alcohol, but it have a license to smoke marijuana. In the inauguration the reports only could smell the marijuana but couldn’t smoke it and couldn’t see the people smoking, it is private. Some neighbors are not happy with this café. Next


15 Here we can see a world map showing the status of the marijuana in the majority of countries in the world. Back

The decriminalization in the country began in the 1970’s. In the 1990’s many states began to legalize the marijuana for medical use. Actually the United States is one of the countries in which more marijuana is cultivated. In many states marijuana is legal for different uses. To see the states in which marijuana is legal and illegal click here.

17 This is a political map of the United States of America, showing the states in which marijuana has been legalized for medical use, when it is legal in some circumstances, where is not legal, etc. Also the years in which the decisions were taken . Back

More than the 35 % of the teens between 16 and 20 years smoke at least one joint a day. The consumption of marijuana has increased up to four times what it used to be. Netherlands is the only state in which is allowed to sale a maximum of five grams of marijuana and it’s derivates in licensed coffee shops Click here to see the map showing the legal status of marijuana in every country.

19 This is a political map of Europe in which can see the countries in which marijuana is legal, where is illegal, where is decriminalized, etc. Back

Jamaica is among one of the largest exporters of marijuana in the world. Marijuana is not legal in the country but most of the people still smoke. The legislator of Jamaica request for the legalization of it. In Jamaica there is a religion which is called Rastafari in which smoking marijuana is part of it. Rastafari is the main religion in Jamaica. For more information click here. Many Jamaican stars believe in Rastafari and support the consumption of marijuana.

21 RASTAFARI MOVEMENT Is a socio-cultural and religious movement which supports that smoking marijuana is not bad. Jah is their God, which is Haile Selassie. It considers the Ethiopia's emperor, Haile Selassie (he was called Prince Rasta Fari before) as the assumption of Christ in his character of God as king. Also it considers Marcus Garvey as the incarnation of Christ in his capacity as a prophet of God. Finally it considers Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards as the reincarnation of Christ in his character of God as High Priest. This three characters forms the Holy Trinity. NEXT

22 RASTAFARI MOVEMENT It began in Ethiopia and Jamaica.
Actually Rastafari has more than followers which are called Rastafarians or Rastas. It began in Ethiopia and Jamaica. Jamaica is the country in which are more Rastafarians. Many Rastas say that it is not a "religion" at all, but a "Way of Life". Here is the point which I wanted to get with all this, Rastafarians use cannabis as an spiritual sign. Rastafarians have always been at the forefront of the legalization of marijuana. Many Jamaicans smoke marihuana because of this. Also many Jamaican artists such as Bob Marley believed in this religion and smoke, so because of it many fans of him would follow their steps. NEXT

23 RASTAFARI MOVEMENT This is evident for example in many songs of the Rastafarian reggae artists where they support the legalization of marijuana. We have to also say that they support it because they smoke it too. Some Jamaican artist which smoke and support it were: Bob Marley Desmond Dekker Little Millie Alton Ellis Heptones Smith Peter Tosh Bush This is why many fans of the artists which are the majority in the world, children, teenagers and grown-ups follow their steps and want to be just like them. BACK






The situation of marijuana in Peru is that it is illegal, but still thousands of teenagers and adults uses it. The marijuana is the most consumed “drug” in Peru. The average of the consumption of it has increased in 4.8 percent in the last year. There have been marches asking for the legalization of it in the country. The last one was in the international day of marijuana, 4.20, it was located in the park Maria Reiche in Miraflores NEXT

The traffic of marijuana in Peru in average is very high. There is a law in which you can carry with 8 grams of marijuana is legal as long as the person doesn’t posses another drug. BACK Peruvian woman smoking weed

In my school is totally forbidden to have marijuana and give a use to it, even if it is for medical use. If someone notice that you are carrying with cannabis in school you are automatically expelled from school and actually this happens in the majority in schools in Lima. In my family there is not a case of drug addiction and obviously we are forbidden to smoke and give different uses to it. BACK

According to all the data above it seems like the marijuana probably will be legal in the future. A big quantity of countries approves the use of marijuana as medicine or for other use, so I think that with the years more countries will accept it’s use and will be legal in most of the countries. Back to index

33 PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE Honestly, I’ve never tried marijuana, at first when I decided to do this topic I was against it but after researching, gathering information and reading many articles I have changed my mind. Now I don’t find a reason of why they don’t legalize the marijuana. It doesn’t hurt anyone on the contrary it helps many people, if you use it for medical use. But if you just want to smoke it because you like it what’s the problem? In my understanding marijuana a is healthier than consuming alcohol or smoking a cigarette so why are this two things legal and marijuana don’t? I’m not saying that now all we need to smoke or that we are supposed to or that the authorities should let us carry with 10 kilos of marijuana but NEXT

34 PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE Maybe they should let the people carry it with a limit, for example 100 grams of marijuana maximum. I don’t really think that marijuana burns our neurons or brains I think that it is healthier an less harmful than consuming alcohol and smoking a cigarette. From my point of view people see marijuana as a fatal drug just because it is not legal but if the people research and inform themselves they could notice that would be better to make illegal other things and legalize the marijuana which is also use for healing people in other words it has medical use. BACK

35 What to do in the future So my conclusion for this is that me, as a non-consumer person, I don’t find a problem to legalize it with some restrictions just like in many parts of the world. Cancer patients find it helpful. Why not helping them?

36 Q U O T E S “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” Bob Marley "When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” Barack Obama “We ought to legalize marijuana, right here in Jamaica.” Peter Tosh Bush “A little wine sometimes, that's all. Spirits (are) bad. Alcohol wrong. Herb d does grow.” Bob Marley “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Bob Marley “A gift from the gods, according to Indian mythology, the magical Cannabis.” Bob Dylan NEXT

37 Q U O T E S “ I enjoy smoking cannabis and see no harm in it ”. Jennifer Aniston “That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.” Arnold Schwarzenegger “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” George Washington “Why is it such a crime? Hey, everybody should be getting high.” Krayzie Bone Marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume.” Francis Y Young American Federal Judge It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics ... dope and all that crap. It's a thousand times better than whiskey , it's an assistant, a f friend.“ Louis Armstrong BACK

38 BIBLIOGRAPHY k&gl=pe /Peter_Tosh__Bush%2BDoctor.htm+desmond+dekker+quotes+legali zation&cd=5&hl=es&ct=clnk&gl=pe Cannabis+heptones+quotes+about+marijuana&cd=1&hl=es&ct=clnk&gl= pe people.html+quotes+of+famous+people+about+marijuana&cd=6&hl=es&c t=clnk&gl=pe la-droga-mas-consumida-en-seis-paises-suramericanos marihuana-march-legalizacion-en-miraflores-lima-peru/ BACK

39 Self Evaluation Back to index Student’s comment
Which pieces of work shows evidence of this Something that demonstrate my skills I think that choosing the information which was relevant and was really important because I found a lot of information which was not relevant. Actually all the work because all along the work I had to choose the information that was important and necessary. Something that made me think in a new way When I started this work I thought that legalizing marijuana was the worst idea ever and I was against it but after researching and analyzing everything I don’t think that smoking marijuana and giving it different uses is bad, marijuana is healthier than cigarettes, alcohol and many other drugs, so I had change my mind. An evidence of this is my personal perspective in which I explain better my new points of view. Something I found difficult or challenging I really found difficult to find the advantages of the legalization of cannabis. Actually there is not much evidence. Something I might do differently next time Next time I will use better my time because I was working so slow that in the end I had to do everything fast. This is not shown because I finished my work on time. Something I really enjoyed I really enjoyed reading the quotes that the famous people said about marijuana. The last part of the work., the quotes. Back to index

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