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Target The Coming Generation

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1 Target The Coming Generation
Saudi Signs Media Youth Media… Target The Coming Generation

2 Summary Introduction Concept Target audience & Day in a life
Touch points & our suggested media Sample Pictures & Circuits

3 Introduction … Saudi Signs Media has always broke the usual and present you new and innovative ideas for choosing the right media in the right spots. Saudi Signs Media is pleased to present you our new media which will be targeting a specific consumer and it’s considered to be a completion part of the media that we represent (Malls – Market – Bridges – Unipoles).

4 Our Concept … Is to find the right way to break out of the advertising competition and make it into more receptive & engaging message. Receptivity is consumers readiness (mindset) to accept, process and respond to advertising or brand messaging Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context

5 Why Receptivity is Important?
Today consumers are bombarded on average with over 2,500 messages a day such as TV, Radio, SMS, LED Screens, Unipoles, Bridges … etc. Media choices abound, as does the consumer’s power to ignore. Clutter is increasing in number of choices as well as number of ads showing in many different aspects which may be very confusing to the end consumers, and will lead to a brand’s miscommunication

6 Targeted Audience psychographic profile
Youth Males in KSA represents over 50% of the total population. A sizeable 13+ million attentive and potential consumers of your product. Youngsters do spend at least 4 hours a day outside their homes. Their favorite hang out places are : Café shops , Shisha café , Net café , Gyms , football stadiums and they stop at gaz stations to fuel their cars… It is highly important today to reach youth in their favorite places during their favorite moments to ensure connection with the Ad message.

7 A Day in the life of Saudi Male Overview …
6:00 AM Wake Up Break Fast Driving to Work Working Praying Sleeping 01:00 AM Relaxing Shisha Places/Café Shops Shopping Malls/Supermarkets Gym Centers/Barber Shops/Net Cafe Football Courts/Billiard Centers Driving Around/Buying Midnight shops 14:00 PM Relaxation Watching TV 18:00 PM

8 Youth Strategic Touch Points - KSA
Hang out Places Football Stadiums Leisure Centers Fitness Café & Net Shops

9 Our Youth Media Advantages:
Targeting the young generation, by allowing you to enforce its “brand fidelity” among the coming generation. New and innovative touch points, where you will be one step ahead from other competitors, by seeking the opportunity and advertising in this specific medium. Advertising in an uncluttered environment, knowing that Saudi Signs is the exclusive provider. Is the best tool to communicate with this specific Target audience. Gives you a unique opportunity to talk to your target on a one-to-one basis at a high receptivity level. Cost efficient media, knowing that the campaign duration will be for two weeks, with high O.T.S. (opportunity to see), since all the mupis are located in Footfall areas.

10 Our New Media …will cover :
1. Meed Stores Very popular stores in KSA, opens 24/7 with more than 200 Branches all over KSA selling what most young males needs from snacks, drinks, cigarettes, etc.. 2. Café Shops & Net Café 30 branches in high footfall and well known café’s around the city where most of the Saudi males spend quality time enjoying their social life. 3. Gym, Bowling & Billiard Centers Top & middle class Gyms covering more than 70 branches in KSA. 4. Local Football Stadiums The most popular sport for Saudi males where they practice their favorite hobby of all time.

11 New Meed Stores

12 Transactions & Traffic by Region..Meed Stores
Riyadh 15,832,927 Qassim 2,860,416 Western 9,139,447 Eastern 4,293,649 Total 32,126,439 Transactions Riyadh 12,873,466 Qassim 1,880,801 Western 9,857,411 Eastern 5,495,462 Total 30,107,140 Traffic Riyadh 20,582,805 Qassim 3,718,541 Western 11,881,281 Eastern 5,581,744 Total 41,764,371 Traffic Riyadh 18,022,852 Qassim 2,633,121 Western 13,800,375 Eastern 7,693,647 Total 42,149,995

13 Meed Stores Picture Samples …
Cafe Shops & Net Café Picture Samples …

14 Gym & Bowling Centers Picture Samples …
Football Courts Picture Samples …

15 Bowling Centers & Billiards Centers
Media Coverage Media Type Region No. of Branches No. of Faces Total 1 Meed Stores Jeddah 42 343 Total of 177 Branches & 1,531 Faces Riyadh 111 1,070 Dammam 24 118 2 Café Shops & Net Cafe 20 305 Total of 44 Branches & 528 Faces 16 150 8 73 3 Gym 11 163 Total of 50 Branches & 642 Faces 27 297 12 182 4 Bowling Centers & Billiards Centers 6 66 Total of 15 Branches & 178 Faces 5 52 60 Football Courts 48 Total of 4 Courts & 48 Faces Very Soon 290 2,927 -

16 Rate card ‘11 Youth Media Notes: 1 circuit: 40 faces
80 cm 70 cm City Circuits Jeddah 23 Riyadh 35 E. Region 10 Total 68 Format: PSD Res. : 150dpi Format: PSD Res. : 150dpi 120 cm 100 cm Notes: 1 circuit: 40 faces The circuit will contain a combination of 5 different medias Cost per circuit: SAR 40,000 SAR 10,000 production cost for 200 faces Additional 100 face will cost SAR 1,500 Circuits are booked on 2 weeks basis

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