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GIL School GIL School for Adolescent With Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

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1 GIL School GIL School for Adolescent With Autistic Spectrum Disorder

2 89 89 Students 12 12 Classrooms 4 4 Multi-Dimensional Function levels Students Distribution to Function levels: Low- Medium Function High- Medium Function High Function Students Distribution

3 Student Residence Our students arrive from 25 authorities within a range of over 60 km About 20% of them live in residential living: "HOMES FOR LIFE"

4 The School Staff School's Principal School's Vice Principal 2 In House Psychologists, 2 Educational Counselors, Social Worker, M. Doctor, Psychiatrist Management Team Teaching staff: Homeroom teachers, Special education teachers, Speech Therapists, Occupational therapists, Art therapists, Animal therapist, Music therapists, Subject oriented teachers and assistants

5 Educational Perception Ecological and Holistic approach Spiral process fit for adolescents Applied Behavior Modification ILP - Individual Learning Plan Practice in a variety of learning environments Professional development of the stuff

6 Curriculum Acquiring Knowledge LinguisticMathematics Life skills Social Skills Communication Skills Personal Hygiene and Health Sex Education Safety Specially Adapted Programs Integration Program Extra Curricular Activities Personal Academic Programs

7 Therapies The school emphasizes the perception of each student's right to develop emotionally and socially in a beneficial environment Therapeutic Stuff Music Therapist Art Therapist Snoezelen Thrapists Animal Therapist Allied health professions Speech Therapist Occupational Therapist

8 Computer Skills 3 Classrooms, and the Computer Lab are equipped with interactive projector Most of the school has Wi-Fi Additional accessibility aids As needed, such as touch screens Infrastructure The computer accompanies every student in the learning, work, leisure and social relations process in school Computer Assisted Learning The school teachers take part in courses related to the technology supported learning and teaching Professional Training

9 Integration Program Preparing graduate student for community life

10 Work World A variety of workshops operate In The school, aimed to prepare the student to life of work within a structured environment, in conditions similar to normative Student work, create, solve problems and learn processes while developing identity as a working and productive person. Product Design Carpentry shop Jewelry Ceramic and Mosaic Bakery and cafe Work Center Ecological garden Paper Workshop Laundry

11 Product Design Bakery and cafe Ceramic Paper Workshop

12 Ecological Garden Gil School emphasis on environmental education in order to increase awareness to green environment, health and life quality with an emphasis on personal responsibility in everyday life for responsible use of materials available to man. Therefore, the school has been developed and established an ecological garden by the students and a team of experts. The garden provides students with a place for everyday use, for rest and relaxation and a developed environmentally conscious

13 ETGARIM: Cycling And other extreme activities Hydrotherapy: Swimming and treatment groups with water Bar Mitzvah led by the Conservative Movement: Learning about the Jewish world and dealing with maturation to its properties in the synagogue ceremony Special Projects

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