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2 Overview of the Seminole General History (how the tribe originated) Territory Authority Structure Beliefs and Rituals Language Education Marital Arrangements Economic Prosper Seminole Independency

3 General History In the 1700s, bands of Creek Indians migrated to Florida from other states. Later, some Yuchis and Yamasses Indians joined the migrating Creeks to comprise the Florida Seminoles tribe. Derived from the Creek word simano-li, the name Seminole was originally taken from the Spanish word, cimmarron, which means wild or runaway.

4 General History (continued) Reasons for Migration Conflict with the Europeans Conflict with other Creeks Search for more fertile land

5 Territory Six Reservations in present day Florida Hollywood Big Cyprus Brighton Immokalee Fort Pierce Tampa

6 Present Day Authority Structure Chief Governing Body Composes of: Chairman Vice-Chairman Tribal Council Representatives from each reservation In charge of: Seminole Police Department Human Resource programs Gaming Enterprises Citrus Groves

7 Beliefs and Rituals Christianity First Seminole Indian Baptist Church (Hollywood) Big Cyprus First Baptist Church (Big Cyprus) Green Corn Dance Spiritual event Held for Gratitude to creator for providing food Purification ceremonies performed Disputes settled

8 Language Most Members of the tribe are bilingual Muscogee (Creek) Miccosukee English The use of native languages have declined among Seminole Youth Modernization

9 Education Over a million spent on education for: Promising tribal college students Ahfachkee Indian School K-12 school for tribal members

10 Marital Arrangements More open to intermarriage (present day) Previously not excepted Permits non-tribal spouses Members must have at least one-quarter Seminole ancestry

11 Economic Prosper Sources of Tribal Income Hotels and Casinos Seminole Hard Rock Café and Casino Tourism Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum Billie Swamp Safari Seminole Arts and Crafts Shop Citrus groves

12 Seminole Independency Structured government system Brings order to the tribe Well funded education program Allows education to all children Well built tribal enterprises Creates jobs for tribal members Creates funds for the tribe

13 Works Cited Culture: Who are we. Seminole Tribe of Florida. 12 April 2014. Google Images. Florida Seminole Tribe. 12 April 2014.

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