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Division of Administration & Finance Welcome!!! to the Annual Planning Presentation.

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1 Division of Administration & Finance Welcome!!! to the Annual Planning Presentation

2 Administration & Finance Committed to developing, improving, delivering and monitoring, in a customer-orientated, cost-effective manner, the resources and services of Ferris State University. We pride our selves in quality customer service!!! President David Eisler Budgetary Planning & Analysis Director Sally DePew VP Administration & Finance Richard Duffett Associate VP Finance Rick Christner Associate VP Physical Plant Mike Hughes Public Safety Director Martin Bledsoe Auxiliary Enterprises Director Ed Shepard Associate VP Human Resources Warren Hills CTO Information Technology Services John Urbanick Quality Improvement Investments/Grants Karen Thompson VP Executive Secretary Jackie Warner

3 Human Resources Ferris State Universitys Office of Human Resources works in a consultative and collaborative partnership with University employees to provide quality customer-focused, cost-efficient service and expertise in education and training, employee relations, benefits and compensation, employment, and personnel policies and procedures. HR Functions Benefits AdministrationEmployment Employee Safety and TrainingEmployee Relations Workers Compensation AdministrationHR Information Systems

4 Human Resources Accomplishments Michigan Universities Coalition on Health (MUCH) group pharmacy program with CareMark On-line (medical) benefits open enrollment with Banner Affiliation with Michigans first higher education recruitment consortium (HERC) Incident rates for OSHA recordable events declined for the third consecutive year with a 57% drop since (calendar) 2003

5 Human Resources Plans & Activities A&F Division Diversity Plans Establish a University employment website promoting careers at FSU Establishment of four, one-year internships within Administration and Finance targeting recent FSU graduates Add diversity component to administrative performance evaluation Pilot alternative employment advertising sources focusing on FSU as an employer of choice rather than specific, position postings

6 Human Resources Plans & Activities Implement People Admin software to support Banner HR and automate application process Develop partnership with Academic Affairs to plan and communicate employee training/development activities

7 Finance Office The finance office is comprised of tightly integrated offices that provide financial services for the university. Business OfficeStudent Service Center AccountingAccounts Payable PayrollPurchasing Risk ManagementInvestments & Gran ts

8 Finance Office Accomplishments Finance Integrated Banner Student Accounts Receivable with the General Ledger Business Operations & Student Service Center Successful first year with the Billing and accounts receivable modules Payroll Office Restructured the Student Intent to Hire Form and processes

9 Finance Office Accomplishments Accounting Office Automated the daily Student Accounts Receivable feed process to the General Ledger using the Appworx application Used the CAPTIVATE desk-delivery application to convert Banner Finance training materials to self-paced The staff continues to present Banner finance training Started scanning all journal vouchers and cash receipts with supporting documents for storage on network in anticipation of Xtender

10 Finance Office Accomplishments Purchasing Standardized Bid documents for improved service to Physical Plant and vendors Reduction in paper purchase orders under $2000 Risk Management & Insurance The University has received a total of $46,065 in property dividends (to date) during the 2007-2008 fiscal year Plus the M.U.S.I.C. dividend will be approximately $130,000

11 Finance Office Plans & Activities Review & update appropriate policies in conjunction with current business practices For fall of 2008 we are proposing that one paper billing be mailed to students at the beginning of each semester and continue electronic billing monthly for the first year Implement a standard secure software system to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant for all departments PCI compliance validation and assessment

12 Finance Office Plans & Activities Begin process of Emailing timesheets using the Webfocus Report Caster to designated departments Pursue elimination of printing payroll direct deposit advices Implementation of Banner Xtender, Imaging system for purchasing, finance and accounting Upgrade Kronos system to new releases 6.0 and 6.2

13 Public Safety Our mission is to serve and protect the students, faculty, staff and visitors of Ferris State University. To further the academic pursuits of FSU in two ways: actually keeping people and property safe and in helping to create an environment where people feel completely safe. DPS Functions Police Services Emergency Preparedness Parking Resource Management

14 Public Safety Accomplishments Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-CERT) Emergency Operations Center Manager Emergency Messaging Technician and Fire Service Liaison Campus Fire Services Improved Police Cadet Program

15 Public Safety Accomplishments Parking Resource Management Program (chart)(chart) Criminal Offenses Continue in Decline (chart)(chart) Successful Pedestrian Safety Initiative State Homeland Security Grant for City Watch

16 Public Safety Plans & Activities Security Infrastructure Assessment Team Outdoor Emergency Phones

17 Information Technology Services To provide quality technology-based services and support in a customer-oriented, cost-effective manner that facilitates the University's mission and vision. Provide a robust, reliable, and secure technology infrastructure Align resources with University and customer needs Support the innovative use of technology for a learning Promote and develop partnerships for the use of technology Provide efficient and timely customer support

18 Information Technology Services Accomplishments Replacement of over 300 Academic & Administrative PCs Completed training and implementation of Xtender Successful fall pilot of FerrisConnect Completed campus wireless project Implemented Banner channels in MyFSU Implemented new telephone systems at FSUGR

19 Information Technology Services Accomplishments Enhanced cable television services with HD channels Implemented Ruckus music service for University students Big Rapids campus internet bandwidth upgraded to 1 Gbps

20 Information Technology Services Accomplishments 71% of staff completed training this fiscal year Upgraded Banner applications and database servers Implemented dedicated reporting server Implementing parallel deployment environment for MyFSU (May 2008) Implemented a new Storage Area Network SAN Implemented network security enhancements

21 Information Technology Services Plans & Activities Continue PC replacement project Support classroom renovation projects Ongoing support model for FerrisConnect IT Emergency Communications Task Force

22 Information Technology Services Plans & Activities FerrisConnect Upgrades – Add three server nodes & additional disk space Additional Banner software licenses – Additional WebXtender & WebFocus licenses Implement laptop security best practices Focus on classroom readiness Implement a student email account strategy and services

23 Information Technology Services Plans & Activities Network Infrastructure Services – Develop a multi-year network infrastructure maintenance plan – Upgrades for FLITE, ASC, West, VFS for High Availability environment – Replace CSS 3 rd floor closet network switches – Replace ASC, SCI, and STARR closet network switches – Replace Swan closet network switches Applications Software Services – Upgrade E-visions Intellicheck to a pure web-based service – MarketPlace support for PCI compliance – Implement Work Flow Applications

24 Information Technology Services Plans & Activities Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Continue collaboration with FLITE on disaster recovery and business continuity – Implement a high availability environment for Oracle services

25 Investments & Grants The mission of the Investments & Grants office is to provide effective investment, treasury and grant services to the University and to prudently manage the Ferris Foundations assets.

26 Investments & Grants Accomplishments Assisted Ferris Foundation in achieving investment returns of 19.5% for the year ending June 30, 2007 Doubled the Ferris Foundation asset size in four years to approximately $37.0 million Refinancing plans are in process for the Universitys 1998 Series Bonds resulting in a savings of $2.8 million Received grant from the Charles E Schell foundation for $100,000 to provide interest free loans to students

27 Investments & Grants Plans & Activities Implement the Banner proposal module for tracking grants

28 Physical Plant The department is a service oriented organization that provides a wide range of services for the campus community. Functional Areas Physical Plant Administration Planning, Design and Construction Grounds Custodial Skilled Trades Business Services

29 Physical Plant Accomplishments Completed Phase 3 classroom renovation totaling 13 classrooms Completed 20,235+ maintenance work orders Recycled 271 tons of paper – Shred Doc Natural Gas Purchasing Consortium resulting in savings to date of $1.7 million Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative for electrical energy purchases resulting in savings to date of $1 million

30 Physical Plant Accomplishments Completed FY 07 Minor Capital Improvement projects Continued replacement of older campus clocks with Visiplex satellite clock system Completed the Interdisciplinary Resource Center Renovation & Addition project Replaced Simplex fire alarm system hardware and software

31 Physical Plant Accomplishments Installed backup generator and A/C for Computer Center Implemented water conservation projects Recycled 720 yards of composted soil and 200 yards of wood chips Replaced steam and hot water systems in Bond Hall RFP selection process for engineering feasibility studies for Science, ASC, Starr, Williams Auditorium, Johnson Hall Completed major modifications to the Burner Management System and Combustion Controls system for the Gas Turbine Generator and Boiler #2

32 Physical Plant Plans & Activities Implement phase 4 of classroom renovation project Minor Capital Improvement Projects Capital Renewal and Deferred Maintenance Projects Paving & Sidewalk Projects Computerized Maintenance Management System Project Assist in Development of Athletic Facility Master Plan Ongoing Physical Plant Reorganization

33 Auxiliary Enterprises Auxiliary Enterprises is a organization of closely aligned strategic business units that work collaboratively to help Ferris State University fulfill its current mission. AthleticsCopy Center Dining ServicesGolf Course HousingIce Arena & Sports Complex Tots PlaceRacquet & Fitness Center Holiday InnBarnes & Noble

34 Auxiliary Enterprises Accomplishments FSU finished 28 th in the U.S. Sports Academies Directors Cup. There are 292 Division II programs currently in the running for this award National exposure via Fox Sports and College Sports TV (CSTV) in broadcasting the Mens Ice Hockey Bulldogs in Action program continued with great success Overall customer satisfaction ratings of 79% for dinning services Received approval to proceed with a $6.5 million renovation of The Rock Café

35 Auxiliary Enterprises Plans & Activities Pursue conversion of existing residential meal plan structure to an anytime dining meal plan program Pursue opening full-service Starbucks licensed store in the IRC/College of Business Connector Proceed with RFP for exclusive beverage agreement Continue working on proposed affiliation with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), to become an official area Junior Training Center

36 Administration & Finance Questions?

37 Public Safety Return

38 Public Safety Return

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