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My Career 411 BY: Courtney Atkinson [Coco ]. My Goals Interests Graduate from high school with a high G.P.A! Get my masters degree in psychology. Keep.

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1 My Career 411 BY: Courtney Atkinson [Coco ]

2 My Goals Interests Graduate from high school with a high G.P.A! Get my masters degree in psychology. Keep up with my health& hygiene Live happy & successful with a family. Own my own business. Opening my own poetry café. Making a difference in the lives of the future generation.

3 My Top 5 Hobbies Writing poetry Dancing Acting Volunteering Hanging out I, have no prior experience yet, but I have plans to volunteer with different organizations that will benefit my future career and/or other things that I want to do.

4 My Personal Work Values Doing, looking,and feeling my best at all times. Loving what I do! Arriving daily on time. Staying on task. Learn something new everyday. Never change who I am or forget where I come from. Stay happy but successful.

5 Favorite Classes Keyboarding Work Place Readiness Art Pe & Health Math So far thats about it!

6 What does Courtney Atkinson want to do in the next 7 to 10 years? [Hhhhmmmmm]

7 Psychologist If you guessed Psychologist your right! But what is Psychology? What do Psychologist do? What does it takes? Hhhhhuummmm……

8 What do they do? They study the human mind and behavior. But theres plenty types of Psychologist that work in different specific areas, but study the same material. Clinical Psychologist Health Psychologist School Psychologist Development Psychologist Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Social & Counseling Psychologist Experimental or Research Psychologist

9 I Courtney Atkinson (Coco) Want to work as a Counseling,Social,& School Psychologist! My work in the Counseling section use several of techniques to advice people on how to deal with their problems in their everyday living environment. I may work in settings such as University Counseling centers, hospitals, and individual groups. In the social section I examine your interactions with other in the social environment. I WANT TO TRY AND MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER! ENOUGH CRYING, I COCO IS HERE TO BE YOUR SUPERWOMAN!

10 Requirements needed for this career Have a High School Diploma or G.e.d Have a Bachelors degree Complete at least a Masters degree in psychology Complete and internship in counseling only Pass a Licenses Exam counseling only Be self motivated Have strong interpersonal skills Doctoral degree (PhD) for counseling only

11 Job outlook in Georgia, and the U.S.A School Psychologist may have the highest growth during the next years up to 2016.This is because the schools are trying to handle students behavior and mental issues. If the dont students may have a harder time getting learning. Remember we our the future. The next biggest growth in this career is the Counseling Psychologist which is one of my areas. People are having issues with not only in the schools but homes,jobs, and other places. These too need special attention it can effect a lot of people. More employers are paying their employees to get counseling. Families are trying to get more help in this area too. People with PhD's will be the most wanted rather than others with Bachelors degree who will have the most difficulties in getting hired.

12 Earnings & other relative occupations In my area in Psychologist (Counseling& Social) In Georgia the Starting Pay Period is $23.75 meaning you can make up to $49,410 yearly. The highest you can make up to hourly is $36.07, making your yearly amount $75,030. United States starts you off at $23.42 an hour and 48,700 a year. The highest you can make a hour is $39.81 and yearly $82,800. Each area pays different in amount. Marriage Therapist, Recreational Therapist, and Addiction Counselors are relative occupations

13 Helpful High School Courses that can benefit me : Anthropology Psychology Sociology Child Development Parenting Ethnic and Gender Studies

14 One of the major schools I want to attended to get the information I need to fulfill my career is :

15 Clark Atlanta University[!] 223 James P. Brawley Dr.,Atlanta, Georgia (404)-880-8000

16 Admission High School GPA 2.99 Admission (6,674 applied, 3,779 admitted, and 823 enrolled SAT scores over 1,000(Critical Reading & Math) ACT scores over 18 Options: electronic application, early admission, deferred entrance Application fee: $35 Required: essay or personal statement, high school transcript, minimum 2.5 GPA, 2 letters of recommendation Required for some: interview Application deadlines: 6/1 (freshmen), Notification: continuous (freshmen)

17 Tuition $24,658 includes full-time tuition ($16,328), mandatory fees ($710), and room and board ($7620). Part-time tuition: $680 per credit hour Payment plan: Installment

18 My Program of Study & Coursework (Psychology) Coursework: General Psychology Human Growth and Development History and Systems of Psychology

19 Student Activities Drama/theater group Student-run newspaper Radio and television station Choral group Marching band Spirit Boosters Pre-Alumni Council Campus Activities Board Orientation Guides National Association for the Advancement of Colored People National fraternities National sororities

20 Student Life Campus security: 24-hour emergency response devices and patrols, late-night transport/escort service, controlled dormitory access Student services: Health clinic, personal/psychological counseling Options: Coed, men-only, women-only, Campus housing is university owned and is provided by a third party. Freshman applicants given priority for college housing

21 Contact Information Ms. Michelle Davis Associate Director, Office of Admissions Clark Atlanta University 223 James P. Brawley Drive, SW Atlanta, GA Phone: 404-880-8000 Ext. 8021 Toll-free: 800-688-3228 Fax: 404-880-6174

22 And I am Coco reporting live with you to say this is the end of my Career 411

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