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Finance and Adult Education Whats up with the money?

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1 Finance and Adult Education Whats up with the money?

2 The Day Ahead Why are we here? Why are YOU here? What do you want to know? What knowledge can you share?

3 Funding Streams where does the money come from? WIA – Titles I, II, III, IV VATEA ALE WEP Incarcerated Youth EPE EOA/EA Other

4 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title I workforce investment systems, one stops, workforce investment boards Title II– Adult literacyAdult Education Act Provisions (Adult Ed providers) Title IIIWagner Peyser (UI) (DOL) Title IVRehabilitation Act Provisions (VESID)

5 WIA Title II Competitive dollars To provide adult education and literacy services to assist adults to become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self sufficiency To assist adults who are parents to obtain the skills necessary to become partners in the education of their children Assist adults in the completion of a secondary education

6 WIA II –EL Civics To help students become more proficient in English; EFF standards Increase awareness of US systems To achieve competency as family members, citizens and workers. Prepare for citizenship

7 WIA Title IICorrections Education For use in local correctional facilities. Provide ABE, GED, ESL instruction for incarcerated adults. Other related employment preparation i.e. job readiness

8 Who gets WIA dollars? Local school districts BOCES CBOs, FBOs Volunteer organizations Libraries Colleges

9 Forms and Reporting--WIA FS-20 form NRS Data System Program Information Form Self Review Form

10 VATEA/Perkins Formula funding / non-competitive. Funds allocated through formulas related to economically disadvantaged served. To improve the quality of career & tech education. Prepare for high skill, high wage, high demand occupations. Integration of challenging academics.

11 Who gets VATEA/Perkins dollars? School districts BOCES Community colleges

12 Forms and Reporting for VATEA/Perkins FS-10 for proposed budget FA10A-for amendments FS-10F for final expenditures CTEDSCareer & Technical Education Data Systemfollow up data – CTEDS 1July- numbers served July1-June 30 – CTEDS 2Februaryoutcomes from previous year

13 Adult Literacy Education-ALE Competitive funding for not-for-profit organizationsnon LEAs ABE, ESOL, HSE New York State Legislature

14 Forms & Reporting--ALE FS-20 for proposed budget NRS data Program Information Form Self Review Form

15 Welfare Education (WEP) Competitive--LEAs – Participants eligible for public assistance or food stamps – Over 16 and out of school. Dollars being directed to 12 Literacy Zones.

16 Equivalent of Attendance (EOA) Out of School Youth – Serve youth 16-20 – Local district dollars – Used for GED programs – Can be under Alternative Education – AHSEP, HSEP regulations, definitions – Can leverage with WIA I and II dollars

17 Incarcerated Youth Non-competitive Local district in which county facility is located Can contract with BOCES HSE/AHSEP/GED for 16-21 year olds STAC forms with contact hours submitted to the state through local district Money received by district; paid to contractor Neglected & Delinquent dollars may be used.

18 Employment Preparation Education (EPE) Serves those over 21 without a high school diploma Contact hour reimbursement Rate varies by district and by BOCES EPE Manual NRS data collection NRS Report Card EPE Manual

19 Grants Finance Webpage Redesigned March 2008 Forms, reports Guidance & Information (Fiscal Guidelines, Q&A) Announcements and reminders Important links (OMB Circulars, EDGAR, etc.)

20 Funding Stream Tips Read the OMB circulars and follow up power point on the web site. Check web site frequently for new information and updates. Create a process for tracking time and effort. Keep documentation for all expenditures (purchases, staffing, etc) for all funding streams. Enroll organization in electronic payment plan through Office of State Comptroller.

21 Funding Stream Tips 2 Be aware of your indirect rate and allowable expenditures. Know the difference between administrative costs vs. indirect. Know the difference between employees and contractors. Be aware of definition of equipment vs. supplies.

22 Funding Stream Tips 3-Amendments Review grant expenditures throughout program year to make any needed adjustments in a timely manner. Submit amendment requests no later than May 1. Not to be used as part of the close out process.

23 The number 1 funding tip: Call SED BEFORE the problem develops!

24 BUDGETING Salaries Benefits Classroom supplies Operations & Maintenance Rental(s) Telephone Advertising Publications Equipment Professional development Central office support IT Services

25 Classroom supplies/Equipment Testing materials Texts / workbooks Research materials Instructional materials Computers Software

26 OVERHEAD Rent Utilities Plowing Lawn care Taxes Daily maintenance IT Support Other internal transfers

27 Staff Salaries – Annual increase according to contract – Annualize hourly expenses Benefits – FICA – Workmens Comp – Unemployment Insurance – Health & Dental insurance – Retiree health insurance – Compensated absences

28 STAFFING Instructors Aides Case Managers Support Staff Administrators Central Office

29 Your partner in financial successthe Business Office! Who is your contact? What does the Business Office need? Remember AUDITS What do you need? Required reports Useful reports Regular updates and meetings FS-10

30 Providing the best service for the money--- Be sure you know eligibility requirements allowable expenditures reporting requirements correct forms for funding streams

31 Things to consider: Blending customers Blending funding streams Collaborations as a way to serve customers and stretch the dollars Providing fee for service programs Allocating resources – i.e. multiple funding streams supporting salaries – Time / effort logs Federal requirementsEDGAR

32 Self Review Form Track your progress Make program improvements Adult Literacy Compliance Self Review Form

33 Serving adults by maximizing resources… The mission of adult educators everywhere.

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