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Student Survey Results April, 2012 Forest Ridge Elementary School.

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1 Student Survey Results April, 2012 Forest Ridge Elementary School

2 Number of Boys and Girls Surveyed

3 Average Number of Years at FRE

4 Is School Important?

5 Do you think your teachers have done a good job making learning enjoyable?

6 Do you know your responsibilities as a student?

7 Has someone recently praised you for doing good work?

8 Does someone at school care about you?

9 Do you know to whom you can talk when you have a problem?

10 Do you feel that someone listens to you when you have a problem?

11 Does someone encourage you to do well in school?

12 Did teachers give you __________ homework?

13 Do you feel safe at school?

14 Have you ever been bullied at school ?

15 Most students _______________ follow the expectations.

16 The students at FRE usually make _________ choices.

17 How do you feel students treat each other?

18 Do you ride the bus to or from school?

19 Do you feel safe on the bus?

20 Have you ever been bullied on the bus?

21 Does the noise level in the cafeteria bother you?

22 If you could change one thing about the cafeteria food, what would it be? SecondThirdFourthFifth MORE Flavor Healthy food Fruit Meat Cheese sticks Apple juice Breaded chix sandwich Ice cream Jell-o Pizza Vegetables Green Beans Turkey Wrap Chix Sandwiches Cake Choices Fruit Food Energy Foods Sides: carrots/gr. beans Variety Fruit Pizza Hot Pizza Orange Juice Healthy Food Corn Dogs Cake/pie Healthy Food: apples & oranges Meat to tacos Sauce for Max Sticks Variety/choices Food Meat Tacos Enjoyable Foods LESS Food Sugar Juice Hamburgers Mozzarella max sticks Pizza Fruit Juice Mac & Cheese Fruit Tacos Hot Dogs Garden Salads Hamburgers PB Dippers Dessert Salads Sweets Lasagna Macaroni Rice Fried Chix PB Dippers Yogurt Unhealthy food: chix & ice cream Fake Food Greasy Food Peas & Rice Applesauce Peaches

23 What is one idea you have for a PBS event next year? SecondThirdFourthFifth SoccerBandBMX EventJack Hannah Wet Field DayTrampolineMovieSing-off TreatsMagic showSomething indoorsStudent Play Talent showDodge ballWet Field Day, with water balloon fight WHATEVER you want Jump ropeGame DayTouch footballFootball Science showLegosRock ConcertEat in class w. movie Jungle gymPlay aroundBounce HouseBaseball MoviesJump Ropes SportsKickball Talk to friends Races Pizza Pool

24 What kinds of shows or programs would you enjoy the most?

25 What is your favorite subject?

26 Have you enjoyed your time at FRE?

27 What is the best part of FRE? SecondThirdFourthFifth The way teachers teachLearningScienceHave someone help me through my problems I can learnPBSLearning new thingsPBS Learning timeArt & MathBUG AwardsPrivileges RecessLearn & Have FunPBSUnderstanding teachers PBSPELearning different subj.Friends ScienceRecess MathSpecialsThe Staff We are respectfulAnimal & Science ShowsGreat/favorite teachers Morning showTalent ShowThe Kids MusicMr. B. SPA Math & Music

28 If you could change one thing, what would it be? SecondThirdFourthFifth LunchMore responsibilityUpper recess field needs grassMore field trips The cafeteriaMore half daysSpecials timeMore physical activity time More reading and mathLonger HolidaysNothing Nothing!Longer PEDifferent sports at PENo AR goals Never be meanAllowed to wear hatsCafé foodLonger Specials Jump ropeLess homeworkRtIMetal dog tags (v. plastic) Learn all the timeEat in the classroom on half- days Fun, non-graded activitiesMore independent reading time Noise in the cafeteriaChange lunch tablesLonger specialsMore recess time Make it more funNoise level in caféMore jump ropesMoving away of friends PlaygroundNothingHomework No running in the hallwayLess social studies More recess Recess during PE weeks Cold food in the lunchroom

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