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Arts in Science Ltd. 51 Emekuku St., Dline, PO Box 4539, Port Harcourt, Nigeria 234-84-232524

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1 Arts in Science Ltd

2 51 Emekuku St., Dline, PO Box 4539, Port Harcourt, Nigeria 234-84-232524


4 Arts in Science Ltd Services Environmental consulting Internet services Engineering services Solar power designs Computer systems

5 Arts in Science Ltd ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES HSE Management System ISO 14001 Implementation ESI mapping. Environmental Studies Data Management Systems Auditing (ISO 14001)

6 Arts in Science Ltd INTERNET SERVICES Web design & hosting E-mail services Cyber café

7 Arts in Science Ltd ENGINEERING/SOLAR POWER Solar Power Designs Computer systems Networking Systems

8 Arts in Science Ltd Design & Build Air Monitoring Systems Effluent treatment units Waste & Storm water Saverpit effluent Discharge Process Monitoring (for compliance and records)

9 Arts in Science Ltd HSE Management System Generate an ISO 14000 compliant HSE MS for various operations (EP). Produce and implement HSE Cases. Produce Interface specifications for 3 rd Party Operations

10 Arts in Science Ltd ISO 14001 Implementation Design an ISO 14001 compliant EMS for organisations. Implement an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System for clients.

11 Arts in Science Ltd Environmental Studies Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment reports and Environmental Evaluation reports.

12 Arts in Science Ltd Data Management Systems Data gathering Data gathering and set up to ISO 14000 series standard. Data acquisition(Direct field measurements, laboratory analysis, formatting and presenting the results). Data Analysis. Analysis of data for storage, reporting and performance monitoring. Design template for data storage. Use customised document management software for environmental data audit.

13 Arts in Science Ltd Auditing Carry out compliance monitoring (audits and checks) for client organisations. Audit and inspection services in accordance with ISO 14001 certification requirements. Design,operate and maintain an audit tracking and monitoring system for tracking audit items.

14 Arts in Science Ltd Training (HSE MS) Training client organisations on the requirements of ISO Standards. Training and EMS awareness promotion. Provide software and hardware materials for training purposes.

15 Arts in Science Ltd Remediation Review of site information, including contaminant and hydrogeologic data. Evaluation of remedial options and selection of the most appropriate method based upon cost,time frame for cleanup, contamination and hydrogeology. Preparation of Remedial Action Plans and Health and Safety Plans. Selection & Installation of remediation equipment. Monitoring of remediation systems including collection of soil and water samples. Evaluation of laboratory data. Preparation of regular monitoring and closure reports.

16 Arts in Science Ltd Site Assessment Site visits. Assessment of Environmental conditions Soil and ground water screening & Sampling. Site pictures/Aerial photos. Surface and subsurface soil sampling. Significant assessment of sites.

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