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The Roche Courbon castle, St-Porchaire by jlbrthnn jlbrthnn.

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1 The Roche Courbon castle, St-Porchaire by jlbrthnn jlbrthnn

2 Architecture 2009 02 All photos from Edited by 10/7/2009

3 Fort Aguada, Goa by fmk fmk

4 Soultan 2.Selim Tomb-2 by AYDIN AYDIN Orthodox church Birth of the Virgin by migjan migjan

5 Church in Nieszawa by JanD JanD

6 Mayens de Bréona by dta dta

7 Markgroeningen by jurek1951 jurek1951

8 Italy by svetoapostolov svetoapostolov

9 Gloucester Docks - Antiques Warehouse by montezumola montezumola

10 cafe du pont by Rens1960 Rens1960

11 Behind the bars by Nastasya Nastasya

12 Prague by teos teos

13 Fall Foliage in Vermont by woozbman woozbman

14 Old Quebec by eev99 eev99

15 Autumn test by paololg paololg

16 Montepulciano The Duomo by rodgerg rodgerg Havana_water_on_the_street by ersoyyilmaz ersoyyilmaz

17 Classic Bergen by Hansaphotos Hansaphotos

18 Blue house by isabela_sor isabela_sor

19 The Ortakoy Mosque by salvator salvator

20 Château de Sablé sur Sarthe. by cargus cargus

21 Casatle... by Fis2 Fis2

22 Un peu paradisiaque by Vasa Vasa

23 Fountains Abbey by fserajian fserajian

24 After Restoration by serp2000 serp2000 Old Church by pierrefonds pierrefonds

25 Niemeyer, a Legend of Modernism by leonorkuhn leonorkuhn

26 subway entrance in Times Square by gusgus2 gusgus2

27 Boutiques in Wells by jacquest jacquest

28 Through by coffee coffee

29 Palais des Papes by vins64 vins64

30 McHughs Bar, Belfast, Northern Ireland by alexaconn alexaconn

31 On the streets of Sbeitla by Budapestman Budapestman

32 Timer square by ruhmann ruhmann Illusions by holmertz holmertz

33 enjoying the sun by MarinaBlue MarinaBlue

34 Lonely seller by erim erim sunny morning by Tammiaki Tammiaki


36 Artisanal by Amaz Amaz

37 The tenement by rolesox rolesox The Aldermens house by jjcordier jjcordier

38 George Bernard Shaw by CanadianCanadian

39 Court House by asajernigan asajernigan

40 Mason Street Cable Car by merckcrl merckcrl

41 Pelourinho by dbraga56 dbraga56 The Cathedral by germanus germanus

42 Berliner Dom:: by stat stat

43 Santa Iglesia Cathedral (I) by emjleclercq emjleclercq

44 Au coeur de la vallée by emilboemilbo

45 Daily life by plank plank

46 The end

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