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The Learning Commons: Beginning the Journey OLA Superconference 2011 Sharon Seslija Martha Martin GECDSB.

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1 The Learning Commons: Beginning the Journey OLA Superconference 2011 Sharon Seslija Martha Martin GECDSB


3 What do we mean: "Learning Commons?"

4 A District Description 60 elementary schools o 7 almost full or full time TLs o 22 half-time o 33 less than half-time 14 secondary schools o 12 full time TLs o 2 halftime TLs

5 Elementary TLs 14/60 qualified with AQ Librarianship 17/60 are VPs o none of the VPs have TL qualifications

6 Secondary 12 have AQ qualifications 3 are LTOs with no Librarianship AQ




10 $$$$$ What will it cost????? Almost Free Minimal Cost Moderate Cost Complete Makeover

11 Almost Free Weeding Integrations of wikis and blogs Cloud computing Student Focus Groups Collaboration between school specialists

12 Minimal Cost Shelving removed Virtual Learning Commons development Book purchases First Class conference Key administrators to Superconference

13 Moderate Cost Investment in bandwidth Students are encouraged to bring personal computers that access school network Comfortable areas for reading

14 Complete Makeover Wireless networking throughout all schools Increase in professional staff Investment in Microsoft Sharepoint to create cloud computing

15 Weeding and Shelf Removal

16 Student Focus Group More books (current fiction, non-fiction and periodicals Coloured printer Lamps, rugs Food and drink Small higher tables (café style) Meeting and seminar spaces More electrical outlets to charge computing tools Audio and eBooks eReaders Extended hours Glue, scissors, staplers, etc. Faster computers

17 Web 2.0 Collaborative Tools

18 Grade 7 PLE

19 Collaboration of School Specialists TL/CIESC dual role TL and Instructional Coaches TL/SERRS dual role TL/VP dual role

20 TL Instructional Coaches Year One: Who: four coaches for half the year Role: to support elementary school TLs in various areas. Focus: advocacy and facility management with collection development taking over due to two Ministry money drops. Year Two: Who: four coaches half the year Role: to support elementary and secondary school TLs in various areas Focus: elementary TL supports for program and secondary facility management. Including the development of Java Client training and manual for Symphony

21 TL Instructional Coaches continued: Year Three 2 coaches for the full year Role: to assist focus elementary schools. Principals indicated that they wished to have concentrated support by the Library IC. Focus: TL support of SIP, movement towards collaborative teaching periods and TL support of school PLCs. Also provide support to collaborative inquiry teams.

22 TL Collaborative Inquiry Projects Cross-school teams funding for teams of TLs to examine an area of practice 5 teams of TLs 4 elementary and 1 secondary topics include technology integration, supporting SIPs, effective use of combined TL/VP role, iPads, boys reading engagement, curriculum mapping and Literature Circle partnerships

23 Professional Learning for Administrators 9 secondary and elementary administrators to Superconference Friday Free conference admission Superintendent paid for travel and accommodation

24 Virtual Commons: Board Redesign of the Student Reference Portal Sharepoint – Enterprise Portal Cloud Computing gecdsbtlresource wiki Reading Forest wiki NTIP wiki SPM wiki HPE Planning wiki

25 Virtual Commons: School

26 Learning Commons as Collaboration Central Smart Notebooks Collaborative Projects using web 2.0 Both virtual and in the physical commons

27 Experiential Learning Centre

28 In summary..... multiple entry points One step at a time Task: complete the sheet Questions and ideas to contribute

29 To End…..

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