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Tourism British Columbia-Japan 2009 promotion highlights Dec/08– Sep/09.

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1 Tourism British Columbia-Japan 2009 promotion highlights Dec/08– Sep/09

2 Consumer Promotions Canadian Dining Whistler Café in Naeba Dec.20, 2008 – Mar.29, 2009 Sponsored by Tourism BC, CTC, Tourism Whistler, Whistler Blackcomb, AC, Naeba Prince Hotel Posters, ski brochures, magazines, various collaterals, video Special Canadian menu, Illumination Go Whistler online campaign (2045 applications) Whistler Café Fair (Jan.24-25) with free drink (1,500 guests) Whistler brochure distributed in 1000 room of Naeba Prince Hotel FM Yokohama 1 day report from Naeba Café guests : 16,800, Naeba skiers : 1,3 million

3 Consumer & Online Promotions Vancouver Night event for e-magazine subscribers Dec.24, 2008 18:00 – 21:00 in Tokyo (Aoyama) 250 attendees from Tourism BC/ACs e-magazine subscribers Talk show by marathon celebrity Live concert by duo who lived in Vancouver Travel counter with 5 tour operators, BC, AC BC wine, Whistler Water and light food drawing (1 pair of free ticket, goods)

4 Consumer Promotions H1N1 Recovery & Awareness joint promotions (CTC, BC, AB, ON, AC) Japan-Canada partnership 80 th anniversary campaign Newspaper ad : 5 columns/mono color x 7 newspapers July 03 (with royal familys article) * Royal family visit (July 03-13) July 08 (with HIS ad for fall Canada) July 12 (with KNT ad for fall Canada) Offer a pair of free business class tickets July 01-15, 2009 11,009 (online) + 8889 (postcard) = 19898 registered.

5 Consumer Promotions Media coverage of Royal family visit to Canada (July 03-13, 2009)

6 H1N1 Recovery & Awareness joint promotions (CTC, BC, AB, ON, AC) In-Store promotion in July NTA-Yokohama & TRAVEL CAFE Consumer Promotions In-store promotion with 5 tour operators with 200 retail stores in in eastern & western Japan JTB, NTA, KNT, HIS, Club Tourism

7 H1N1 Recovery & Awareness joint promotions (CTC, BC, AB, ON, AC) In-Store promotion in July JTB - Kyoto JTB - Hiroshima Consumer Promotions JTB – Osaka

8 Jul.18 issue (2P) Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler Jalpak Ad YVR 5-7days JTB/Media Ad YVR YYJ WHS 6days H1N1 Recovery & Awareness joint promotions (BC& CTC) Sankei living & Sakuraya Vancouver campaign (July/Aug) Consumer Promotions Same contents featured in their website Coop with two tour operators The message of Vancouver is the most livable city in the world is well received

9 H1N1 Recovery & Awareness joint promotions Sankei living & Sakuraya Vancouver campaign (July/Aug) Consumer Promotions Aug.01 & 22 issue Vancouver dining & shopping In-store promotion at 29 Sakuraya electric stores in Greater Tokyo area Brochure BC Video Lets go to Vancouver ! prize campaign

10 Globe-Trotter Online promotion Consumer & Online Promotions Period : Jun.29, 2009 - Feb.28, 2010 Partnership with Tourism Vancouver and Tourism Whistler and AC. Tie-in with one of the most popular guide books and travel websites in Japan (average PV/month is 12,000,000) Special 30P contents of Vancouver, Whistler and other BC information by theme and activities in summer and winter added to their BC destination page. Offered two free trips to lady-bloggers, and reports were published in both of Globe-Trotter and Tourism BCs blog site. Present campaign x 3 times until Feb. 28 in order to increase the access

11 Consumer & Online Promotions Vancouver Marathon Official Japanese website launched in Feb Produced the promotional DVD Race info Events Course Map Entry instructions Race FAQ 2008 Photo gallery 2008 results 2009 tour info Tips for runners Suggested shops and restaurants

12 Travel Trade Promotions Fams : West Coast 3 cities (Jun) Hiking in Whistler & Vancouver (Sep) Education : Canada seminars in Tokyo & Osaka in April coop with CTC, AB, ON, Yukon and AC) TTL 244 attendees. Publications : 2010 special Lets go to Vancouver, the host-city of 2010 Winter Olympics & Paralympics) E-News 2010 travel trade e-newsletter Spring (Mar) Fall (Oct) Japanese version deployed

13 Media Relations Press Tours : Organized 6 press tours related 2010 coop with CTC (TTL 30 media) (1) Whistler & Vancouver-P2P opening: Dec, 2008 (3 newspapers, 1 website, 1 news agency) (2) Vancouver & Whistler : Feb, 2009 (1 newspaper, 2 websites) (3) Vancouver & Whistler : Apr, 2009 (5 magazines, 2 websites) (4) Vancouver Island & Vancouver : Jun, 2009 (3 magazines) (5) Vancouver & Whistler : Aug, 2009 (4 magazines,3 websites, 1TV,1 FM radio) (6) 100days count-down Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler : Oct, 2009 (2 news agencies, 1 TV/website) Special editions & radio program underway Radio InterFM : 15min programs on every Saturday during Oct-Dec National Geographic -special Canada issue (160P incl. BC/38P) in Nov Tabi (Travel) magazine (BC/70P) in Jan Mainichi-ga-Hakken (Find new things everyday) magazine (BC/120P) in Jan

14 Media Event – 2010 countdown Feb.12 at Embassy (16:00-20:00) Organized by CTC, Tourism BC, Embassy 150 media people attended Media coverage EAV : $789,000 (TV)+NP+online Unveiling countdown board by Ambassador Media briefing by CTC and TBC Mascots photo session Talk show with guests

15 Media Coverage 2009 2009 Jan-Sep Media Coverage EAV C$ 6.7 million (only for countable coverage) Fuji TVNHK NW/DL in-flight magazine 2010 count-down event generated; TV 6 stasions-21 programs Newspapers 29 Online news 10 Nippon TV 4 programs (60min) Nippon TV

16 Online Promotions Fresh content monthly, 43,000 monthly e-magazine Whats New site updated monthly Blogs, Media coverage & links, Campaign links, Seasonal package tours links

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