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Value of estimates to date: £3.8 billion Presentation Console v 1.1 Low Cost Business ModelPrint Quality LeadershipClients & Case StudiesGreen PrintingAwardsIntroducing.

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1 Value of estimates to date: £3.8 billion Presentation Console v 1.1 Low Cost Business ModelPrint Quality LeadershipClients & Case StudiesGreen PrintingAwardsIntroducing WEBMART®The WEBMARTEERSContact PointsService OfferingBenefits of using WEBMART® PRiNTELLIGENCE is WEBMARTs market research arm that provides market based intelligence for the print industry

2 Bicester, Oxfordshire Barnsley, Yorkshire East Kilbride, Scotland £3.8 billion – value of print estimated to date 429 – collective years of experience in print £27m – turnover for 2006-2007 35 – number of employees 1996 – the year WEBMART ® was founded 35 – average age of WEBMARTEERS About WEBMART® It is a great to be able to bring fresh talent into the print industry; these talented additions will soon be paving their bright (and yellow) future in print.

3 WEBMART ® has seen an extraordinary level of growth since its creation. It is now one of the UKs largest Print Management Companies by turnover (Print Buyer Nov 2006). About WEBMART®

4 is a revolution in the print marketplace. It offers printers a level playing field and a new free sales channel for their services -Michael Johnson, CEO, BPIF Awards & Acknowledgements

5 GovernmentMail OrderRetailB2B Travel / Leisure Financial WEBMART® Clients

6 BENEFITS Best price: - Low cost business model, -Capacity scheduling -Buying power -Raw material availability / Economical Paper sourcing Flexibility & Instant pricing Consultative approach: Print method advice; save money on your spec without compromising the impact of the product Very fast turnarounds 24 hour project management Exclusive access to: -Web and Gravure capacity across Europe Large product range Benefits of using WEBMART®

7 WEBMART ® works with you in the way that you would prefer to work to give you the best print at the best price with as little hassle as possible. User WEBMART® Client WEBMART® premier client (Over £50k spend / year) WEBMART® Contracted Client Instant Print Prices On-line project tracking On-line updates customer service support SMS updates at key production points Dedicated account management team Dedicated Print Consultants for client visits Accompanied press-passes at our printers Key account management team Use of 'Print manager' and software Use of Storesmart Software Strategic reviews and market analysis On-site Support Extra The WEBMART® Service Offering

8 Accredited to ISO9001:2000, we have an integrated quality management process. Our Printing Partners were selected after stringent quality assessments and adhere to the industry quality standard of ISO9001. Our Sales, Production and Marketing Teams monitor customer satisfaction levels on an ongoing basis, supporting our Continual Improvement Process, and commitment to Kaizen principles. Our Escalation Procedure for any areas of concern ensures consistent quality delivery for each and every customer, each and every time. each and every time. Web-Offset Sheet Fed Gravure Direct Mail Point of Sale WEBMART® Quality Leadership

9 Web-Offset Sheet Fed Gravure Direct Mail Point of Sale PRINTING OPTIONS Web Offset Printing on 8pp through to 96pp machines including short cut-off and short-grain options as well as the worlds fastest sheeter. Sheet Fed facilities include 6, 8, and 10-colour options along with Cut-Star reel in-feed for optimum paper efficiency. Gravure Printing is available on up to 4.32m wide presses, which are ideally geared for not-standard product sizes, with Retail Flyers a primary market use. A full array of finishing services is available, namely: folding, saddle-stitching, inkjet personalisation, polywrapping, inserting perfect binding and UV varnishing. WEBMART® Quality Leadership

10 Efficiency index - Turnover/employee ratio 10 Based on Printweeks top 20 print management companies and FAME Data The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model

11 Copyright © 2007, Webmart Ltd. PRiNTELLIGENCE Unsuitable price / supplierExpensive Average PriceBelow Average Competitive Price Best Price Range Highest price given Lowest price given Probability of obtaining a price in this region PRiNTELLIGENCE is WEBMARTs Market Research arm that provides market based intelligence for the Print Industry Price variation for a given product (10.000 16pp, 130gsm A4 stitched)

12 Copyright © 2007, Webmart Ltd. PRiNTELLIGENCE Market based intelligence for the Print Industry Dummy data; index to plot price variability over time for 5-6 common products Price variation for a given product (10.000 16pp, 130gsm A4 stitched) Highest price given Average price obtained Variance in price range Lowest price given

13 Printing presses come in all shapes and sizes… Have you got the time to research it all? The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model – The Market

14 Pan-European Procurement 14 WEBMART ® have been successfully producing work across Europe for over 7 years. To maximise our ability to reduce your costs, we have become the European Web offset specialists. Producing work in Prague, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain and Italy there is no more comprehensive database of printers anywhere. Our sole UK rights mean that we can sell capacity for central Europe that no-one else can offer. The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model

15 Product Range – widest in the world Service Offering PHYSICAL DIGITAL Gravure Web Offset Image Archive Design Litho Data Digital Digital SupportFull Media Range of products here makes the site unique and an entry point for most clients AV. Order Value Competition Curve Curve Represents Flexo/Tampa/Thermography Screen/Letterpress/Coldset The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model – The Market

16 The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model Client chooses which price to take in the lowest cost v. lead time equation and FPM optimises the manufacturing delivery. is geographically blind unless clients choose otherwise.

17 The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model – The Market WEBMART Greater integration as order value declines to a point where there is no unique information created by WEBMART ®, just re-purposed information from either suppliers or clients and our unique PRiNTELLIGENCE insight. Unique insight created by PRiNTELLIGENCE Create information re-purpose information WEBMART Client SC Atoms currently used (people!) migrates to Digital workflow to create the added value stream. The mapping will take place via iWEBSMART S C WCSWCS W

18 The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model – 16pp Spine Glued Example Sales Discounting to detriment of Print company Should not be taking this workFocus for this printer Best Market Rate Price Index 10K100K200K300K400K500K1M X X Lines based only on investment decisions, by printer Works exactly the same for products or any other market derivative No printer can tell where their line is on this graph Taking this printer as an example …… This represents the best possible price available in the market For this printer to accept a job at this point, represents a huge discounting of cost rates 8pp / high vol sheet 16pp press 32pp / 48pp presses 48pp twin stream /64pp Lazy/poor/relationship buyer

19 CLIENTSIDE The dotted curve represents the amount clients are prepared to pay for a PM service/print spend….and previous print expertise The solid line represents the self service line that offers as a low-cost substitute or the only PM offer Williams Lea Communisis H H Associates Print Spend Medium size PM Beyond No PM only FPM Volume of clients Served Line 100% The new Print Management 2.0/ opportunity. The conventional Print Management serves this area well. 95,000 Big PM - Small PM Agencies/ Lifestyle Operators - 0% 0 £100m Area where a hybrid PM offer works; the client chooses how much to self-manage & saves money accordingly 0% WEBMART Existing print management solutions effectively covers only a fraction of the market- expensively at that… The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model – The Market: Client Side

20 The dotted curve, as well as spend, it also shows the investment the supplier has to make in the account to get the 1 st order/the bespoke infrastructure and therefore the aggregate barrier to entry. The dashed curve represents Inflection point somewhere after which direct sales is no longer the most cost- effective sales solution We can aggregate Best of breed here Into here as our bundled PM Service Reach curve for Specialist printers – the WM Advantage As a supplier it is uneconomic to serve all Volume of Clients Strategic accounts – sell direct! Served Line Print Spend CumulativeMarketCoverage 0% 0 100% - Complimentary sales channel Direct sales effectiveness line. Freeprint sales opportunity. Area where hybrid sales works best. £100m 100% 0% The WEBMART® Low Cost Business Model – The Market: Supply Side

21 Carbon Offsetting through the World Land Trust R&D in Green Print Management - production methods - chemicals - substrates - haulage routes and route optimisation - material carbon footprint Green Optimization for clients – Optimizing client print for environmental sustainability The WEBMART® Commitment to the Environment

22 Charity contributions in 2007: £94,000 2007 Activities The WEBMART ® Business School - Harar - Ethiopia. £18,500 The Robin House Hospice – Balloch, Scotland £1000 North of England Children's Cancer Research Fund. £780 Shif Internet Cafe. Investment £2000 The WEBMART® Charitable Trust

23 Latest additions to the team: OUR PEOPLE & STYLE We attract, develop, train and retain the best people in this market. We have recruited specialists who are committed to the principle of a love of print and good service. We have developed some of the best account managers and IT programmers to ensure we offer the best Our Team are professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with. The WEBMARTEERS

24 Call us on 01869 321321 or email us at WEBMART® Contact Points WEBMART ® SOUTH Media Innovation Centre Wedgwood Road Bicester Oxon OX26 4UL Tel: +44 (0) 1869 321321 Fax: +44 (0) 1869 322322 WEBMART ® NORTH Barnsley Digital Media Centre County Way Barnsley South Yorkshire S70 2HG Tel: +44 (0)1226 720720 Fax: +44 (0)1226 720721 WEBMART ® SCOTLAND Brunel Building Scottish Enterprise Technology Park East Kilbride G75 0QD Tel: +44 (0) 1355 590590 Fax: +44 (0) 1355 590591 Rob Clark, Sales Director + 44(0) 7917 388356

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