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BankLink Update Financial Institutions Update The Accounting Solutions Marketplace Enhancements to The BankLink Service Introducing BankLinks Wages Product.

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2 BankLink Update Financial Institutions Update The Accounting Solutions Marketplace Enhancements to The BankLink Service Introducing BankLinks Wages Product Marketing Update Consulting and Training Services Summary and Questions 2011 BankLink Seminar Agenda

3 BankLink Update

4 Celebrating 25 years in business partnering accountants BankLink is still the ONLY accounting solutions provider in the market that puts the Accountant in control 4,200 accounting practices & 250,000 small businesses in Australia and New Zealand 8 out of 10 accounting practices use The BankLink Service Launch into UK – April 2011 BankLink Update

5 Winners of NZTE Most Innovative Approach to International Business award Finalists for two NZ Hi-Tech Awards PricewaterhouseCoopers Hi-Tech Company of the Year International Business Wales Hi-Tech Exporter of the Year Recognition Received in 2010

6 Continuing to help kiwi talent achieve success Rowing New Zealand Motor Sport – Mitch & Simon Evans Sponsorships

7 Financial Institution Updates

8 Currently 100+ financial institutions 14 million transactions per month Greater Frequency Daily data Security PCI DSS compliant IRD alert Financial Institution Updates

9 New Data Sources in 2010 Kiwibank credit cards WBS (Wairarapa Building Society) Westland Dairy Daily Data Supply - Kiwibank New Data Sources in Discussion Open Country RaboPlus Tatua Dairy TSB - credit card data Financial Institution Updates

10 BankLinks Position in the Accounting Solutions Marketplace

11 5 BankLinks History Fully functional, more complex 4 3 2 Simple, easy to use bookkeeping BankLink 1 1986 Packaged Accounting Systems

12 Simple, easy to use bookkeeping Fully functional, more complex SME Accounting Solutions Marketplace Cloud Solutions Desktop Solutions BankLink Notes Online Packaged Accounting Systems Online Accounting Systems

13 BankLinks Future Direction Fully functional, more complex Simple, easy to use bookkeeping Cloud Solutions Desktop Solutions Online Platform Notes Online WagesPlus InvoicePlus PayablesPlus Practice Evolution Practice Books InvoicePlus PayablesPlus Enhanced Reports

14 Accountant in control Range of client skills and interest Tools to assist Choosing whats right for each client BankLink and Your Clients

15 Lets Take a Closer Look at Your Clients Expert accounting and computer knowledge Good accounting or computer skills Limited accounting or computer skills No accounting and little computer skill Internal expertise, require GL, DRS, CRS Computerised software solution, often not tailored to the strengths of the client Shoebox, coded statements, manual cashbook, Excel spreadsheet

16 Match Your Clients Capabilities Good accounting or computer skills Limited accounting or computer skills Off the shelf accounting packages Books Notes and Notes Online InvoicePlus and PayablesPlus Notes and Notes Online Coding Report InvoicePlus and PayablesPlus No accounting and little computer skill Expert accounting and computer knowledge

17 BankLink Workflow Manager Capacity planning tool Shorter turnaround timeframes and throughput BankLink Records Organiser Easy to follow system to improve record quality Fewer jobs are put down before they are even started Additional BankLink Products

18 Enhancements to The BankLink Service

19 Introducing BankLink Notes Online

20 Giving your clients access to BankLink anytime, anywhere Online version of BankLink Notes (desktop solution) Simple, convenient and easy to use No software required Completely secure Addition to our range of client tools to suit differing client needs and accounting abilities You can put the link on your website BankLink Notes Online

21 BankLink Notes Online is a great new innovation. It has enabled more of our clients to use the service, including Mac users and those who travel. Its simplicity saves them time and makes life easier for us. David Robertson, BR Accountants

22 Send a copy of your clients transactions to a secure web location Benefits Access at the office, at home or on the road Fast, secure and easy way to communicate with you online Client can spend more time on other things important to their business BankLink Notes Online

23 Paperless statement option that not only saves paper, but time and money, too Benefits E-statements that you can print out any time but dont have to Avoid the hassle of receiving paper bills Emailing Statements and Documents

24 Send a job list to your clients as part of scheduled reporting Benefits Create a job, and then allocate that job to relevant transactions when coding Produce reports that focus on the project, job or division for which the job code was created Maintain each client's job list to suit their particular needs Jobs

25 When you sign a client up to The BankLink Service part-way through the year, there may be quite a number of earlier transactions to add to their account Benefits Allow the complete view of new clients financial history Reduce manual data entry Historical Data Entry Refresher

26 New account type allows you to import transactions for accounts currently not available through The BankLink Service Benefits Reduce manual data entry Process accounts not previously available Provides history once the account is available on The BankLink Service Provisional Accounts

27 Introducing BankLinks Wages Product

28 You told us you wanted a wages product that would: BankLinks Wages Product Calculate wages and salary payments Provide annual payment summaries to employees Do end of year tax reporting Record leave taken and calculate leave accrued Produce pay slips

29 Complete small business Wages package Intuitive for users Minimal input required Up-to-date IRD compliance Another tool for your BankLink clients BankLinks Wages Product Vision

30 BankLink WagesPlus in 4 Simple Steps Jane Doe Ken Brown Trevor Johns Katherine Long George Smith 160 64 96 3,760 3,520 1,152 1,632 3 2 42 4,000 Travel42 PAYE 1,333 160 Jane Doe 8 2 1 2,667 1,2532,507 1,1732,347 384768 544 1,088 345 27

31 Accountant and client can utilise Accountant can restrict use Synchronised data Historical data is retrievable BankLink Support for the Accountant BankLinks WagesPlus Benefits

32 Marketing Update

33 New small business case studies Builder – Kerri & Phil Mellross Cafe Owner – Anita Ransfield Available online Marketing materials order form Client fact sheets Flash presentation - The BankLink Service Contact us on 0800 226 554 to find out how we can help you Tools to Promote BankLink

34 Easier to navigate and find the information you need Information portal for Accountants Support and Client Services forms Software Guides Better information for small business clients We will also be updating our existing marketing materials to help promote The BankLink Service to your clients New Website for BankLink in 2011

35 Consulting and Training Services

36 Ensure your practice is getting the most out of The BankLink Service A 45 minute session to help increase your practices: 1.Efficiency 2.Productivity 3.Profitability Practice Review

37 Customised Onsite Training Training Clinics Web based training BankLink Accreditation BankLink Practice Training

38 BankLink training for your clients Training Clinics Web based training Client Tools Training

39 The BankLink training consultant tailored a highly focused training solution that delivered benefits straight to our bottom line from day one. Tony Sands – Partner, Sands and Associates

40 Summary and Questions Practices who use BankLink experience a 34% higher net profit per equity partner. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly® of the Accounting Profession Business Fitness (2010)

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