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Allen and Janets Excellent Adventure Jeopardy-land! or © Allen C. Goodman, 2008.

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2 Allen and Janets Excellent Adventure Jeopardy-land! or © Allen C. Goodman, 2008

3 Once upon a time in Cleveland 1960s – Jeopardy was on during the noon hour. Art Fleming/Don Pardo! Allen Goodman tried to get on. X Don Pardo!

4 1985 - Baltimore Now married to Janet (Jan) Hankin Jeopardy try-outs at Channel 2 (the station no one watches) Alex Trebek is the new host! Around the corner from home Made first cut … and then … X

5 Then – January 2007 Daughter Sara (age 17+) encouraged him Sara: Dad, Jeopardy! is having a contestant search on line. You should take the test. Allen: Sara, Im 59 years old. Besides, they dont want white, Jewish, University professors. Sara: Oh cmon now Dad, you can do it. So, I took the test!

6 … and Allen: So, how did I do? Sara: I cant believe that you didnt know Sheryl Crow. Allen: Did I miss a lot of others? Sara: I think you did pretty well. Allen: Well, well see. A 50 question short answer test … and we waited

7 … and waited

8 Sara: Dad, have you heard from Jeopardy! Allen: No, Sara, theyre not going to contact me. Sara: Dad, have you heard from Jeopardy! Allen: No, Sara, theyre not going to contact me.

9 So, we went to Paris in June Great apartment. WiFi connection … but we didnt bring our computer. So every once in a while I walked up to the Cyber-café up the street to check the email. … and one day!

10 At least 36 hours earlier … Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 15:49:29 -0700 From: Subject: Jeopardy! Contestant Auditions in Chicago on Aug 7th at 930am To: undisclosed-recipients:; Congratulations! You have been selected for a follow-up appointment at an upcoming Jeopardy! contestant search for the Chicago area, exclusively for those who successfully passed the online test. This is the next step in becoming a Jeopardy! contestant. We have reserved the following appointment for you: When: Tuesday, August 7th Time: 9:30am Where: Chicago, IL You must RSVP within two business days of receipt of this email to secure your place in the audition. When you RSVP via email, please provide the following: 1. Date and time of your invite 2. Your name 3. Your City & State 4. Your Phone Number Due to overwhelming demand we can only hold your spot for two business days. If you respond after that period of time, and if we still have space, we will be happy to provide you with an appointment. Your appointment is non-transferable, and only those who receive this invitation directly from Jeopardy! may RSVP to book an appointment. Each RSVP will be matched against an invite list and forwarded invitations will not be honored. The auditions will last about 2 hours. Once you RSVP, we will email you a letter of confirmation within five business days that will give you the exact location and other information regarding trying out. Should you have a major conflict with the time and date provided, you may respond to this email to explain the nature of the situation. Again, please provide your name, city, and phone number. If you do not receive a response in ten business days, please contact us by phone. Appointments are very limited, so please be sure you can join us before you RSVP. If you are physically challenged in any way, please contact Corina Nusu at 310-244-5581 prior to the audition to discuss any accommodations you may require. We hope to hear from you soon! Best Regards, The Jeopardy! Contestant Department Wow, an undisclosed recipient! Uh oh, Was I within 2 business days … should have brought the computer Uh oh, Was I within 2 business days … should have brought the computer

11 So, I responded I am responding from a cybercafé in Paris. I will be back in US on July 12. Look forward to participating. ag Near … although not too near, Place Pigalle … the faded red-light district of Paris.

12 … and on July 5 Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 15:48:38 -0700 From: Subject: Confirmation - Jeopardy! Auditions in Chicago To: undisclosed-recipients:; PRINT OUT AND BRING THIS LETTER WITH YOU – ADULT INTERVIEW Congratulations! We are happy to confirm your appointment to participate in the full audition for Jeopardy!. That will consist of playing a mock version of Jeopardy! to assess your game-playing skills, a short personality interview, and being re-tested with a new 50-question test. If you pass all the requirements to become a contestant you will be entered into the contestant pool for one year. However even though you pass the test, we cannot guarantee that you will be invited to do the show. In fact, even though you are invited to the studio, there is no guarantee that you will appear on the show. You will be responsible for all expenses such as parking and travel to and from the audition center. If you are invited to Los Angeles to do the show you would also be responsible for expenses to come to Los Angeles. Your appointment is in: CHICAGO, IL THE WESTIN - MICHIGAN AVENUE 909 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO, IL 60611 312-943-7200 TUES – AUGUST 7th - 9:30 AM Please do not call the Hotel for appointment information. Please allow plenty of time for traffic and parking. TESTING STARTS PROMPTLY AT THE APPOINTMENT TIME, AND NO ONE CAN BE ADMITTED IF THEY ARE LATE. The full audition will take approximately 2 – 2 ½ Hours. This is the complete interview, no other interview will be necessary. Come dressed as you might for an actual appearance on the show. Only the person with the appointment will be allowed in the interview room; guests cannot wait outside the interview room. Appointments are limited, so please notify us at 310-244-5581 if you cannot attend. Eligibility: You must have only taken one adult online test. You must not have been to an in-person audition (where you took a 50 question test) in the past year. You cannot appear on Jeopardy! if you have previously appeared on Jeopardy! from 1984-2007. You must not have done any other game shows in the past year or more than 2 in the past 5 years. If we find that you have taken more than one adult online test or have been at an in-person audition in the past year, you will be deemed ineligible. Dont f___ around with these guys. They mean business. Dont f___ around with these guys. They mean business.

13 August 6 So, on Monday, August 6, piled into Lloyd (the family Car) for a five hour trip to Chicago. Allen, Janet, Sara, and Anne (Delavigne), Saras French sister,

14 Chicago We would stay with Allens brother Mark, and his family.

15 Westin Hotel – Chicago Maggie Speak –Has been characterized on other web sites as a Jewish (although shes not) mother on steroids. –Has a way of making you feel shes your best friend. –You SO want to please her. Robert James –Good looking African- American guy from Battle Creek –Cant find a picture – does anyone have one? –Is Robert James his real name? Every time you google him you get Kid Rock (Robert James Richey). Should Be FUN ! This

16 Westin Hotel – Chicago Very structured affair –50 question test – did some precocious 18 year old stand over our shoulder on the web-based test and feed us answers? –Grade the questions. –Hotter than hell outside, and about 62 degrees inside. After the questions, we play Jeopardy –Called up the first group. –Three of us. –AG, a woman, and a local actor from Chicago (all names here will be changed)

17 Westin Hotel – Chicago Maggie: Allen, what do you like to do for fun? –AG: Recently Ive been taking 1970s rock songs and arranging them for my daughters string quartet. M: Really, like what? –Rock on, by David Essex Robert: What the --? M: Hey hee, Rock and roll, rock on, ooh my soul –AG: Hey hee, boogey, too, Rock On! M: Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen –AG: Prettiest girl I ever seen M: See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Bean –AG: James Dean M & AG: Rock ON! So help me! Played some Jeopardy. That worked too.

18 Other Snippets Whats your name? –Megan Can I call you Megallah? –Sure, whatever. So, Megallah, what do you do? –Ive been unemployed for 6 years. Do you have any hobbies? –Not much – its pretty depressing being unemployed. Toast!

19 Other Snippets Whats your name? –John So youre in the army? –Thats right. Im on duty. I havent seen my wife in three months [AG: And youre in Chicago trying out for Jeopardy!] [Also didnt help that he was sitting there reading a newspaper while everyone else was paying attention] Toast!

20 Walking out … Impressions Did my damnedest. Did I get a figurative wink walking out? –Ive misinterpreted those before, from women. –… like a million times … or more! Sara: Dad, howd you do! AG: OK, I think. So we waited …

21 … and waited

22 Sara: Dad, have you heard from Jeopardy! Allen: No, Sara, theyre not going to contact me. Sara: Dad, have you heard from Jeopardy! Allen: No, Sara, theyre not going to contact me.

23 January 26 At work … about 2:30 pm Allen, this is Tony Pandolfo from Jeopardy! Wed like to have you out on February 28. AG: Yeah, I think I can make it. Well send you out some material. Whats your best address. Meaning: Id crawl over barbed wire from Detroit to LA to get there.

24 Thoughts This is a joke … no … Theyre serious! How will I know if its a joke? … The envelope with the materials in it arrived on Monday. No joke!

25 The Contract Easily 10 pages. We MAY NOT use you (What does that mean?!) If you know anyone at SONY, X- Compliance, or have ever been in Manitoba, you cant be on the show. Just kidding about Manitoba.

26 X – Compliance ??? In the 1950s quiz shows were BIG! They wanted to make sure that contestants would look good, so they fed them the answers. Charles van Doren was the most famous example. On 21 he took the answers and then lied about it. Events like this killed off the quiz shows.

27 X- Compliance ??? Jeopardy! is pathological about security. X – Compliance is hired to maintain a degree of separation between J! staffers and the contestants. More about X – Compliance below!

28 How to prepare Google Jeopardy!. Youll get about 1,500 blogs. Everyone who ever tried out for Jeopardy! seems to want to write about it. Thats why this is a PowerPoint! Do you read every book thats ever been written? Memorize the dictionary?

29 What to learn Presidents! Know ' em. State Capitals! Know ' em. Oscar winning films! Better bone up. Shakespeare! 37 plays – how do I keep them straight? Supreme Court Justices – Never know.

30 OK, Which actor won 4 Oscars? Katherine Hepburn Which actors won 3 Oscars? Ingrid Bergman Jack Nicholson Walter Brennan – yes Grandpappy Amos McCoy.

31 What to wear No tweed. It looks weird on TV No white shirts. They make you look washed out. No sneakers – obvious reasons

32 Its Obvious Navy blue blazer With my custom Bunce Bros. brass buttons! You can take the boy out of Cleveland, but … You cant take the Cleveland out of the boy!

33 And on to LA! Gollee, Jan, how do we get to California? We use Northwest Airlines! Do you think well get there on-time? … w/o food poisoning. No problem – they dont feed you!

34 Culver City Somewhere near LA! Hope the plane can find it!

35 Who will be the MC?

36 The Hotel – Radisson West Side Looked at reviews … they were mixed. … they were right. Supposed to be a shuttle. After 25 minutes I took the first shuttle that had Radisson on it. Unfortunately it took us to Radisson LAX. West side wouldnt send a van. LAX: We can give you a ride back to LAX and you can get the other shuttle. AG: Well take a cab.

37 Arrival – Radisson West Side $12 later! AG: We went to the wrong hotel. Staff: You should have called us. AG: We did. No one would come and get us. Would you give us an allowance. Staff: We cant do that. AG: Hardly an auspicious beginning. JH: Lets see the room. Room was OK – mediocre. Truth in Advertising! A couple of weeks later, after getting my (not terribly satisfied) response on a Consumer Satisfaction Survey, they removed $12 from my bill.

38 Dinner Fords Filling Station Ben Ford … you know, Harrisons son. Heart of Culver City Sweet Waitress Righteous Salads … The last supper? … Fireworks at dusk? … Why is everyone from California so damn good looking?

39 Next Morning Supposed to be in lobby by 7:25. Wake up at 5 am (8 am EST) Might as well get up Coffee, breakfast bar Loosen up Shave … dont cut yourself Shower Get dressed Its 6:30 am – why didnt I bring War and Peace?

40 Characters Emily – Idaho, France Brielle – Dayton, OH Donna – Bethesda Dino – LA Traci – Houston Allen – Cest moi Danny – Tampa Jay – Philadelphia Ilana – Portland Lowell – LA Debbie – NYC Marianne – LA Greg - LA Stunning – 61 + 4 heels Pretty, stay-at-home mom MD/PhD Returning Champ Asian – showed up at studio Tall, slim, left after 1 st game Allen – Cest moi In Navy, overseas next day Harvard – PhD cand. in Clinical From Oregon, teacher Also Goodman – Yale - writer Admin. Jewish temple although shes Catholic! Owns store; didnt play until July 3 Infantry!; didnt play until July 9

41 At Studio Dino shows up – hadnt been at hotel. AG: He must be the champion. Wasnt at the hotel. Donna: Actually, Im the champion. AG: I only open my mouth to change feet. Why didnt you tell me? Donna: I didnt want to talk much about it. AG: [ok, Ive been punked]

42 The Studio Pass Security To the Green Room Lots of coffee Decent food –Fruit, yogurt, lots of California things. –Last bagel was onion – no one would touch it.

43 Preliminaries Lots of preliminaries! Signed more forms. Started making people up … women first! There will be a studio audience. Lots of people will know the outcome. Can we tell anyone? We can tell our families what happened, but we shouldnt tell the press.

44 Control! No cell phones! Cant talk to significant others, even when theyre across the aisle during the taping. When the game is over, you are hustled out! They dont make it easy for you to find the other contestants … afterward … although of course Google works wonders.

45 To the set! Practice! Practice! Practice! Against each other. Buzzer techniques. Psyching each other out. Platforms – Everyone should look same height! Against Emily I had to stand on one!

46 Aside, No Johnny Gilbert He wasnt there. Had the flu. Jimmy McGuire of Clue Crew announced. Seemed like a good guy. Theyll splice Johnny in … but well know the truth!

47 Whos that Guy? After practicing, I saw a man sitting in the audience who was a dead ringer for a former colleague. –AG: Sorry, I didnt mean to stare, but you look just like a former colleague: –Guy: I hope not – if you know me you cant play … [and I may have to kill you!]

48 We head back to Green Room My friend from the previous slide is the representative from X – Compliance. He is introduced. HE picks 2 challengers for each game. HE picks the game Interesting tidbit: 6 games are prepared for each week. Five are picked … at random. X – Compliance guy does the picking. We are nothing … if not compliant! Whos that Guy? – 2

49 High Noon! Taping begins!

50 Whats Alex Like - 1 Surprisingly, a little edgy. He engages with the audience before each show, and they ask him questions. Someone asked him whether he would ever have Sean Connery on … and he carried on some about having a guy in a skirt!

51 Game 1 – June 9 Donna Vogel Bethesda, MD Traci Turnbaugh Siegel Houston, TX Brielle Maynor Miamisburg, OH Donnas tough! No one will beat her in this game. Final – Easy question – everyone in audience got it. Ilana turns to me and tells me Donna pegged me as the one she doesnt want to play. [I think Im getting played]. AG: Shes kind – shed clean my clock.

52 Game 2 – June 10 Donna Vogel Bethesda, MD Emily Ochoa Boise, ID Danny Whitehurst Lithia, FL Dannys sharp, Emilys smart but she wont beat Donna, Donnas getting a little tired. Final –All in but Emily can win only if Donna and Danny miss. –Danny hits. –Donna hits – if Danny had bet enough hed have beaten her. None of us can believe it! Neither did Dannys wife, sitting in the audience with Jan.

53 Interim There are 12 of us. Did we come X miles (in AGs case, 2,000) not to get picked. All kinds of language in the contract saying they dont have to pick us. Why wouldnt they? Finally between 2 nd and 3 rd game, were told that all the out of towners will play. The LA folks will be held off until last game. One will be picked. Others will come back on March 18. Thats a relief, but they could have told us earlier. A little power game, I think. Thats a relief, but they could have told us earlier. A little power game, I think. Lowell was picked for Game 5. Marianne played July 3. Greg played July 9. Lowell was picked for Game 5. Marianne played July 3. Greg played July 9.

54 Game 3 – June 11 Donna Vogel Bethesda, MD Donna, Debbie, Dino (3 Ds) Debbie hits Formula 1 clue, goes ahead of Donna – everyone cheers. At end, final Jeopardy category : –Only 3 films but #18 on all time actors –Debbie gets it (James Dean, obviously) –Donna (Jimmy Stewart) –Dino (Orson Welles) Debbie Barnes New York, NY Dino Buenviaje Riverside, CA Relief! No one left wanted to play Donna. Relief! No one left wanted to play Donna.

55 Lunch Its 2 pm (5 pm in Detroit and Im eating lunch – why am I eating lunch at 5 pm?). Ive got $10 in commissary money. Grilled cheese, about a pound of French Fries, and an apple. Left half of the GC, most of the FF on the plate. No one is very hungry.

56 Back to the Set Groggy Cant get started. Serious caffeine deficit. Better chew 3 Penguins! Up there buzzing away, trying to wake up. This will be the Thursday game. Always watch for upsets on Thursday games. First game after lunch!

57 Game 4 – June 12 Pick the contestants Debbie, Jay, Ilana Good, didnt want to play Jay Know that Ill be playing next Slow game, Debbie cant get started Weird FJ (some kind of numbers category, that I cant figure out – answer is one). Jay cant figure it either. Ilana wins! My turn next. Debbie Barnes New York, NY llana Rembelinsky Portland, OR Jay Chaffin Chester, PA

58 Game 5 – June 13 All made up and ready to boogie! Hometown howdy –Short: Im Allen Goodman from Huntington Woods. Watch me on Jeopardy! –Long: Rock on Detroit! – Im Allen Goodman from Huntington Woods. Lets cruise on down Woodward. Watch me on Jeopardy! (This played on Channel 4 three or four times). Trying to get a good necktie for Lowell. His first one crawled on the camera. llana Rembelinsky Portland, OR Allen Goodman Huntington Woods, MI Lowell Goodman Los Angeles, CA

59 Jeopardy! Nations with an N 5 letter wordsHodgepodgeMythology Hershey v Nestle Little League Baseball 200 400 600 800 1000

60 This is Jeopardy! Intro Not too nervous Look at categories I can handle these First answer –What is Niger –Whoops – correct answer is Nigeria –Dont want to end game in the red!

61 More to come! First answer – Niger – should be Nigeria. –Uh oh, Im -400, got to get out of here. A few later – Namibia – got it! $1,000 clue. –Theyve used this answer before June 21, 2004 Ken Jennings (surprise!) got it right on a Daily Double!

62 Little League Baseball! 6.(Jimmy pitches one up from Williamsport, PA.) In the major leagues, this goes to about halfway up the torso; in Little League, it goes to the armpits. Allen What is the strike zone? 7.(Jimmy lays another clue down from Williamsport, PA.) Unlike Major League Baseball, Little League batters may use non-wood bats; most are made of this metal that has a distinctive sound when it meets the ball. Ilana What is cork? Allen What is aluminum? 8.(Jimmy reports from a distance from Williamsport, PA.) The distance between the bases in Little League is this many feet, two-thirds that of Major League Baseball. Allen What is 60 feet?

63 Little League Baseball! 9.(Jimmy gives us another clue from Williamsport, PA.) Little League games are shorter than big league ones, so as a dramatic moment, as Kyle comes to bat in the last regulation inning, the bottom of Lowell What is the 7 th inning? Allen What is the 6 th inning? 10.(Jimmy preserves another one for us from Williamsport, PA.) I'm caught between the bases, and I've gotten myself into one of these; it's also called a pickle, because that's what I'm in? Allen What is a rundown?

64 King of the Little League! Little League baseball – got em all. Look at this – First Break –Allen $3,400 –Ilana$1,200 –Lowell$ 600

65 At the break … As we prepare for J!, were asked to prepare funny stories for Alex to ask us about at the break Mine: Once upon a time there was a picture of me in People Magazine with shaving cream on my face. So … In 1990, Connie Chung was trying (very publicly) to get pregnant. As it happened, my wife had had my daughter Sara at age (almost) 42. People Magazine did a feature on older Moms, and sent out a photographer to show us at home. One of the pictures was Sara [then 18 months old] and Daddy sharing a shave!

66 Alex: During the break I asked whether you had a son who plays little league? –Allen: … and I said no, and I always got cut when I tried out! Alex: Well Ive got some other bad news for you. The producers have ruled that you pronounced the $1,000 answer Nabibia rather than Namibia, so we have to take $2,000 away from you. But youre still in the lead with $1,400. what I got instead … – Allen: [I dont mispronounce words like this …]

67 Namibia! Bad news! I pronounced Namibia as Nabibia. Theyre taking away $2,000. I cant believe it. Ive seen the clue before. I never mispronounce places. If they couldnt understand it, have me say it again! Im still ahead but by only $200 and Ive shot my best category.

68 Like, would it have killed them to tell me during the break … before the interviews. You suck at baseball … and guess what … were taking away 60% of your money! Like, would it have killed them to tell me during the break … before the interviews. You suck at baseball … and guess what … were taking away 60% of your money!

69 After the Break 16 – Almond Joy for $800 18 – March, April for $200 Thats it. Like stepping into a right cross.

70 After Jeopardy! Nations with an N 5 letter wordsHodgepodgeMythology Hershey v Nestle Little League Baseball 200 400!400 600 800 1000 ! = Missed X X X X! X!* J! Archive X = Triple Stumper

71 Scores after Jeopardy Lowell - $5,200 Ilana - $4,800 Allen - $2,400 –Get to pick first in DJ

72 # 2 In the first break I had $2,000 taken away because I had mispronounced Namibia. I was certain I hadnt. –I dont mispronounce words. –I had seen that clue from an earlier game. He came around for the picture taking after the Jeopardy round. The judges spent a lot of time looking at the tape. I just dont believe that I mispronounced that word [translation: what a bogus call!] Somehow Ive got to get back into my game. I understand how you feel about this. I mispronounce clues too.

73 After Jeopardy Im in third place … with $2,400. Still bummed … AG: I just have to get over that one. Maggie: You can do it! AG: Right!

74 Double Jeopardy! Italian Art Pop MusicBugsWear it WellTrilogiesI Aye 400 800 1200 1600 2000 Where on earth did they get these categories? Next Thought: Alex, can you get me six others? Next Thought: Alex, can you get me six others? Calm down … Probably wont work … What category do they know less than I do? … Ill take Trilogies for 400. What category do they know less than I do? … Ill take Trilogies for 400. New Clues … I get to pick

75 Double Jeopardy Lowells in (whoops, so much for trilogies) Blur … Eight triple stumpers? 5. What is Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy? enunciate that s.o.b! $1200! 7. Who is Titian? enunciate that s.o.b! Got it! $400 15. Who is Sartre? e.t.s.o.b. Got it! $1200 21. Fattening illegal … and immoral [Just] Got it! $1200 Cant put two together !?!?!?

76 Double Jeopardy 23. Eugene ONeills Strange Interlude Got it! $2,000 30. What is a sack dress? Got it! $1,200. Last clue … gets me up to $9,600 … tied with Lowell. $7,200 in DJ; No mistakes! Better than the others; still have a chance!

77 Double Jeopardy! Italian Art Pop MusicBugsWear it WellTrilogiesI 400 800 1200 1600 2000 X = triple stumper XX XX X X X X J! Archive

78 True Game Dynamics

79 Final Jeopardy Ilana - $11,700 Allen - $9,600 Lowell - $9,600

80 Final Bet All in! Have to do that. If Ilana is right, shell shut me out. Have to assume that Lowell will go all in. If not, Ill beat him. Cant play for second.

81 Final Question The Society for Human Resource Management says, of the 10 federal holidays, it's the least observed by the private sector? Answer ?? After all of the powder puffs earlier in the day, this is what we get?

82 Little-Observed Holiday Poses Problems for Parents October 7, 2007 Little-Observed Holiday Poses Problems for Parents By PATRICK McGEEHANPATRICK McGEEHAN For many working parents in the New York City area, the pickle presents itself just a few weeks into each school year: What to do about Columbus Day? It is one of those uniquely American holidays that reward whole classes of people, while punishing millions of others. Public schools are closed, as are government offices and most banks. But most workplaces ignore the holiday, leaving employees with school-age children the choice of burning a vacation day on the second Monday in October or hiring somebody to mind the kids. Other federal holidays, like Veterans Day and Martin Luther Kings Birthday, pose this problem, but none so much as Columbus Day.Martin Luther King It is the major holiday least likely to be granted by employers, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Only about 1 in 10 companies closes up shop for the day, the societys recent surveys show, compared with one in seven on Veterans Day, the next-least-observed federal holiday.

83 2008 Holiday Schedule Sample comprised of 542 randomly selected HR professionals. Analyzing 542 responses of 2,885 emails sent, 2,726 emails were received (response rate = 20%). Survey fielded October 16 – October 23, 2007; presentation generated on November 14, 2007. Margin of error is +/- 5%. Appeared in one issue of the NY Times Pretty shoddy research! They may be right, but this isnt good evidence! Plancks constant, its not!

84 Wagers Ilana - $11,700 Allen - $9,600 Lowell - $9,600 (9,500) – What is Columbus Day? Correct!

85 Wagers Ilana - $11,700 Allen - $9,600 (9,600) – What is Presidents Day? Lowell - $9,600 (9,500) – What is Columbus Day?

86 Wagers Ilana - $11,700 (7,501) – What is Presidents Day? Allen - $9,600 (9,600) – What is Presidents Day? Lowell - $9,600 (9,500) – What is Columbus Day? Incorrect!

87 Final Scores Elana - $11,700 (7,501) – $4,199 Allen - $9,600 (9,600) – $0 Lowell - $9,600 (9,500) – $19,100

88 Whats Alex Like – 3 When we sat in the audience, audience members asked him what people talk about after the game. Heres what we talked about. Do you stay away from the plumbing and electricity? We share it. Were an equal opportunity couple. Sure I do. They could kill you. I asked because you have a really strong handshake. Do you do a lot of work around the house? One of my parents (I cant remember which) told me that a strong handshake makes an important impression. I guess I did … or maybe he thought I was a sore loser … I was frosted, but I dont try to break peoples hands! We had shaken hands. MUCH !

89 Arrière Pensées I wrote down Presidents Day quickly. I thought about Columbus Day. I had time to make a change … and I didnt. Usually first impressions are right. Usually! Basically the choice was one in four: –MLK Day –Presidents Day (Formally, still Washingtons Birthday) –Columbus Day –Veterans Day Lowell made a good call. Ilana and I crapped out.

90 We aired on June 13. Some really nasty blog stuff. Why was Allen angry? He knew he was wrong. He probably didnt know the name of the country. He was angry because it cut into his interview. Epilogue He was angry because he pronounced it right! He was angry because he was blind-sided by the host!

91 Best-Week-Ever-TV – June 18 18 Wednesday What Is Nabibia? Actually, No, It Is Not. What Is Nabibia? Actually, No, It Is Not. By Michelle CollinsMichelle Collins On a very special episode of Jeopardy last week, our new favorite contestant ever named Allen was faced with a very difficult situation. You see, when given the following answer… In 1968, the U.N. called for South Africas withdrawal from the territory that is today this country … Good Ol Alan rings in with unusual gusto and asks What is Nabibia? Shockingly, he is awarded the money, and things continued on as planned, even though Nabibia does not exist, nor has it ever existed. It is only after the commercial break, when host Alex Trebek small talks the guests in a segment I call Pee Break, that Allen was delivered the fateful blow of the Jeopardy judges. The clip is notable not so much because Trebek is forced to say Nabibia, but moreso because of the horrendously sad and awkward segue used to deliver the news. Its the kind of clip Im going to label a must see, if only for Allens crushed expression, which basically says one thing: You Canadian Son of a Bitch. I dont often beg you to watch something, but having seen these clips no less than 25 times, and having come to the conclusion that Allen may or may not be special needsish, please click through and check em out after the jump.

92 Meg (mamegmeg) says: June 18th, 2008 at 2:49 pm your mother, trebek Zmonkey says: June 18th, 2008 at 5:58 pm Hehehe I totally noticed him looking at the other contestant to say WTF and the other dude looking away as quickly as possible so as to avoid any more awkwardness. Subtly hilarious clip. Morgy says: June 20th, 2008 at 9:24 pm So FIRST they brought up his failure at little league, and THEN they took his money. That is pretty effed up if I do say so myself.

93 Yet … a couple of defenders!

94 How nice to hear from you. Yes, even watching on Friday with the returning champ brought back memories. The NBA Finals have preempted my first game til later that night, if it's on at all. It's as if my 22 minutes of fame never happened. Our Friday episode should be on at the regular time. Fortunately, my local ABC affiliate is kindly making a tape available, which has salvaged my viewing party for 70 of my closest friends. (! - I didn't know I knew that many people). I agree that you said Namibia and the judges were thrown off by your Midwestern/Jewish accent. Clearly, you know there is no country called Nabibia. As they say, the ruling of the judges is final. You were a good sport about it, and I thought Alex was kinda rude at the end chit chat to bring it up again. Nothing else to say, except Damn Columbus Day - ever to be my least favorite holiday as not only do private sector workers not get the day off, we public employees don't either - AND it cost me the 2nd win. Sigh. Just glad we didn't have to face Larissa - don't know if you saw her run a couple of weeks ago, but she was good and she racked up big wins each time. By the way, my family enjoyed visiting with your wife during the tapings. Take care, Ilana On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 1:31 PM, ALLEN GOODMAN wrote: Hi Ilana, I've wanted to send you a note, but your last name is harder to work with than mine is! This should be an interesting week for us TV-wise. Can't say much... except I still think that I pronounced Namibia correctly! Wishing you the best!

95 Gneq Senior Member Join Date: Nov 2006 Posts: 2,623 That "Nabibia" was the worst and meanest call by the judges ever. I am beginning to think that they have a personal hang-up about people with colds, allergies or otherwise stuffed sinuses. If I were Dante, I'd give them an eternal post-nasal drip in the Fifth Circle of Hell. I can't believe that so many people here are supporting the decision. C'mon people, do you really think it even remotely possible that he actually said "Nabibia" (as opposed to "Namibia" with a stuffed nose that turned a nasal into a plosive)? And the way to communicate the decision was just tacky. On FJ, I tossed a coin between Veterans' Day and Columbus Day and it came down the wrong side. Actually, I didn't toss a coin, I decided Veterans' Day would be a more interesting answer because it would indirectly call attention to how quickly we tend to forget our veterans. I didn't think any other choices were plausible - Presidents' Day is followed by the longest interval between any two federal holidays; you could fit all of Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving in that interval. So it had to be one of those two. But how - other than by a lucky guess - was one to pick between the two? What's next? English Universities: "There was celebration in Trinity College when this team won the Oxford-Cambridge regatta in 1912" __________________ Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. -- Niels Bohr Gnash Equilibrium - curmudgeonly contributions to a more positive-sum world Epilogue

96 My defender Re: From one economist to another! Quote: Originally Posted by 3318mead (ag) My congratulations to you! And thanks again for your support! I would have loved to play you. Allen Goodman Thank you. I am sorry your J! experience wasn't as good as mine. And you can read about my pronunciation lapse in the daily thread. Although mine went unnoticed by the judges (or was perhaps considered fully acceptable), I think having the experience made me understand much better what happened to you. I hope you had enough other good memories to partially offset what I still think was a very bad call by the judges. Sven Gneq = Sven Sinclair, Washington Economist Champion, June 23 One heck of a ride!


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