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Topic : Yatra Management Systems In Shrine

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1 Topic : Yatra Management Systems In Shrine
Author : Dr. Arun Kumar I.A.S (Chief Executive Officer) Date :28th and 29th, January 2006

2 Jai Mata Di!!


4 The shrine Of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji
The Holy Shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji, one of the most revered shrines of India - an abode of worship for the Devotees since ages Many legends associated with the shrine Generally believed to be discovered nearly 700 years ago by Pandit Sridhar Located nearly 60 Kilometers North of Jammu in the folds of the Trikuta Parbat at an altitude of 5200 Feet from Mean Sea Level. A distance of 48 Kms upto Katra is motorable. The remaining 12 Kms can be covered on pony, on foot or by palanquin or helicopter.

5 Darshan In the sanctum sanctorum – inside the Holy Cave, Mata has revealed herself in the form of three NATURAL ROCK FORMATIONS called Pindies each depicting a form of Shakti.

6 Our Vision To provide world class facilities to the pilgrims by harnessing the power of technology without diluting the traditional sanctity of the Yatra

7 Things Before Takeover
The Management of the Holy Cave Shrine before its take over by the Shrine Board, vested with Dharamarth Trust and the Baridars. They were responsible for collection and distribution of offerings and management of the Shrine. While the offerings were collected by vested interests, the onus of all developmental activities- even basic amenities lay with the government. Hence acute mismanagement, lack of accountability and no amenities for the yatries.

8 Takeover The management of the Holy Cave Shrine taken over by an autonomous Board on intervening night of 30th and 31st August 1986 under “The Jammu and Kashmir Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Act, 1986” promulgated by the then Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Shri Jagmohan on the 30th August 1986. The administration, management and governance of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine and the Shrine Funds vested in a Board comprising a Chairman and nine Board members. The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir is the ex-officio Chairman.

9 The Rapid Pace of Change
The Track BEFORE Kutcha track maintained by the PWD Dressed stones - either scattered or too slippery. AFTER Over 21 km of track including the new track (5.6Km) and Bhairon track (3.5km) developed and tiled

10 The Rapid Pace of Change Contd…
BEFORE No resting places or shelter sheds. AFTER Over 70 shelter sheds (Vishram Sthals) constructed A lot of the track is already covered and rest is under on going programmes. The Track

11 The Rapid Pace of Change Contd…
The Track BEFORE Only a single narrow track No protective fencings or railings AFTER Nearly 5000 parapets and 12 km of railings/fencings developed New alternate track to Bhawan- shorter, wider and gentler New eco friendly battery car on the alternate track

12 The Rapid Pace of Change Contd…
BEFORE Spring Water at Adhkuwari Rudimentary drinking water facilities at Bhawan A few Chhabils en route to provide drinking water. Water Supply AFTER Over 60 water points Over 35 points fitted with coolers and water filters Aqua guard and Ion Exchange water dispensers being set up

13 The Rapid Pace of Change Contd…
BEFORE Virtually no arrangements for sanitation en route a few tin sheds housing some toilet seats at Banganga, Adhkuwari and Bhawan. Sanitation AFTER 33 toilet blocks with over 400 toilet seats including European seats Over 500 workers for sanitation and cleanliness

14 Developments In & Around
Electricity Over 1200 Street Lights (HPSV) fitted on the track to light the entire track at night. Exclusive Receiving Station at Katra. Sufficient Diesel Generator to take care of the power requirements in the event of Power failures. Installation of CFLs and inverters to save energy and fuel


16 Management/Regulation of Yatra
All Yatris required to register themselves at any of the following Yatra Registration Counters:- 1) Main Yatra Registration Counter – Katra. 2) Yatra Registration Counter –Vaishnavi Dham, Jammu. 3) Yatra Registration Counter – Airport, Jammu. 4) Yatra Registration Counter – WTC, New Delhi. 5) Yatra Registration Counter - Hyderabad Future Counters Mumbai Bangalore Yatris with valid Yatra Slip only are allowed to proceed beyond Banganga Yatra Check Post, where the Yatra Slips are checked. Each Registered Yatri is insured for an Amount of Rs. 1,00,000 (Rs. 25,000 in case of a Minor) against accidental death. Yatries are allotted fresh group number at Parchi Gate Bhawan in order to further regulate the Yatra for Darshans. A Group comprises of 200 devotees. Devotees are allowed to have Darshans according to the Group allotted to them at Parchi Gate Bhawan.

17 Yatri Interface Enquiry & Information booth at Jammu Airport
To facilitate pilgrims arriving at Jammu by Air, an Enquiry & Information booth was inaugurated by the Chairman, SMVDSB (His Excellency the Governor, J&K) in March 2004. Apart from providing information, the facilities available at the booth are: Room Reservation. Yatra Registration. Poojan Reservation Sale of Souvenirs items, Gold & Silver Coins, Yatra Guides, etc.

18 Yatri interface - Regional Office at Delhi
Delhi-based pilgrims comprise more than 17 % of the total Yatra. In order to facilitate these devotees and to ensure better interface with them, the Shrine Board has opened up a sub-office at WTC, near Connaught Place, New Delhi in January 2004 The Delhi Office headed by an officer of the rank of Asstt. Manager useful for:- Information dissemination. Room Reservation Yatra Registration etc. for Delhi based devotees.

S.No States January February March April May June July August September October November December Total 1 Uttar Pradesh 28796 16407 79930 72279 95056 140855 106046 99549 112202 132213 78699 47310 2 Delhi 60663 31584 97053 122903 130725 158629 79785 83036 78454 101290 85609 87880 3 Jammu and Kashmir 31210 16836 48476 98105 113519 111595 87641 57351 59729 76599 45560 50674 797295 4 Punjab 28357 17330 61615 88905 94129 106206 86664 99375 58583 63816 65790 52030 822800 5 Haryana 14664 8296 29493 45345 58510 88161 45704 46118 36002 57645 35116 25328 490382 6 West Bengal 2987 2029 6602 5806 13506 13208 10825 7049 5397 35774 5710 7472 116365 7 Bihar 3013 1638 4558 8389 13507 14661 24987 47093 37328 30160 7193 4040 196567 8 Madhya Pradesh 6622 5249 15164 26031 22736 36680 51938 49627 31290 23497 11488 9959 290281 9 Rajasthan 3106 4993 13047 13083 16259 55166 39945 37688 37490 22688 12171 11573 267209 10 Maharashtra 23883 20515 18889 14576 24735 37359 42023 23173 16403 15906 46859 29953 314274 11 Himachal Pradesh 3202 1792 4653 11374 8827 9603 6142 12397 5769 9240 7350 4715 85064 12 Jharkhand 1065 769 2645 3298 4411 6180 6083 8559 5340 8780 1956 1368 50454 13 Uttaranchal 4525 1397 5646 3827 4474 9128 5600 4602 5239 6913 6124 5338 62813 14 Chandigarh 3678 1443 4388 7431 6666 8954 4226 4599 5218 6588 6777 5056 65024 15 Gujarat 3949 6314 6356 6654 9364 18045 26877 8042 5315 6019 25742 7177 129854 16 Orissa 676 571 2146 1870 2313 2941 2070 3666 4771 5690 1762 845 29321 17 Chhattisgarh 799 729 1952 2918 3036 6977 4300 4352 4028 2556 1102 35667

S.No States January February March April May June July August September October November December Total 18 Karnataka 609 618 704 1712 1382 1113 2568 1036 1002 3049 892 1107 15792 19 Andhra Pradesh 1067 881 1955 1836 1605 4511 6266 2759 1208 1769 1109 1215 26181 20 Other 378 198 400 477 1047 2069 780 1299 447 337 7432 21 Tamil Nadu 201 197 437 254 1402 846 1715 839 1265 375 549 8860 22 Assam 188 146 339 252 382 328 1783 556 348 767 472 576 6137 23 Daman & Diw 122 39 248 37 724 972 371 753 317 3583 24 Pondichery 100 17 343 785 770 1217 323 663 487 478 5183 25 Meghalaya 138 70 125 208 431 300 60 223 119 1837 26 Manipur 49 10 48 151 307 148 270 102 51 1160 27 Kerala 30 38 66 67 207 61 133 145 89 34 29 1001 28 Arunachal Pradesh 12 5 31 8 52 76 15 199 Mizoram 75 14 127 Nagaland 46 50 43 69 71 368

S.No States January February March April May June July August September October November December Total 31 Sikkim 18 16 62 23 48 47 70 69 19 24 396 32 Goa 28 36 76 68 107 124 22 293 122 1334 33 Dadar Nagar & Haveli 2 13 12 78 29 110 14 289 34 Tripura 4 27 98 10 182 35 Andaman & Nicobar 3 17 Lakshdweep 134 73 151 361 37 Army 24200 13500 17200 24700 24450 23700 24750 24150 273550 Including Online Registration 248358 153727 424232 561782 651638 857030 672044 630838 536619 641995 474556 381498

22 Yatra in recent years- a closer look
Calendar Year Yatra during the year Increase/Decrease compared to previous year Percentage increase/ decrease 2000 (+)547261 (+)11.71% 2001 (-) (-) % 2002 (-) (-) % 2003 (+) (+) % 2004 (+) (+) % 2005 (+) (+) 2.1 %

23 Yatra in recent years- a closer look

24 Yatra- Highlights Record breaking Yatra in the Year Yatra crossed the 6.1 million mark Total Yatra 62,52098. The Year 2005 also recorded the highest ever Yatra for a single month – June 8,57,030 Highest ever Yatra in a single day, August 13th, ,442. The intervening period was also marked by the visits of several prominent personalities, the chief among them being, His Excellency the President of India, Shri APJ Abdul Kalam.

25 NRI Yatra at a Glance – Global religious zeal
 Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total NRI* 195 458 507 1139 594 1362 2171 151 463 433 7473 *Visitor from USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, GULF, & Neighboring Countries


27 Regulation of Yatra All Yatris required to register themselves at Yatra Registration Counter at Katra. Yatris with valid Yatra Slip only are allowed to proceed beyond Banganga Yatra Check Post, where the Yatra Slips are checked. Yatris are allotted fresh group number at Parchi Gate Bhawan in order to further regulate the Yatra for Darshans. A Group comprises of 200 devotees. Devotees are allowed to have Darshans according to the Group allotted to them at Parchi Gate Bhawan.

28 Sensitivities News of bomb blast anywhere in J&K
Extreme cold / torrential rains Land slides Forest fires Festivals Auspicious dates Extended weekend clubbed with Holidays Marriage Season Amaranth Yatra

29 A Three Tier Security Cover

30 Security Agencies Involved
ACTIVE AND VISIBLE AGENCIES Sahayak J&K Police CRPF Army (Directly interfacing with the Yatries for Frisking and checking of baggages.) BEHIND THE SCENES AND RATHER INVISIBLE RAW IB ( These agencies collect intelligence information from various sources and co-ordinate with active security agencies. )

31 Target Areas Sanctum sanctorum
All installations/buildings at Bhawan, Adhkuwari, Katra and staff colonies Dispensaries Heliport Water supply systems and power distribution networks Guarding the porous hilly terrain

32 X-ray Baggage System at Darshani Deodhi
Following the grenade blast at Banganga- directions by Chairman to beef up security Special X-ray room and frisking counters constructed near Darshani Deodi. X-ray Baggage Detection System installed at New Police Check Post Banganga and Bhawan. DFMD’s at BANGANGA,ADHKUWARI,INDRAPRASTHA,HIMKOTI,MANOKAMNA BHAWAN, SAANJHICHHAT, LAMBIKERI.

33 Facilities for the Devotees

34 Accommodation Facilities
The Shrine Board has constructed various Complexes/Buildings at Bhawan, Katra, Jammu and even en route at Adkuwari and Sanjichatt. Both free and rented accommodation of various categories is available. Nearly 150 rooms and 1500 beds available at different locations.

35 Accommodation Saraswati Dham, Jammu
Saraswati Dham, Jammu- Dormitory accommodation with a capacity of 500 beds inaugurated

36 Accommodation Trikuta Bhawan, Katra
Trikuta Bhawan- 700 bedded dormitory accommodation inaugurated at Katra Built at a cost of Rs. 5.5 Crore with a temple in its atrium Unique 60 X 90 transparent polycarbonate dome Encouraging response with many group bookings having been received. Yet another low cost accommodation planned near Trikuta Bhawan at YRC II.

37 Food & Refreshment Units
06 Bhojanalayas & 13 Refreshment Units (Viewpoints) functional at strategic locations on No-Profit-No-Loss Basis to provide wholesome and hygienic food (Bhojanalayas) & Tea/Coffee & Snacks (Refreshment Units) and also to create competition amongst the private shopkeepers. Bhojanalayas - fitted with modern kitchen equipments, function round the clock at Bhawan. Bakery & Dosa Dispensing plants are available on the track.

38 Catering facilities… Himkoti, Saket and Satya View Points expanded.
Enlargement and revamping of the kitchen area and restaurant area Catering cell Niharika relocated near E&R office at Niharika complex and renamed Annapoorna Bhojanalaya

39 Yatri Facilities – Catering…reputed food chains
The two choices available to the devotees are the local Dhabas and the Shrine Board outlets In order to ensure variety of taste and good quality, felt to bring in good restaurants chains to have catering ventures in the Shrine area Two eating/beverage outlets already been opened by M/s Café-Coffee-Day at Milk Bar and Adkuwari Discussions with Sagar Ratna and Nirulas are currently on. Meanwhile existing arrangements with Nescafe, Bru etc expanded and more outlets allowed.

40 Medical Facilities Medical facilities in the form of ICU, Hospitals and Dispensaries available at Katra, Bhawan and en-route. Trained professionals, modern equipment and sufficient stock of medicines A 24 Bedded Sagar Suri Hospital is operational at Sanjichhat. 24 Hour charitable dispensary at Katra.

41 Medical Facilities Dispensary at Himkoti:
In order to provide Medical facilities on Alternate Track, dispensary at a cost of Rs. 13 Lakhs has been constructed near Himkoti. Inaugurated by HE the Governor, J&K (Chairman SMVDSB).

42 Medical facilities ICU at Bhawan started- helped augment medical facilities. Only 30 causalities out of over 700 treated devotees thus, saving precious lives. New medical equipments have been added in the medical units at different locations along the track Facilities in the CHC at Katra and existing evening Clinic at bus stand (Jai Durga Charitable Dispensary, Katra) upgraded by providing new medical equipments like Oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, bedside-cardicap (cardio-scope) defibrillator etc.

43 Strengthening of Emergency Medical Services
An Ambulance with carrying capacity of four patients have been added in the fleet of the Board for shifting the patients/injured yatries requiring specialized treatment. Addition of an ambulance shall strengthen the contingency plans and help saving precious lives.

44 Battery powered Pollution Free Vehicle
Facility for patients, aged, or physically challenged pilgrims Started in October, 2003. Each vehicle carries 4 devotees on its upward trip & maximum of 8 devotees downwards Nominal Fare of Rs. 100/- per passenger per one way trip.

45 Recommencement of Helicopter Service
Helicopter service from Katra to Sanjichhat was recommenced in Nov 2002 through M/s Deccan Aviations Pvt. Ltd. The first major example of private partnership

46 Yatri Facilities - Bhawan
For the facility of the pilgrims, providing lockers in the Cloak Room was conceptualized. Nearly 100 Lockers of the Size 2’x2’x2’ installed. For providing cheap/free accommodation and other facilities such as lockers, additional toilet blocks, efforts are on to augment better and most modern facilities as at Bhawan the demand for such facilities is constantly rising.

47 Cloak Rooms & Blanket Stores
Sufficient number of Cloak Rooms and Blanket Stores available for pilgrims No amount charged for use of above facilities except refundable security against blankets

48 Live Telecast of the Atka Aarti and other Measures
Atka Aarti held every morning and evening outside mouth of Holy Cave where maximum devotees only can be accommodated. High demand and low availability of opportunity to participate. Live relay of Atka Aarti started during morning and evening hours

49 Donations and Offerings
The Board does not accept or receive any kind of state or central aid- entirely dependant on donations and offerings of the devotees All donations exempt under sec. 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act, 1969 Donations also received in kind and even professional services received free of cost The tight monetary control ensures that after spending wholeheartedly on developmental works, the Board is able to build reserves for future endeavours Computerized donation counter at Bhawan

50 Yatri Interface- Donations and other services through banks
Tie ups with various banks Donating to Mata Ji now possible through ATMs of ICICI Bank Similar facility available to NRIs through Money2India of ICICI Similarly J&K Bank customers can donate through Anywhere banking facility Talks with UTI and HDFC currently on.

51 Information Technology

52 Official Website Existing website of the Board has been revamped using latest technology features and techniques available. The entire look and feel has been updated to ensure better navigation and ease of use. Information being provided, has been divided into Menus and further been divided into Sub-Menus and Sub-Sub-Menus. A dedicated section of Online-Services have been started. Besides the existing Online Donation, facility for Online Room Reservation, Online Helicopter, Online Poojan Reservation and Online Bhaints & Prasad Section have been added. A Message Board area has been added for the devotees to post their experience. All messages being replied appropriately. All queries and requests are being attended to by a dedicated in house helpdesk Over 1.5 Lacs net visitors on a single day of inauguration (Oct 13)

53 Website Online Facilities at our official website.
Online Room Booking. Online Poojan. Online Donation. Online Helicopter Service. Online Souvenir Shop. Online Yatra Parchi. Online Bhaint and Prasad. Online Darshan.

54 Online facilities in 2003, 2004 and 2005

55 Information Technology & the Board: e-Interface with the Yatries
For the first time advance Registration of Yatra has been started through official website i.e. Online Yatra Registration. SBI (State Bank of India) to issue Yatra Parchies through its ATMs all over the country A New Section for Online Prayers has been started where devotees can write down their prayers to the Mother Goddess, which are then being sent to Bhawan in the form of a CD and devotees are being sent the Prasad. All devotees using our room or online services or even helicopter services being sent “Free Prasad” Regular Feedback on services being obtained from devotees

56 LAN / WAN Connectivity Most of Locations / Units are connected with Local Area Network (LAN). This includes:- Central Office, Katra Yatra Registration Counter, Katra Niharika, Katra Bhawan Jammu Engineering and Non- Engineering Stores The Systems Division Central Office Katra works as a main HUB for all locations. Most of Locations / Units are connected with the central Server in the systems division through Wide Area Network (WAN) of Various types using IP based technology. Type of WAN:- 360E 8/32 Kbps Sky Blaster V-SAT Connection. 2Mbps E1(Leased line) connection from Airtel. Wireless connectivity between 8 important locations of shrine in the first phase.



59 Computerization of Yatra Management System & Starting of Advance Yatra Registration Using SMART CARD
Computerization of Yatra Management using biometrics (finger print & plastic card with photo) of the Board was necessitated: Firstly, to upgrade our security and Secondly, to even out the Yatra trend which as of now shows curves depicting sharp seasonal variations. Smoothening out of Yatra trend, if technically feasible, strongly needed to ensure better utilization of infrastructure developed by the Board. Fool proof Advance Yatra Registration facility could be good tool in this direction to help better plan the pilgrimage to the devotees.

60 Computerization of Yatra Management System & Starting of Advance Yatra Registration
Project to be completed in three phases . In the 1st phase employees of the Board, registered Pithoos, Ponywallas & Palkiwallas shall be issued plastic cards (Smart Card) with finger print & photograph in lieu of ID Cards. In 2nd phase operations of Yatra Registration Counter & Enquiry & Reservation Section of the Board shall be covered.

61 Yatri Interface - Board Publications
Collection of Photographs from Art Museum, Chandigarh. In order to obviate copyright problems and to build a database of good, authentic photographs to be used in future and planned Board publications 150 fine quality photographs & slides of paintings of Devi Mahatam have been acquired from Government Art Museum, Chandigarh after due permission. Photographs/slides thus received, have been converted in Soft form by way of High Resolution Drum Scanning.

62 Yatri Facilities –Packaging for Gold & Silver coins & medallions.
Packaging for Gold & Silver Coins/Medallions stands developed. Packing contains Certificate of Purity & weight from MMTC/Govt. of India Mind, Mumbai and also depicts the photograph of Holy Pindies besides Vedic hymns. Coin counters set up at prominent places at Bhawan and Katra/Jammu About kg of gold being retailed monthly

63 Yatri Facilities – Prasad packaging and dispatch through Speed Post
Special packaging developed for Prasad through IIP Delhi Prasad in various denominations from Rs 101/= to 1001/= Special packaging shall enable dispatch of Prasad by post also Separate ‘Prasad Dispatch Section’ constituted. Prasad being dispatched against Poojan or specific request from devotees. Formal launch in a month’s time.

64 Ongoing and Future Projects….
Construction of Spiritual Growth Centre. Construction of Rope-way between Bhawan and Bhairon Temple. Multi-speciality Medical Centre, Trauma centre etc. at Katra Construction of 2nd Dormitory accommodation at Bhawan –Manokamana-II. A Technical University in the name of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi – “SMVD University”. Gurukul at Charan Paduka. Re-Modeling of Bhawan, Adkuwari Complexes.

65 Jai Mata Di!!

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