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Every person has two homelands, his own and Syria

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2 Every person has two homelands, his own and Syria
Andre parrot Former director of Louvers Museum

3 AL-Baath Univserity

4 History Al-Baath University was established in It started with preexisting colleges and institutes such as the Faculty of veterinarian in Hama city and the High Institute of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and the Faculty of science in Homs city . Al- baath University , receives students from all over Syria and other Arab and friendly countries.

5 Overview of the University
Al-Baath University has 15 Faculties , Five intermediate institutes , 26000 students 554 Faculty members working on their academic researches and Academic duties at their faculties and laboratories . The University enters into cultural agreements and contracts of sisterly relations with Arab and overseas countries . The University is also very keen on setting up new postgraduate diploma courses , Masters and PhD degrees .

6 Faculties in Homs city Faculty of Chemical and petroleum engineering
Faculty of Arts and humanities Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Mechanical and electrical engineering Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Education Faculty of Civil engineering Faculty of Agricultural engineering Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Information technology Faculty of Science

7 Institutes in Homs city
Intermediate institute of engineering Intermediate institute of Computer engineering . Institute of Languages Center of Training and Development Center of open Education Center of Biotechnology

8 Faculties & Institutes in Hama city
Faculty of Veterinarian Faculty of Dentistry Intermediate institute of veterinarian Intermediate dental institute (prosthesis )

9 New Faculties Faculty of Music Faculty of Economy

10 Academic research Research is strategic target of the university. It is administered in accordance with plan decided by various departments and approved by the sequential academic councils of the university. The aim of such research is to contribute to development in Syria. It is divided into: Research in basic science Research in applied science

11 Computer Center and Internet At Al-baath University
In Order to Join the Development and scientific Advancement in Syria especially in the of information, AL-Baath university established Computer Center which provides a link among various faculties on the internet. it is by virtue of the university staff , all faculties are connected to the university administration by an intranet that links various offices to each faculties , all faculties with each other and Al- Baath university to other Syria universities and to the ministry of Higher Education . Moreover , AL- Baath university offers an outlet for virtual university , which is a form of distant education . it offers students services such as registration , tuition , following up , supervision and advice .

12 Postgraduate Studies Postgraduate diploma : one year
Master’s degree : two years Ph. D. degree : three years

13 Development of Administration
Operation of computer intranet at Al- baath which connects the Ministry of Higher Education with other universities and provides an access to internet and services . Opening several offices at the University such as : Office of training and qualification Office of general and international relations Office of student activities Office of development and quality control . Office of information systems . Procuring the requirements of administrative work such as computers , with the aim of implementing automation Currently , various programs are being designed at the office of information system without the need for external expertise . Supporting the university with specialists in programming and in other Fields .

14 Homs City (my city) Homs is the heart of Syria through which blood and life run . It is located in the middle of the country and occupies the largest area in it . Homs is 160 km far from Damascus and 180 km from Lattakia , and about 120 km to the east , is Palmyra - Zenobia , the bride of history . Homs is famous for copper , textile , wood and other local handcrafts , as well as modern industry such as oil - refinery , sugar - refinery , phosphate and fertilizer factories .

15 Homs Homs is characterized by its temperate climate . There are many pleasant parks near and around the city . It also has many Historical Sites such as crack des chevaliers , Khaled Ibn Al-Walid mosque and shrine , Omar Ibn Abd Aziz tomb and mosque , Um Al Zunnar church , MAR Elian Church and many old gates , which are a witness to its ancient history . Homs was known in Roman times as Emesa. People loved it that Eshbilia in Andalusia was called Homs Al Andalusia . The Orontes River ( Naher Al - Assi ) runs through it forming the artery of life .

16 Faculty of Sciences The faculty of sciences was established in 1977

17 The Faculty Departments
Department of Mathematics : which includes the following division : Algebra Division , Analytical Mathematics Division , Mechanic Division and Astronomy Division. Department of Physics : which includes the following division : the Condensed Matter Physics Division , Nuclear Physics Division , laser Physics Division and Plasma Physics Division . Department of Chemistry : which includes the following division : General Chemistry Division , Applying Chemistry Division and Biochemistry Division .

18 Higher Education Degrees Department of Mathematics
M . Sc . / Diploma in Analytical Mathematics . M . Sc . / Diploma in Algebra . Diploma in Informatics Department of Physics Diploma in Power Physics and Structure. Diploma in Radiation Physics . Department of Chemistry M . Sc . / Diploma in Organic Chemistry . Diploma in Analytical Chemistry . Diploma in Physical Chemistry .

19 Al Baath University SYRIA

20 Workshop group Dr. Adnan ghata Dr. Yusra Mbarkeh Rana Hola
Faez Al-Khatib Faisal Al-Abd Al-Raheem Lana Alhraky Waed Slamah AHMAD TALEB SUAD AL-HASAN FAYEZ JANSIS Magi Jabarian

21 C. V. of workshop group members

22 Dr. Adnan Ghata Date of birth: 1948 Gender: male.
Title :Prof. Dr. Eng. In Chemical Engineering Position : Director of Department of Training & Development Scientific Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering

23 Dr. Yusra Mbarkeh Date of birth: 1959 Gender: Female
Title : Prof. Dr. In Economy Position : Lecturer in Al-Baath University Scientific Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Economy

24 Rana Hola Date of birth: 1980 Gender: Female
Position : Employees affairs Scientific Degree: Computer institute

25 Faez Al-Khatib Date of birth: 1970 Gender: male
Position : division of accounts accuracy and Budget section Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

26 Faisal Al-Abd Al-Raheem
Date of birth: 1969 Gender: male Position : Director of financial Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

27 Lana Alhraky Date of birth: 1975 Gender: Female
Position : International relations Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

28 Waed Slamah Date of birth: 1981 Gender: Female
Position : Department of the Finance Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Law

29 AHMAD TALEB Date of birth: 1968 Gender: male
Position : Head of Administrate office Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

30 SUAD AL-HASAN Date of birth: 1979 Gender: Female
Position : general relations Scientific Degree: Industries Institute

31 FAYEZ JANSIS Date of birth: 1960 Gender: male
Position : Administrating Office Faculty of Architecture Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Law

32 Magi Jabarian Date of birth: 1971 Gender: Female
Position : Head of Credits Section in the Accounting Department Scientific Degree: Bachelor of Economy

33 Non-Government Society in Homs
The name of society and her purposes اسم الجمعية و هدفها The society of moral blond based on keeping the orphan of Arthazoocs It works to fight the poor جمعية الرابطة الأدبية القائمة على إدارة الميتم الأرثوذكسي تعمل على مكافحة الفقر The society of Der - BALBEH- جمعية دير بعلبة Society of charitable of Asuryan Catholic جمعية الرابطة الخيرية للسريان الكاثوليك

34 تعمل على مكافحة الفقر و رعاية الأحداث الجمعية الخيرية الفلسطينية
Society of Babe - AL -sbae It works to fight the poor جمعية باب السباع تعمل على مكافحة الفقر Society of protection of young It works to fight the poor and care for young جمعية حماية الأحداث تعمل على مكافحة الفقر و رعاية الأحداث Society of philistine - charitable الجمعية الخيرية الفلسطينية Society of dutiful and social services جمعية البر و الخدمات الاجتماعية Society of the children protection It works to protect and care for the children جمعية رعاية الطفل تعمل على حماية و رعاية الطفل Society of Arabic - rebirth جمعية النهضة العربية Babe -Tadmor Society of جمعية باب تدمر Society of Karm جمعية حي كرم الشامي Society of evangelical ladies جمعية السيدات الإنجيلية

35 الجمعية الخيرية للروم الكاثوليك
Charitable Society of Greek catholic الجمعية الخيرية للروم الكاثوليك Moslem-society based on keeping of Moslem orphanage الجمعية الإسلامية القائمة على إدارة الميتم الإسلامي Society of orthodox poor brachium جمعية عضد الفقراء الأرثوذكسية Society of universities and graduates Society رابطة الخريجين و الجامعيين Society of care for the poor of suryan orthodox جمعية اسعاف الفقراء للسريان الأرثوذكس Society of charitable Khaled Abn – Alwaled جمعية خالد بن الوليد الخيرية Society of Society of poor brachium to suryan orthodox جمعية العلماء بحمص Society of orphange graduates رابطة خريجين الميتم Society of poor brachium to suryan orthodox جمعية عضد الفقراء للسريان الارثوذكس

36 جمعية حي الإنشاءات الخيرية جمعية القديس منصور الخيرية جمعية العاديات
Society of charitable installations street جمعية حي الإنشاءات الخيرية Society of charitable Manssor - Saint جمعية القديس منصور الخيرية AIADIAT - Society جمعية العاديات Society Care for blinds جمعية رعاية المكفوفين Zowitinea village Society جمعية مزية الزويتينية Animation of Aleen Albardah Society جمعية انعاش عين الباردة Society Rbahvillaye جمعية انعاش قرية رباح Society kframe جمعية كفرام Animation of aman alhasn Society جمعية انعاش عمار الحصن Animation of jwakhat Society جمعية انعاش الجويخات Animation of almshtaia Society جمعية انعاش المشتاية Land-Society ( Alksser ) جمعية الأرض ( القصير(

37 Charity and Social Services Association
The aim of this association is to combat poverty and support the poor Families , widows , and divorcees . In addition , it aims to supply the poor and needy. This association established the charity and social services hospital Which is available for all patients , taking into consideration the financial status of the patients . The profits of this hospital go to the Association ,fund . It has branches in all the areas , villages , etc . For example , charity and social services association at Qaryatien - Homs. Also the association set up building apartment , Sewing workshops and teach computer science with low prices for the poor . All its profits go to the association, fund .

Al- adiat association is a civil association , which established in one of the oldest , and most veteran cities in Syria , and that took place across the history .It has a great participation in emphasizing the consequence of this city , in the social and Cultural life, beside its civilization role in Syria, and in the surrounding geographical region.

39 One of the most important goals of Al- adiat association, is to take care of the old city, and its great archaeologies, seeking to assure its view of beauty, that let the city to a special one, also it has tried to keep the old archaeologies and buildings. These reasons made this city a heritage center, recognized by its social and cultural situation.

40 Thus the association tried to be a shining point in this city, by arranging and executing several lectures, symposia, exhibitions, social, and cultural activities. That causes a flourishing in its reputation, and a developing in its members (specially the women).

41 That made the association the first one among the civil associations in the state. By this situation there was created a special need for a residence to the association, which facilitate its activities, expanding it, and gathering its members as one family, also serves its heritage, and tourism aims and goals, in the center of this old city.

42 Considering the above purposes, the association is seeking to owe an old Arabic style house, incase to restore it, and to get life back to it, then to use it for cultural reasons, and employing it to serve the environment, and the heritage of the city.

43 Aims Heritage aim Social aims Cultural aims Tourist aims

44 The association is looking forward to have a residence which includes
café and rest hall Lectures, symposia, meeting, cinema, theatre, video, shows. Exhibitions hall. Library, reading hall, computer and informatics hall. Woman and baby culture hall. Offices [administration, secretarial, tourist services]. Rooms for the extinct handcrafts, handmade by woman, popular arts, and plastic paints.

45 The brotherhood of faith and light
The aims Create the families of faith and light The establishment of fraternal backing connections The help of family’s fusion The cooperation with associations which help the disabled human . Give certificate about the attitude of Jesus about those disabled peoples.

46 The Society of deaf care


48 The Society Care for blinds








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