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OCP International Partnership © 2009 OCP-IP Corporate Introduction Ian R. Mackintosh President, OCP-IP.

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1 OCP International Partnership © 2009 OCP-IP Corporate Introduction Ian R. Mackintosh President, OCP-IP

2 OCP International Partnership © 2009 2 OCP-IP Industry Vision Source: Mackintosh Model Proprietary/ Closed NATIVE P P P Corporate Growth (Product-centric) Industry Growth (Standard-centric) Best-of-Breed/ Open Proprietary/ Closed WHOLE VALUE ADDED INFRASTRUCTURE S

3 OCP International Partnership © 2009 3 3Plus1 4DSP, Inc. Accent Advanced Architectures AerieLogic Agnisys Technology PVT-Ltd. Aizyc Technology Alcatel Alpha Data Amimon Amphion Semiconductor Applied Science & Technology Research Institute Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. ARC International Artec Design Group Arteris Atomic Rules ASICs World Services, Ltd. Atrenta, Inc. Attogenix Biosystems Australian Semiconductor Technology Co. Averant, Inc. Axell Corporation AXYS Design Automation Beceem Communications Bluespec, Inc. Boston Circuits, Inc. Broadcom Cadence Design Systems, Inc. EDA Café EDA Consortium EDA Express eInfochips, Inc. Elliptic Semiconductor, Inc. Embedded Systems Lab. ENSTA Entropic Communications Ernst & Young, LLP Esterel Technologies ETIS/ENSEA European Electronic Chips & Systems European Space Agency Evatronix S.A. EVE First Silicon Solutions Forte Design Systems FueTrek Co. GDA Technologies GeoLogic Design, LLP Georgia Institute of Technology GreenSocs HCL Technologies HDL Design House HDL Dynamics Hifn Hughes IBM IBM, Japan Icera Semiconductor OCP-IP Public Membership List (pg. 1) Carbon Design Systems Carnegie Mellon University CAST CCLRC Celoxica, Inc. Chips & Media, Inc. CircuitSutra Technologies Pvt Ltd. CNFM Cologne Chip AG Comtech EF Data ControlNet India PVT-Ltd. CoWare Crevinn Teoranta Cubic Defense Applications Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing DAFCA Denali Software, Inc. Den Comm Design and Reuse Digimarc Corp. Digital Blocks, Inc. Digital Dynamics Corporation Digital Media Professionals Dolphin Integration Doulos Duolog Technologies EADS Astrium eASiC Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Icron Technologies Imagination Technologies Infineon Technologies Inicore, inc. Innovision Research Integrated Device Technology Inventure, Inc. ITRI ITT Corporation Jasper Design Automation JEDA Technologies, Inc. Jetstream Media Technologies Kaben Wireless Silicon Kawasaki Microelectronics KETI L-3 Communications Systems Leiden University LTRIM Technologies Magillem Design Services Magnum Semiconductor Manhattan Routing, inc. Marvell Semiconductor, inc. Mentor Graphics Mercury Micronas Mimasic Ministry of Information Industry MIPS Technology MIT Lincoln Library Mobileye

4 OCP International Partnership © 2009 4 Motorola Mtekvision Co. Ltd. Nallatech Nascentric, Inc. National Applied Research Labs National Tsing Hua University NEC Electronics Nexus 5001 Forum NoBug Nokia NVIDIA Corporation Olympus Digital System Design Corp. ON DEMAND Microelectronics On2 Technologies OSCI Paradigm Works Pixelworks, Inc. pls Programmierbare Logik Systeme GmbH Princeton University ProDesign Electronics Corporation PUCRS QThink QualCore Logic Realtek Semiconductor Corporation Regulus Co., Ltd. Republic of Tunisia, Faculty of Sciences Synopsys Taiwan SoC Consortium Tampere University of Technology Tata Elxsi Limited Technical University of Denmark TechOnLine Temento Systems Tensilica, Inc. Teradici Corporation Texas Instruments The MITRE Corporation Thomson Toshiba Semiconductor Tower Semiconductor TransEDA, Inc. TranSwitch Corporation TrustIC Design SRL TSMC UMC Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Universita di Bologna Universite de Bretange Sud Universite de Cergy Pontoise University of Bristol, UK University of British Columbia University of California at Berkeley University of Houston University of Southampton OCP-IP Public Membership List (pg. 2) Ricoh Company, Ltd. Rockwell Collins Royal Institute of Technology Sasken Communication Tech. Savant Company, Inc. Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center Sesca Embedded Solutions Shanghai Hometown Microsystems Shenzhen Graduate School SIEMENS AG Oesterreich Silicon & Software Systems Silicon Hive Silicon Image GmbH Silicon Integration Initiative Silicon Interfaces Private, Ltd. Silicon Laboratories Inc. Silicon Valley PA, Inc. Silistix SMI Corporation SoC Microelectronics GmbH Sonics Spreadtrum Springsoft SSIPEX STMicroelectronics Stream Processors Synfora University of Tokyo, VDEC VaST Systems Technology Verification Technology Inc. VeriLab Inc. Vimicro Vivante VSI Alliance VTT Washington State University Wavante Wipro Technologies WiQuest Communications Xilinx, inc. Yamaha Corporation YogiTech Zoetronics Zoran Zuken, Inc.

5 OCP International Partnership © 2009 5 OCP – Applications Served – 100s Mus Set-top Boxes PrintersMobile Phones Wireless LANs Game Consoles Video RecordersDTVs Note: OCP usage is expanding in both FPGA and military applications (both low and high volumes) Switches DVD Players Computers

6 OCP International Partnership © 2009 6 ….to promote and support OCP as the complete socket standard that ensures rapid creation and integration of interoperable IP cores. OCP-IP Mission

7 OCP International Partnership © 2009 7 ONLY complete and proven SoC socket Essential for reuse without rework The only path to Plug and Play NOT tied to any one supplier Tools/Interconnect/Design style, Independent Specification freely available HIGH Value Infrastructure in place for Members Huge cost savings from Deliverables Dramatic TTM advantages for users (a TTM win = Profit $$) Important OCP Facts

8 OCP International Partnership © 2009 8 IP Core Target Bus A Target Bus B OR OCP Interface SOCKET SOCKET IS NOT A BUS INTERFACE Core-centric Interface Note: OCP separates the computational IP core from its communication activity. White Paper available re: Sockets at

9 OCP International Partnership © 2009 9 Charter of OCP-IP Governance of OCP Specification Evolution and enhancement Compliance testing and certification Community source products administration Specification Tools, support, services, etc. Promotion of the standard Non-profit operation HQ Beaverton, Oregon

10 OCP International Partnership © 2009 10 Membership Structure Governing Steering Committee (GSC) The Governing BoD Sponsor Eligible for Working Groups Community Free Community Source Products Note: Sponsor fees $25K, Community $10K per year ($1K for company with annual revenues < $10million)

11 OCP International Partnership © 2009 11 University Program Launched January 2003 World-leading participants Suitable for undergraduates and post-graduates Free software tools, support and training Research Copies of OCP Specification 1,000 university copies worldwide

12 OCP International Partnership © 2009 12 Industry-wide Breadth of Standards and Specifications Focused Depth Verification Tools Technical Support Self-Certification Seal Compliance Program Training Program High-Level APIs Implementation Tools Continuous Enhancements Interface Specification Successful interface adoption requires depth OCP-IP provides this depth OCP-IP Benefits are Compelling

13 OCP International Partnership © 2009 13 Extensive OCP Infrastructure Visit the website for details of the benefits offered by OCP-IP:

14 OCP International Partnership © 2009 14 OCP-IP in Asia: Supporting Global Design Multiple, existing local-language websites: Japanese, Chinese and Korean Reach homepages via Technical support in Japanese, available now Contact OCP and CoreCreator Training in Japanese, available now Contact Expansion continuing in India CY2009 Many Indian companies already hold membership in OCP-IP

15 OCP International Partnership © 2009 15 OCP-IP Working Groups (WGs) Technical Vision Marketing Specification Cache Coherence (*) System-Level Design Functional Verification Debug (*) NoC Benchmarking (*) MetaData (*) …all groups meet weekly or bi-weekly (*) Newer WGs driven by Heterogeneous Processor, Multi-Core Systems

16 OCP International Partnership © 2009 16 Reviewing Status of OCP-IP WGs View infrastructure wheel for general status and activities of working groups Quarterly updates on individual working groups provided in OCP-IP newsletter Enquiries regarding specific working group activity or your request for participation Contact us at

17 OCP International Partnership © 2009 17 OCP Benefits Bus/interconnect independent (vendor neutral) ONLY complete socket Extensive, Proven and Tested industrial-grade tools environment provided free as part of paying membership entitlement IP core-centric (key to true reuse)

18 OCP International Partnership © 2009 18 Membership Benefits Matrix Governing Steering Committee (requires Board Approval) Sponsor ($25K/year) Community ($10K/year) University ($1K/year) Technical Contribute to OCP Specification enhancement Influence OCP technology direction Marketing Drive OCP-IP evangelism campaign Create work groups Other Board seat Drive new OCP development tools X Technical Evaluate draft specifications Participate in work groups Marketing Participate in work groups Other XX Technical Access to OCP Specification CoreCreator ® Product CoreCreator II Product OCP Checker OCP Conductor Product OCP Debug Socket OCP NoC Benchmarking Spec (Parts 1 &2) Free technical support TLMs, Monitors and Adapters Compliance Checks and Functional Coverage Property Specific Language (PSL) Suite Training Access to all new community source products and services Marketing Logo usage Member roster listing Participate in PR events Ability to list IP and/or EDA products Numerous datasheets Other Members Only Web site access Various white papers XXX

19 OCP International Partnership © 2009 19 OCP-IP Membership Benefits Recommended: Regular, GSC, Sponsor and Community Members Participant (No Cost) License to use the OCP Specifications for commercial purposes (3 off)Yes Official Vendor Identification (VID) NumberYes Quarterly OCP-IP newsletterYes Technical SupportYesNo TrainingYesNo CoreCreator® and CoreCreator IIYesNo OCP CheckerYesNo OCP Conductor transaction viewerYesNo Members Only Web site accessYesNo Compliance SealYesNo PR and marketing opportunitiesYesNo Low-cost access to publications/marketing opportunitiesYesNo Participation in product developments/Working Groups – GSC & Sponsors OnlyYesNo Extensive SystemC TLMs Deliverables setYesNo Product Specific Language (PSL) SuiteYesNo Native SystemC AssertionsYesNo Compliance ChecksYesNo Functional CoverageYesNo Product Library ListingYesNo

20 OCP International Partnership © 2009 20 White Papers Available from OCP-IP Survey of Network-on-Chip Proposals Standard Debug Interface Socket Requirements for OCP-Compliant SoC An Initiative Towards Open Network-on-Chip Benchmarks OCP TLM for Architectural Modeling, Methodology White Paper SystemC based SoC Communication Modeling for the OCP Protocol The Importance of Sockets in SOC Design Socket-Centric IP Core Interface Maximizes IP Applications All white papers available FREE at:

21 OCP International Partnership © 2009 21 OCP-IP Promotional Benefits Access to OCP-IP endorsed promotional activities such as tradeshows, technology pavilions, presentations, etc. Company listing, URL and logo on the member roster Collaboration or support on article placement Promotion in OCP-IPs libraries IP: EDA Products: Related Services: Newsletter feature Joint press releases

22 OCP International Partnership © 2009 22 Organizational Growth OCP-IP planMar 01 Formal foundingJun 01 Web site/products/servicesSep 01 GSC BoD FormationOct 01 Public announcementDec 01 Official OCP 2.0 ReleaseSep 03 Official OCP 2.1 ReleaseMar 05 Official OCP 2.2 ReleaseQ4 06 Official OCP 2.2 Rev 1.1 ReleaseQ2 08

23 OCP International Partnership © 2009 23 Join OCP-IP now by contacting: OCP-IP Association 3855 SW 153 rd Drive Beaverton, OR 97006 Tel: 1-503-619-0560 Fax: 1-503-644-6708 OCP-IP Membership

24 OCP International Partnership © 2009 24 Becoming an OCP-IP Member Get membership application: Complete application form (takes two minutes!) Fax completed application to 1-503-644-6708

25 OCP International Partnership © 2009 OCP-IP Corporate Introduction Ian R. Mackintosh President, OCP-IP

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