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The Sultanate Of Oman A country rich in history and heritage Blessed with a magnificent topography that is unique and untouched Steeped in history, culture.

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2 The Sultanate Of Oman A country rich in history and heritage Blessed with a magnificent topography that is unique and untouched Steeped in history, culture and traditions, Oman continues to make magnificent strides in all spheres of development with progressive government initiatives Modern Oman is a land of thriving opportunities for new business partnerships Oman - a leisure destination and a major business hub for global enterprises

3 About Oman Oman lies on the Tropic of Cancer in the extreme southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, covering an area of major strategic importance. Oman today is a vibrant growing economy functioning as a modern state on par with the best of the developed world but remains at heart a traditional country with pride in its history, culture and heritage. Oman a part of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), borders the United Arab Emirates on the northwest, Saudi Arabia on the west, and Yemen on the southwest

4 About Oman Under the visionary leadership of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the country has witnessed sustainable development and economic growth in all spheres of industry and commerce Area: Second largest landmass among GCC states. The Sultanate of Oman, with an area of 309,500 square kms, encompasses diverse range of topography, including mountains ranges, arid deserts and fertile plains

5 About Oman Four Governorates Muscat, Musandam, Dhofar, Al Buraimi Major Cities/Towns Muscat - Capital of Oman Sohar, Salalah, Sur, Nizwa Population: Total 2.9 mn (The Report: Oman 2012) 70% Nationals and 30% Expats (Approx.) Language: Arabic, English Religion: Islam: Ibadhi 75%, Sunni & Shia, but a liberal state with freedom of practicing ones faith

6 GDP - per capita (PPP): $28,500 (2012 est.) OMAN GDP REAL GROWTH:
Economic Indicators GDP - per capita (PPP): $28,500 (2012 est.) OMAN GDP REAL GROWTH: Source: CIA Factbook Improved investment climate and domestic demand together with sound economic policies has ensured consistent growth

7 Economic Indicators Currency: Rial Omani, pegged to the dollar Major Industries: Oil, Natural Gas, Agriculture, Fishing, Tourism Major Trading Partners: Japan, UAE, South Korea, China, EU, Thailand Ports: 6 ports A young population – 50% below the age of twenty. Focus on Education, IT, Research, Tourism, Construction and Infrastructure Expanding markets for luxury and branded goods Stable and steady growth in infrastructure and government spending Growing economic prosperity

8 Oman is one of the major business hubs in the GCC
Growth Oman is one of the major business hubs in the GCC Strategically located, Oman controls most of the ancient and modern maritime trade routes in the world The travel and tourism industry has been a key pillar of the economy and is to expand at a significantly higher rate in this decade. Diversification of economy is a key factor that will drive all industries to excel Oman is ranked 47 out of 185 economies in ‘Ease of Doing Business’ - World Bank 2013 (( A land of myriad opportunities

9 Khimji Ramdas – Since 1870 • Leading business conglomerate in Oman • Diversified group, with interests in trading, distribution, retailing, training, restaurants and manufacturing. • An annual turnover of more than $ 1 bn • SAP integrated business processes • India Operations with Procter and Gamble (P&G ) • Committed to customer service and excellence • Offers world’s leading brands in products & services • World class distribution and supply chain • Employs more than 5000 employees spread across Oman, UAE and India. Set new benchmarks in quality leadership

10 Vision “To uphold the legacy of our proud past and strive to realise the full potential and promise of this millennium.” Mission “To sustain our leadership position nurtured over a period of a century requires more than just entrepreneurship. It takes superior product skills, dedication to excellence and quality in everything we do and a corporate environment marked by teamwork, accountability and constant innovation.”

11 Then & Now Over a century ago, Ramdas Thackersey set sail from the coastal town of Mandvi in Kutch, on India’s western coast His son Khimji Ramdas followed him. His sons, Gokaldas Khimji and Mathradas Khimji established the company The Current Directors: Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji Anil Mathradas Khimji Ajay Mathradas Khimji Pankaj Kanaksi Khimji Nailesh Kanaksi Khimji Hritik Ajay Khimji Mihir Ajay Khimji Charanjiv Taneja Over decades KR has built an enviable reputation for trust, reliability, quality, commitment and a win-win approach

12 Robust Governance Structure & Processes
37 divisions under 4 business groups in Oman with international operations in UAE and India - headed by Group CEOs Group CEOs report to Directors, entailing a high degree of top level participative management Centralised head office functions facilitate effective Finance, HR, IT, Audit, Corporate and Marketing Communication efforts across all KR Groups Strategic mix of control and delegation ensures high business efficiency; Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

13 Beacon of strengths 143 Years of Corporate Excellence in Oman Firmly entrenched in the farthest corners of the country Unique insights into Oman and its market demographics and psychographics Deep understanding of the customer psyche Offers leading global brands with emphasis on promoting a wide range of Omani products Extensive market coverage with intensive customer engagements More than 400 global brands trust KR


15 Committed to progress Manufacturing facilities for Paints in Muscat, Printing and Packaging (Roto Packing) factory in UAE, and Steel Office Furniture in Sohar (JV with Godrej) Supporting government initiatives to encourage and accelerate private sector growth Initiating programmes that add value to government plans for empowering Omanis Educational improvements and Omanisation of work force through periodic orientation & training People Power Company – We believe only a happy employee can keep customers happy We enrich the lives of our customers and employees and contribute to the infrastructural and industrial progress of Oman

16 Why Khimji Ramdas? Unbeatable network with more than distributor points Unmatched warehousing facilities spread over ,000 m2 Unequalled customer interface through 100 plus retail outlets spread across Oman. Unrivalled workforce of more than 5000 employees across Oman, UAE and India, with profound marketing insights honed over decades More than anything, it’s the unparalleled TRUST that more than 400 global brands place in us, which makes us one of the largest business conglomerates in Oman.

17 Our network of 100+ showrooms & outlets across Oman
Why Khimji Ramdas? Our network of 100+ showrooms & outlets across Oman - 60 Consumer Products Retail outlets (Khimji’s Mart, Al Asalah Mart, Oman Oil quick shops, ROP Welfare Market) across Oman   - 31 Pizza Hut International chain of restaurants with   world famous brands including Cafe Vergnano 1882, Café Italiano and The Bollywood and The Indus   - 6 Luxury & Lifestyle outlets   12 Bait Al Ahlam premium showrooms displaying a range of Home Products & Building essentials 1 State-of-the-art exclusive watches showroom A vast pool of trained professionals with excellent networking contacts with the government institutions and large corporate When you partner with Khimji Ramdas, you automatically leverage the advantages of its presence and leadership in Oman.

18 Khimji Ramdas Group was recognized at the 1st Oman Customer Service Excellence Awards 2012 
KR’s customer-centric philosophy promotes best practices and innovations in customer care. Customer Care Toll-free helpline is managed by highly trained officers. Award winning KR Blog (Bright Sparks) - The first corporate blog in Oman - Over 400 views per day - Serves as a customers hub for complaints, grievances, appreciation and queries. The Facebook page gives real time information about products, services, and promotions.

19 Corporate Social Responsibility
Khimji Ramdas takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously and is actively involved in training and development of National talent for greater responsibility. It supports several charities and civil organizations in the Sultanate of Oman involved with • Children and people with Special needs • Education & Sports • Health and Welfare • SME Entrepreneurship • Environment • Blood Donation Camps • Training on Defensive Driving We care - for our employees, our customers and our society

20 Our Key Operations To focus on growth effectively, the KR businesses have been segmented into 4 core groups: Infrastructure Group Office Furniture and Storage Solutions Home Furniture Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Appliances and Kitchens Building Materials  Electrical Products  Industrial Machinery & Tools Construction Engineering Services Paints Construction Services Consumer Products Group Procter and Gamble Philip Morris Commodities Pharmaceuticals - Khimji Pharmacy - Kaya Skin Clinic Consumer Products - Bel Groupe - Consumer Agencies CPG Retail - Khimji’s Mart - Aswaiq Al Asalah Mart - ROP Welfare Shops - Oman Oil Quick Shops Projects & Logistics Group Projects • Automobile & Defense Projects • Special Projects • Marine Projects • Al Ahlia Environmental Services • Automotive Workshop Logistics Khimji Ramdas Shipping Clearing and Forwarding Air Cargo Blue Eagle Logistics Kuehne+Nagel KR Insurance Services Middle East Fuji Khimji’s Schenker Khimji’s Khimji’s Sparkle Marine Services Khimji’s House of Travel KR Relocation Services KR Shipping Dubai KR and Sons Dubai Lifestyle Group Luxury & Lifestyle  Watches Restaurants Khimji International LLC - Pizza Hut - The Bollywood - The Indus Khimji Restaurants Int LLC - Caffe Vergnano 1882 - Café italiano Education & Training (Khimji Training Institute) Information and Communication Technology

21 Our Key Operations UAE and INDIA
UAE Operations India Operations Khimji Ramdas India Private Limited (KRIPL) KR Shipping Dubai Khimji Ramdas P&G - New Delhi KR and Sons Dubai Khimji Ramdas P&G - Gujarat Commodities - Deira Dubai Middle East Fuji Khimji Shipping UAE

22 A Message For decades now, Khimji Ramdas has always striven to offer quality products and services to the people in Oman. Our ubiquitous presence, our strong reliable service support, and a deep understanding of the market, has led many global and premium domestic brands to partner with us. Our credo of "Customer First” has earned us the abiding faith and trust of all our stakeholders. Today, as our nation's economy becomes stronger, KR stands committed to caring for and enriching the lives of all those we touch with our diverse offerings. Sheikh Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji Director, Khimji Ramdas Group


24 Trust AD NEW


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