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CHARLES FRANCIS XAVIER UNIVERSITY A school for the gifted leaders of tomorrow.

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1 CHARLES FRANCIS XAVIER UNIVERSITY A school for the gifted leaders of tomorrow

2 Our Mission Here at CXU we strive to further the education of our extraordinarily gifted pupils while using real world knowledge along with assisting in the stability of their gifts. A place where the gifted are not discriminated against and banished. A safe haven, no more hiding and being ashamed of who you are. Time to grow into a responsible adult. There has never been a school of CXUs caliber Educates ALL willing to learn

3 About CXU Named after Charles Xavier a great activist for our cause in building social acceptable leaders. We are a small private liberal arts university located in the city of Chicago. Great student-teacher ratio Student arent separated from the outside world Trips to the city Developed to further the education of mutants and non-mutants We encourage the mutant/non-mutant mix We stress the use of intellectual skills, social skills, presentational skills, and practical skills. We produce well-rounded people into society General studies courses are required Comfortable learning experience Zero-Tolerance for the abuse of ones abilities

4 The CXU student (Is CXU the place for you?) Mixed demographics Male & Female Mutant & Non- Mutant Black/White/Asian/Native American/Other Out of state & in-state students Commuters & Residents Must demonstrate the want to learn and be a positive change in the world Doesnt hide behind his/her flaws Students make their own decisions

5 Acceptance Graduated High School with 3.0 gpa Or GED Submit application We dont recruit You have to want the education. We dont force 2 essays Why do you want to attend CXU? Personal essay Feeling with your heart and not with your eyes

6 Courses Range from traditional studies to mutant studies Mutant History Controlling Your Gifts English Math Music Classes Science Business Criminal Justice Dont HIDE behind what society thinks of you

7 Degrees Bachelors Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Masters Master of Arts Master of Science Master of Business Administration Master of Education

8 Programs PORTfolio Help students be prepare for the days after University graduation Adult Studies Study abroad Teach and be taught world studies Various Clubs PowerNap club Poetry Club Exotic foods Club Book Club Movie Club I-Dont-Know-My-Major Club Clubs for various majors Student Government GSA Debate Model UN Internships Workstudy Activities Council

9 Sports We dont have any competitive sports that require us to challenge other schools They fear that we have an unfair advantage that they cannot measure up to

10 Our Facility Fire Proof Several problems with this issue at the High School Dormitories Rogue Village (all female) Summers Village (wellness hall) Darwin Village Logan Village Phoenix Village (pet appropriate) In-door pool Fitness Center Café Fast food restaurant Gym Lots of grass Very small Chapel 5 Buildings Recreational Rooms Wheel Chair acceptable Cerebro Long-range mutant detection system. Danger Room: Holographic training and tactical scenario simulator.

11 The Staff Mixed Demographics Certified Educators 112 specialized processors

12 Partnership Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Encourages Students to Interact with the community City Access Learning new cultures Provides Schalarships Just A Magnet School Teaches control and Academics No Complete Diversity isolated Very Small Student Body Recruits Students Students find it hard to enter back into society May not go to College CXUXaviers School

13 Nothing of its kind Teaches Strenght in Naturalist Intelligence Musical Intelligence Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart) Existential Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart) Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart) Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart) Intra-personal Intelligence Spatial Intelligence Primarily focused on the gifts of the students Little to no academics Students know how to use there gifts but cant do basic arithmatic No higher level education CXUSpecialized Schools

14 If you need a clue on what to do? Apply to CXU …it may be the place for you!

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