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Click mouse or page down. One drum per delegate Turn your group into an orchestra.

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1 Click mouse or page down

2 One drum per delegate Turn your group into an orchestra

3 Drumcafe is an interactive drumming company, providing the ultimate in event entertainment. We have done over 17,000 events in 34 Countries for 220 of the top 400 companies in the world. This concept is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting additions to any event. We use some of the top musicians and facilitators in the world to add magic to your conference, teambuilding event, celebration, product launch or training program. Each delegate gets a drum and we will transform your group into a drumming orchestra. Within 15 minutes your company will be making music together.

4 Every delegate gets an African drum … from 10 to 6000 delegates. We alternate performance drumming with the interactive event to create a magical experience where the audience themselves are the orchestra. Participants leave feeling invigorated, relaxed energised and with an experience of unity they will never forget. Our facilitators, with the experience of over 4000 events, turns the group into an orchestra. The entire event is between 40 – 90 minutes and is all done in the same room as the speeches or presentation. How does it work ?

5 Corporate Entertainment Team Building and Training



8 Large group in a theatre, always one drum per delegate.


10 Drum Café at the Tate Modern, London

11 6000 delegates Microsoft Edinburgh Fringe festival Inside Southwark Cathedral

12 METAPHOR FOR TEAMWORK THE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL EFFECTS. Why people use Drum Cafe. THE WOW EFFECT. A Drum Cafe event is unforgettable, dramatic, intriguing and extremely unique. It will be the highlight of your event. A drum session is a stress release and it breaks down barriers. It will RELAX and ENERGISE an audience, leaving them physically and mentally refreshed, revitalised… ready for more information, training, work etc Drum Cafe is a powerful historic moment of unity for any group. It is a metaphor for teamwork and there are many insights gained from a session. -A way to unite a diverse group. -A piece of music, like a company, is made of many parts which have to work in harmony together to succeed. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. -Your team can transform uplift and inspire you.

13 Its all about getting people into a positive and energised mood

14 Business In The Community event with Prince Charles, 1300 Delegates, London.

15 President Bush, Clinton, Mandela, Prince Charles and others….

16 Typical event part of a company meeting in a conference venue.


18 Its a spectacle that people will always remember,and is an experience of Unity.



21 Our shows are highly choreographed and theatrical.

22 Standing ovation … we love these !

23 Boomwhackers



26 London Frankfurt Amsterdam New York Atlanta San Diego San Antonio Vancouver Toronto Cape Town Johannesburg Sydney Drum Cafe branches in :

27 Drum Café was most definitely the highlight of the weekend. BP Drumming was unanimously voted their favourite part of conference Timberland European Headquarters your drum session proved to be the highlight. Springbank wardens. The abiding memory from the two days for the 1800 people will be the drumming Gail Greengross, Business in the Community. (President : HRH the Prince of Wales) The highlight of the Launch was undoubtedly your outstanding performance Director of Nursing & Quality NHS in 20 years, its certainly the best corporate event I've had." Grandwest Casino Cape Town South Africa "Our corporate event was transformed from a great event to a fantastic event by the magic of the Drum Cafe. Corporate Affairs ISP Corp (@ Chessington Theme Park UK )


29 Avis Alexander Forbes American Express Anglo American Arthur Andersen Advatek Abbott Diagnostics UK Barclays BOE BMW UK BMW World Golf BAT BP Brightest Young Minds Beecham The British Council BITC British American Tobacco BT Caltex Coca Cola Media 24 Publishing Co Microsoft Media 24 Master foods Marlborough & Sterling Metropolitan Life Markhams Marks & Spencer Microsoft MWeb Nedbank Nestle NHS Nike Old Mutual O2 Panasonic Pricewaterhouse Coopers Red Bull Rand Merchant Bank Sainsburys SARS Siemens Concord Travel Disney Dept. of Labor DDB Dept of Agriculture Deutsche Bank Discovery Health Eskom Engen Ernst and Young Fairheads International First National Bank Trust Guinness Green Cross Graduate School of Business Global Technology Glaxo Hewlett Packard Investec JP Morgan Kodak KFM Legal Aid Board Swedish Filmboard Sanlam SAICA Safmarine South African Airways Standard Bank S.A.Breweries Shell Spar Smithkline Symbian Technology Telkom Tescos UCT Oliver Tambo UDV Unilever Vital Health World Health Org YPO Wellcome IBM Investec Bank Our clients include

30 Drumstruck is our show off Broadway in New York which ran for 2 years. Traditional Music of Southern Africa is a book we published used widely now in universities.

31 ROMANIALATURA EXTREMA / TEAM DOCTOR Telephone: +40722315849 Fax: +40212305077 Email: INFO@TEAMDOCTOR.RO Postal Address: Larura Extrema Rossini 4 sc 1 apt 4 sector 2 Bucharest Website:, Contact us Contact us

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